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  1. Forsaken_Infinity
    2011-09-03 15:46

    I don't necessarily care enough for both those things though. As flawed as it is to argue for opinions you don't necessarily hold, my nature is to revel in arguments so what gives.

    It's only a good thing if it occasionally bridges acquaintances with cool people too
  2. Last Sinner
    2011-09-02 23:38
    Last Sinner
    Cute Tomoyo fanboy post. :3
  3. totoum
    2011-08-28 20:30
    Basicly I fear my social life is going to go down the drain as I stay shut in my room watching anime,there's way too many shows that interest me,most of all fate zero and guilty crown,my "sleeper pick" is ben-to because the premise sounds ridiculous enough to work.
  4. totoum
    2011-08-28 19:43
    Well,thanks for the invite
  5. Klashikari
    2011-08-25 05:19
    Well sort of, but I was a bit more interested by Haru and Tsubaki (and to some extent Yuki). I guess my problem with Mizuha is that her chapter and own route are sort of a letdown regarding her character (well at least Yuki was awesome in that part ).

    And yes, it was definitely Ryukishi who wrote Lucia's route, which made the romance even more "weird" for me because it is something I would never expect from him at all. I was wondering if someone didn't hi jack his brain or script portion and went hardcore on it.
  6. Klashikari
    2011-08-25 04:53
    I nearly got a heart attack several times during the date. It almost as if Ryukishi decided to stop repressing all the romance stuff he denied in Higu and Umi to pour them like rare moe eroge can do.
    The transitions is like Kurisu's, except you multiply her tsun like 10 times, and her dere 50 times.

    If you look around, I think you will find other people saying roughly the same thing: Lucia transformation is really a sight (be it her behaviour or her voice, turning so sweet that honey and pink were oozing from the screen ). I usually don't go overboard, and the number of galge heroines pulling me a "absolute killing moe" effect can be counted with a single hand, so it is sort of self explanatory
  7. Klashikari
    2011-08-25 04:28
    She is indeed "aggressive" similarly like Kyou, although Kyou is way more friendly and prone to hang around people. She is sociable, while Lucia is sort of self sufficient as long as she has Shizuru with her.
    However, she isn't against having social interactions with others (this is quite obvious when Kotori tries a plan so Lucia and Kotarou "make up" together), although she doesn't actively seek friends.
    In that matter, she is sort of similar to Mai, as Mai doesn't really try to have friends, since Sayuri was plenty enough for her.

    Of course, that aspect has a underlying reason, which also triggers that meltdown dere once you are in her route.
  8. Klashikari
    2011-08-25 01:13
    Lucia is approximately inbetween, although she flips in a very rough manner because Kotarou always does something extremely stupid like licking her plate etc.
    She is generally a very straight no nonsense girl, and often comes to compromises, as surprising as it may sound from a tsundere. Of course, she has the character frame of a iincho, so she a bit strict, but she doesn't have any tsun towards the girls whatsoever (just "some" tensions with Chihaya, but the reasons because of this are normal).

    In fact, you may be surprised how far she is willing to forgive the likes of Kotarou, but ultimately switch in big TSUN because Kota screw up like a major idiot.
    After a while in the common route, she cease to be cautious/strict on Kotarou and interacts with him "normally", but gets annoyed / first ready when he is blabbering some lewd stuff or intend something stupid.
    Also, she has the most dangerous and powerful dere, to the point it is criminal. I swear, that part of the VN could put to shame any dere stuff from most moeblob/waifu-type heroines.
  9. Triple_R
    2011-08-20 16:26
    Yeah, Big O is fantastic. I really enjoyed it.
  10. calorie
    2011-08-13 00:46
    Ahh, Usagi Drop is wonderful.

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