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  1. TheEroKing
    2012-09-22 10:34
    Let me know if you want me to stop posting these.
    Random pic of the day
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  2. TheEroKing
    2012-09-21 09:34
    Random pic of the day
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  3. TheEroKing
    2012-09-20 10:30
    Long time no pic
    Random pic of the day
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  4. Rising Dragon
    2012-09-09 17:15
    Rising Dragon
    I've played neither.
  5. Xefi
    2012-09-08 11:03
    she is one of the older model. i dont know what's her name or what series she is from.
    sorry, i cant help you on that one.
  6. Rising Dragon
    2012-09-07 11:45
    Rising Dragon
    So I've discovered. I was just worried since I hadn't played D3 in a while so it was entirely possible someone hacked my account.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2012-09-06 17:47
    Rising Dragon
    And apparently my Diablo 3 account has been locked down. Go figure.
  8. Akiyoshi
    2012-09-04 23:37
    The music is pretty good xD

    Mhhh... this season? let's see, i watched Fate/Zero, Black Rock Shooter TV and "Another" during summer, i just recently finished with Persona 4 today (will buy the XBOX fighting game xD). I usually avoid to watch current season anime series to avoid the FORCE effect xD

    I prefer to watch anime that is already finished so i can watch all chapters in rapid succession xD

    Well, as i said, i just finished Persona 4 so i'm now searching again for something cool to watch. Meanwhile i'm watching superhero animated movies (DC have plenty of good ones recently like Justice League: DOOM, Batman: Red Hood and Superman VS. The Elite xD).

    Any recommendations xD?
  9. Akiyoshi
    2012-09-02 10:31
    LOL! somehow i have a knack for liking game based anime even when everybody warns me about how shitty is xD

    To make an example: I'm also a great fan of the "Street Fighter II V" and "Virtua Fighter" anime series while everybody else think of those as overly-cliched shitty martial arts flicks xD

    Personally i found the series really funny and interesting (mainly because i know nothing of the game, the anime did a really good world with the exposition and world-building, the voice acting is also pretty good). I prefer the anime cuz Narukami (the player character in the games) actually have a personality and interacts with the world around him instead of being a mute character that only provokes reactions on the other characters and NPC's xD

    I don't catch the "cheap" part, if you're talking about the image quality it's pretty well done, the soundtrack and art style is also very well done. Guess the cheap part comes with the writting? I don't know xD

    I usually see an anime series the first 5 episodes before dropping it. Nanoha made me learn that Ep. 1 usually doesn't contain everything someone needs to catch the meaning of a plot (Nanoha S1 first 4 episodes are nothing but a full shitfest of mahou shoujo cliches done bad xDU).

    Guess fans from the game are the ones who said that, they usually react like that to anime series, it happenes to Fate/Staty Night and even some people said the same about Fate/Zero (while some others like me thinks is one of the most awesome series of the decade xD).

    But well it's up to you to decide, if you don't like P4: The Animation you can paly the game instead so we can talk about the plot's basically the same except the anime is more detailed about characters relationships and backstories without all that pesky level grinding and dungeon exploration xD

    Lol, ended up writing a wall of text again, guess i'm motivated this time xD
  10. Akiyoshi
    2012-09-02 01:34
    LOL! to be fair it's pretty easily to get worfed ina videogame.

    Talking about Videogames and Anime i had been watching Persona 4 The Animation. I've never played the game so i find it pretty interesting, the characters are fun as hell and the concept of the "personas" is really cool.

    There's also a really kickass fighting game just recently released on several platforms (Arcade/PS3/XBOX 360) wonder is that awesome sicne it was made by ATLUS in association with Arc System Works (the people behind BlazBlue xD). I'll buy that game soon it's called P4A (Persona 4 Arena).

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