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  1. Nanya01
    2012-02-11 04:05
    It's me, Nanya, I was looking at Mega's profile when I saw your comments

    Maybe if Aki wasn't trolling so much he wouldn't be on the defensive so much.

    Before you say anything, know that when I see his comments (made behind my back, mind you), I feel like breaking something.

    Especially when he comments about Signum. URGH!

    He's gotta learn to stop reading the fic if he hates it so much.

    And, before you say he doesn't hate it, well, if he didn't hate it, he wouldn't bitch so much.

    Edit: Hell, I considered not writing anymore just because he angers me so much.
  2. Akiyoshi
    2012-02-11 00:59
    Heeeeh? I got misleaded by your comment on the MOVIE 2nd thread because you implied that while you like her a lot she isn't your favourite character xDU.

    But yeah, i buy your motivations for liking her. I simphazised with Season One Fate as well but the best Fate for me was during A's. She was really awesome in that season. Taking on the strongest opponents and demonstrationg to be a worthy match in all of her fights(she was pretty badass while fihgting Vita, specially her Big Damn Heroes moment when she appears just when Nanoha calls her name xD) also fighting her inner demons and is the one closer to understand the Wolkenritter since she was once on their shoes.

    She was nice, elegant, determinated, courageous and overall badass. No wonder Signum got so attached to her xD!
  3. Akiyoshi
    2012-02-10 22:31
    I thinked of Nanoha because she's a pretty cool character. Even if Signum is my favourite and i complain about Nanoha's attitude at times she still have a lot of cool traits and great feats that makes her an awesome character and so i wondered if you also thinks the same about her.

    Hayate was easy, she started as a character with lots of potential and has been mercilessly shafted season after season which earned her great simpathy from the fans. I like her as well but she's so sedentary to earn my admiration. Wondered if you think different and consider her an aweomse character with unfair treatement.

    Teana i thinked of her because she seems to be at the same time more professional and more sensible than most characters. Her struggle to show her worth is endearing and i find her a bit closer as how cool Fate used to be in her younger days(i still think Fate is cool but she have become too goody-good over the years xDU). Also is the character who thins and achieve awesomeness through skill and analysis. I think you're similar to her in a way or strive for characters and stories with well-tought plots and characters and so far Teana is the closest Tsuzuki has created to that xD

    So, i'm right on one of them xD?
  4. Akiyoshi
    2012-02-10 22:17
    Damn! uhhh... oh right, oh right... let me think... I'm going with:

    a) Nanoha
    b) Hayate
    c) Teana

    It's some of those right xD?

    (please, tell me i'm right xD)
  5. Akiyoshi
    2012-02-10 22:10
    I think i've already have an account there because i posted some stuff on Force-related threads around a year and a half ago(i recommend you to not read it, it was during those dark times xDU) but i never noticed the options you mentioned, i'll give it a watch later.

    By the way, you ignited my curiosity, who's your favourite character of Nanoha xD?
  6. Akiyoshi
    2012-02-10 22:00
    Yeah xDU Looks like i again have to carry the stigma of the "Bad Buddy Bird"(lame Garfield reference xDU) for not agreeing with most people on a subject xDU

    I got a warning for getting off-topic, i wonder if i was the only one because is just answered to a train of toughts that i found interesting to discuss xDU.

    But well, what about that MyAnimeList thing? How it works o.o?
  7. mega1987
    2012-02-10 21:45
    alright.... I'll take your words for it.

    anyways... i got to get ready...

    job hunting is such a pain in the neck... and wallet... especially for the one who don't have money in the first place...
  8. mega1987
    2012-02-10 21:37
    sorry about that...

    just the last time he ranted, he got the nanoha fanfic thread locked before christmas...

    yeah, I know about holding a grudge... but seriously. reading then complains... he's not Nanya's boss nor even a co-writer of the story....
  9. mega1987
    2012-02-10 21:24
    Dislike of a fanfic is not the same of the wishing a disaster befall to someone...

    But the essences that he kept complaining the story over and over but still reading the story...

    IMO, Aki's acting like a troll far too much without consideration to the person he's messing with.

    I just found that he's in the same situation of the guy who wished another disaster befell in the disaster affected area...

    He got a deficiency for mass-attention.
  10. totoum
    2012-02-10 06:50
    Ah ergo proxy episode 14,lots of people didn't like the middle part of the show but I did like the "proxy of the week" format and that one was one of my favorites,that episode is also quite clever in saving budget by reusing animation

    I see someone mentioned Liar Game

    *insert cliché manga reader rant about how the adaptation ruined everything and how the manga is so much better here*

    But hey,I guess it's still liar game even if I don't like some adaptation choices

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