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  1. Sansker
    2013-03-07 22:12
    I am not close to debate I just don’t like being call an idiot for saying what I say. “That is your opinion” is not an excuse is a fact that many people seem to consider an excuse like if this debates were about the absolute truth in the universe. We are talking and sharing the way we see a story, you can’t get more subjective than that. So calling on the fact is opinion is never beyond the very basic nature of everything we say here.

    Facts need to be correct, agree to that, but at times we can see facts on different manners. Characters actions can indicate something and we can see it different so even in those cases we are still in a subjective level. For example in the recent argument in ViVid we talk about characters motivation and how this is something the manga lacks. While they point me in the direction of such motivations I stay that the problem is that I fail to see the connection between those and the fighting tournament meaning that the arc really is not helping the characters grow or change and lead them the way they were right at the beginning with little or no consequences in the aftermath. That is why I say the tournament didn’t matter and we waste our time. Hey the only character that kind of had a point was Sieg on Einhart’s story and yet her introduction was really force seeing how we already had a story with Ein and Vivio and their past without the need of a third party that comes out as the only excuse they could think to make the tournament had a purpose.

    Where I see a bunch of shallow, poorly written people in a boring, non existence plot that doesn’t know where is going others see a light hearted adventure with tons of good characters. That way they will say simple lines and quick flashbacks are enough to hint this people when I say that a proper story with certain amount of narrative will be far superior. And really comes down that overall ViVid is just boring. With nothing really matter because everything goes back to light hearted in a second to move back to action packed stuff that I don’t get why we should be invested in. And when I lack any kind of connection to a fight I just don’t give a crap.

    So you can argue that what I say isn’t true. But only by addressing the fact you do care about what is going on for your own motives. And give me an alternative view of the things that are happening. In the end are just two different points of view so why calling that just an opinion is a excuse for anything?
  2. Akiyoshi
    2013-03-07 20:33
    nah, i don't think the image thread will get closed just for a little bit of snark. ...the pics are cool

    About ghost Arisa. ..well, let's just say part of my theory about the nicest/coolest girls are usually the preferred targets for the loeest form of disgrace. .. tale Signim for example xDU
  3. Sansker
    2013-03-07 17:03
    Not really it doesn't but I am just out of words with other fandom. I mean I read other forums but they have their own discussions going over things I don't find of any interest. I stay on Nanoha because I actually find something there that can be discussed. No need to take it any emotional or see this as a "war".

    In then end no matter what we say or do there are two things that will never change: first, the series will always be there. Second, it doesn’t matter what others say about it. Nanoha will always have its first season, A’s, StrikerS, ViVid and Force and if you read opinions about it that you can’t agree with that doesn’t mean your own point of view should change or that you need to make the other change, it doesn’t matter because the way you enjoy or dislike the series won’t be any different just because others say so.

    And this goes both sides. For those who find those mangas enjoyable, good, more power to them. I just don’t like them. What bothers me is how they insist on calling my reasons to dislike and critic as “wrong” or “mistaken”. Implying I can have my opinion but that I can’t be objective about it. And really everything is matter of opinion. If you find something good you will say why and if you find something bad then you will say why as well.

    So as long as we keep on being humans discussions will raise and happen because of different opinions, is up to you how you react to it.
  4. bhl88
    2013-03-07 16:36
    XD he's safe in our walls XD
  5. Triple_R
    2013-03-07 15:52
    Thanks! I did intend for it to be half-joking, so I'm glad you got the joke, lol.

    And antagonist Kanata really does make me think of Disappearance!Haruhi with pink hair, lol.
  6. Last Sinner
  7. speedyexpress48
    2013-03-06 21:41
    By the way, just noticed that your location says "Lion's Arch".

    I wanna add you on GW2 now :P
  8. bhl88
  9. speedyexpress48
    2013-03-06 01:36
    It's hilariously stupid and fanservicey, as always, and that's just the way I want it. Also, have 2 cons to attend in 2 weeks (working as volunteer staff organizer for one,) which means I'm now behind on animu.

    Tho, I did catch up a lot on Nanoha ViVid...wondering if I should finish the Nanoha article on Uncyclopedia, or just leave it as is (at least I won't risk deletion.)
  10. speedyexpress48
    2013-03-06 00:42
    Yo, haven't talked to you in a while. How you been?

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