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  1. Klashikari
    2012-05-22 04:44
    I actually went through 1 to 6, albeit yeah, 5 was the epitome of Zero's bad ass effectiveness
    But yeah, MMX6 was sort of a bother with the treacherous level designs, and some bosses being a HUGE pita.
    I largely favored MMX5, with all the gimmicks (but still lost other like the animation of X4), and also that pumping duel X VS Zero encounter.

    I actually largely prefer Zero's gameplay, because I'm quite fond of melee battle system in general, and I just don'te xactly fancy the "charge / wall jump" shot routine, even if it is a gross overexaggeration of X gameplay.
  2. Klashikari
    2012-05-22 04:36
    I see from FZ 20 thread that you are also a Zero player for the Megaman X series huh
    Which ones did you play by the way?
  3. Flower
    2012-05-16 21:24
    In many ways Upotte is pretty faithful to the manga, but I have found that for some reason the manga is more interesting. The adaptation changed a few things and "bubble'fied" some of the charas, like Funco esp - in the manga her face is angular and even cat like, giving her a very different feel overall.

    I guess the OP and ED of Upotte further exemplify what was done to the series for me, the manga is a little more interesting, perhaps b/c it is devoid of the "bubble" quality. For me that was a bad design choice, I feel that the series could have been more widely received if they had opted not to emphasize the fanservice aspects and gone for the "edgy" ones instead.

    But such is life, I guess. :\
  4. Flower
    2012-05-16 21:10
    Very true, very true.

    And there is nothing wrong with interest starting out from shallow afaiac ... it's very normal, and not just in anime.

    I guess what I do feel to be "wrong" ... or rather what I do not like to see myself do, truth be told ... is to make a pat conclusion based on the admittedly shallow info available. I don't like regretting the experience of missing out on something I otherwise would have been able to enjoy.

    One example in anime that immediately jumps to mind for me (a controversial topic I know, and I am not intending to deliberately stir the pot here, I assure you) is Dog Days. Just reading about the series before it aired and reading the comments in the forums made me dismiss it. But later on after someone's repeated recommendations I forced myself to sit through it and found I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    So I guess that is one of the reasons I often find myself making efforts to "talk up" a series until it actually airs, I guess.


    I must admit I have my doubts about the moe girls in tanks show that is being produced atm.
  5. Flower
    2012-05-16 20:38
    To be honest at the moment I am attracted to the slice of life/coming of age elements that the show is purported to contain. Those are my cup of tea. My interest in this (as well as the other summer shows atm) is shallow, I know. But I guess at the moment my interest is intertwined with hopefulness. It IS the season of Spring, after all!

    Just finished up my mid-season review btw.
  6. Flower
    2012-05-16 20:09
    Heheheh ... I wonder how many viewers there are out there who have been traumatized by the "Okada-heavy eps" of HanaIro?

    Must admit that I am very much looking forward to Tari Tari, though - I hope it turns out to be better than Natsuiro Kiseki was for me. The latter was ... well ... to be honest ... rather boring.

    Which reminds me, since it is mid season I should prolly go and update the Spring 2012 thread with my mid season impressions, eh?
  7. Last Sinner
    2012-05-14 17:40
    Last Sinner
    Heated discussion is best done consensually involving downstairs departments IMO.
  8. SJCrew
    2012-05-13 09:58
    Nice memory, but it's just shy of RahXephon. I will find every excuse in the book to post in the one thread it has here. I recommend you watch and love it above all else.

    A major one that mecha heads should familiarize themselves with is Super Dimension Fortress Macross. One of the grandfathers of mecha anime in terms of firsts, lingering relevance, plot, characterization, and social commentary. Once you've finished that, you get to reward yourself by watching Do You Remember Love?, which amalgamates and emphasizes all of the most important aspects of the series into an hour and a half of A+ visuals and music.

    For a bit of brainless fun, you can't go wrong with Gurren Lagann. It's a name you've no doubt had to hear a lot, being one of the most entertaining (and stupid) modern mecha to date.
  9. SJCrew
    2012-05-12 12:26
    Believe it or not, I am a huge fan of mecha. I'm just getting started on Eureka Seven (about seven episodes in) so I can follow the sequel, and plan to follow Aquarion LOVE EVOL soon. Finished GunXSword about a week ago. Plenty for me to watch these days.

    Also, would you believe I haven't even touched the original F/SN anime? I'm fresh a fresh out of the novel fan. It's only a shame that I have no desire to read Heaven's Feel for anything other than the H.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-05-12 00:55
    So basically, Bake is like something Kuroneko wrote, while Nise is like something Kirino would write? Kind of works, since I see Bake as the deeper and edgier one and Nise as the lighter, more humourous, and more servicy one.

    Yosuga no Sora I'm not quite as sure on... it's too subtle for Kirino at times yet not dark and edgy enough for Kuroneko. Weirdly, the incest part is one of the bits that I would associate somewhat with Kuroneko - Sora's possessive, manipulative nature is far more Kuroneko than Kirino IMO.

    (I think it's possible to interpret Kuroneko as actually being the kinkiest character in the show... and once you do, it's possible you'll never see her quite the same way again.)

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