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fighting swine flu

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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-08 19:47
    Uhh, what do you want to know? I'll answer as best I can
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-08 19:42
    I see you haven't joined up with us at the Lelouch Lives Theorist Group skellington, and I think you'd fit right in if that was the case, so how about coming on board with us then?
  3. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 22:59
    yankee Kallen, drunken Kallen...what else, sunrise? I wanna see dere dere Kallen speaking to dere dere Lelouch...even if it's just in a SE....
  4. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 22:40
    People were saying that it's the end of the world back when I first heard about it ^^

    Have you seen the SE5 cover in Kallen's thread?
  5. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 21:54
    Wait, I think I phrased it wrongly. Well the news, from what I recall, is that the there will be a polar shift by the year 2012. The north and south pole will shift places. It's been slowly happening now. That's why the weather has been going haywire in some parts of the globe. I won't be surprised if it starts snowing over my end, despite us being equatorial, lol

    Here's something I found that talks about the polar shift:

    I believe there are also some videos on youtube.
  6. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 21:42
    Ah, sorry. Apologies.

    This crazy weather we're experiencing probably has something to do with that so-called news I heard that the earth's axis is slowly reversing or something. Heard about it?
  7. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 21:21
    Crazy weather. The weather is hot when I leave for school, but by the time I come home, it's raining typhoons ^^ I used to keep forgetting to bring an umbrella, but not anymore.

    Yes, reading manga is good practice for jap. I learned a lot from doing that. Good luck, btw.

    How's Spain?
  8. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 18:54
    Phillipines so your time is almost the same as Japan I suppose...
    I read when I can... thatīs a good page I find all the manga that isnīt in Mexico or arenīt published anymore...
    Did you drop your Kalulu freija already... sorry I donīt know the mods erased many posts... even the translation of R1 version of Lulu giving his jacket to Kallen...

    Japan is just an hour ahead.

    Oh, onemanga is a good site as well. There's also that forum, evil empire, which has every available scanlation on the net, but their website has been down for some time.

    I'm afraid I can't drop the freija there anymore ^^ I got an infraction for posting scans of the licensed manga. I'll just post the rurukare stuff in my lj (images from manga and the freija). I'll tell you when I've updated stuff.
  9. blottyparchment
    2008-10-07 06:54
    I'm a girl ^^ It's in my profile. I'm from the Philippines.

    And yah, I do read lots of shoujo manga. I'm taking a break from the too much shoujo right now. I'm currently reading the manga you suggested me but thanks for the heads up. We seem to have the same tastes.
  10. blottyparchment
    2008-10-06 22:35
    Why does that sound like Yamato Nadeshiko no Shichi Henge? ^^ The alternative title is The Wallflower. I'm kinda interested in it, if it turns out to be a different story from Yamato Nadeshiko. Is it on crunchyroll or something?

    Ah, I wanna see more GinoxAnya fanart...

    Oh, I'll be dropping a rurukare freya in the kallen thread soon (maybe later this day or during the week). Watch out for it ^^

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    After Code Geass nothing has captured my attention in the anime land... But Iīm so into House of Cards...
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    I can stand it anymore, just two days in my house and Iīm almost dying...
    The swine flu will kill me but by claustrophoby!! Let me out!! I want to go to school!!


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