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C.C, Matsuri and Horo,

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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-23 00:57
    Lets see, ending... world peace and that's all I'm gonna say as being likely on the matter. Kallen and the rest of the cast that makes it through will probably go on to continue this new world and rebuild from there, Lelouch-Suzaku-and C.C are the biggest unknowns in terms of fate though I think they will likely not be able to reintegrate into society like they were, so they'll probably drop out into obscurity if they make it out alive
  2. youngde
    2008-09-19 01:43
    Would love to argue that point with you whiter, but it's going on to 3 am where I am, and I need to get a few hours of sleep before work tomorrow.
  3. Tael
    2008-09-18 16:23
    I did and replied.
  4. Tael
    2008-09-18 16:19
    The point about C.C.'s contract being rather illogical in always being the seeking of death. She can make her contract into anything. If her code is her the source of her suffering, which it is, then her contract should be simply the loss of the code, not death. Hence my attempt at a humorous contract like "Take my code and build me a house in Australia." It gives her a goal, the loss of her curse, and it gives her a chance to start life new in her house in Australia.
  5. hero147
    2008-09-07 17:41
    I don't know if Geass has to be purged away, its not evil or anything....Geass is only a power and itself, not evil, it can only corrupt and expand any flaws within its user. Since Lelouch's words of "You are not alone" in episode 25, I am beginning to think the in the end, Lelouch is destined to stay by CC's side forever, breaking her isolation of being alone. Of course there are only two ways of that happening, Lelouch gaining immortality(probably not), or both of them dying. But to tell the truth, I have no clue whats going to happen in the future.
  6. hero147
    2008-09-07 16:32
    Well....KallenxLelouch is indeed dead. Though Kallen did indeed love Lelouch, she was the one who mentioned "farewell" first, indicating that she has given up on Lelouch. Lelouchxdeath and LelouchxCC are, as it stands, the most likely. As Lelouch stands right now, he has so many death flags up for him, due to his comment to Suzaku, about erasing Euphemia's bloodshed, and the fact that he is proposing, on general, a dictatorship in the world.

    Lelouch still has 1 more major battle to win, its a battle involving Nunnally. The probability of Lelouch finding a new resolve and answer and even a new perspective to the things around him have just been raised. Hopefully, it will be enough to atone for the death flags.
  7. hero147
    2008-09-03 16:38
    I know Narona is a CCxLelouch fan, spoilers=down? I never read the spoilers so
  8. Narona
    2008-08-31 09:07
    I watched the stream this morning and I just get the raw, so I will watch it again right now.

    Not really. But I slept well XD

    You're welcome
  9. Narona
  10. Narona
    2008-08-28 18:46
    Don't reply on your own profile, people can't see that you replied ^^

    Click on View Conversation first. Then your messages will be posted on the profile of the person you are talking to (and not on your profile).

    Figured as much, couldn't imagine you being so down due to spoilers. As the ambiance in your posts is quite overwhelming. but it seems like the spoilers had some negative effect aswell, which is why I pointed it out. Well, I hope you get better soon enaught. Sorry to hear if something serious happend.

    Nothing really serious, don't worry ^^. And yeah, those spoilers don't help.

    As for "Azure"
    I've seen some people greeting with "yellow" taken as a habbit from Simpsons or something. So just wanted to add some colours and irony into the greeting ^^
    Call me weird or something :P

    I see. Quite unusual. I didn't see that episode of the Simpson.

    Well, im off to bed, hopefully you didn't get angry at me or something because of my mistake. :7
    See you tomorrow or something, Miss Narona ^^

    I was not angry at all. You replied on your own profile...

    Good night Mister.

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