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fighting swine flu

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  1. Narona
    2008-09-30 23:42
    XD I want to have children very much, but I need to meet the perfect man first :O

    I didn't cry the first time I saw the episode, but then I watcheed it again and I cried a lot :O
  2. Narona
    2008-09-30 22:20
    I'm still not so happy about it XD There are too much things that needed a closure. And the lack of scene about lelouch's promise to c.c. annoys me a lot.

    However, I liked some parts. The best moments of this episode for me are that c.c. is still alive and happy (because lelouch is alive too :O I know I know, but that's what I think) and Villetta's marriage with Ougi. She seems so happy. . Without make up she is even more beautiful

    Ya, that's what it's said XD, some people said that there is no thing more beautiful than the smile of a pregnant woman :O

    It makes me want to have a baby
  3. Narona
    2008-09-30 21:55
    Sorry for the late reply

    No,this episode was as long as the others ^^
  4. Narona
  5. Narona
    2008-09-24 22:35
    G00 is not so bad, you should watch it ^^

    But it can't top code geass awesomness!

    I don't talk anime that much with my friends :/
  6. Narona
    2008-09-24 22:17
    Hi !

    So it's your first mecha anime? Well, i wonder if you will like the other mecha animes after having watched to code geass XD (imo CG is the best)

    Me I discovered Code Geass because of a friend of mine who said to me

    "<my name>, you should watch that!"


    "an anime, that anime! You will like the hero, I think. I put some epis**** on this dvd"

    "mmmmmmmh, I will look at it later"

    Then I watched Stage 1 and I fell in love with this series
  7. Narona
    2008-09-22 22:51
    Clamp only did the character design. They have nothing to do with the story, hopefully XD

    In my list, code geass is the best

    I loved that scene too, when suzaku exposes his geassed eyes XD He is awesome in this scene.

    We will see her baby in the epilogue, taniguchi always does long epilogue. I hope that baka ougi will live. I really like this pairing...............................
  8. Narona
    2008-09-22 22:04
    Yep, this thread:

    I posted some video i made in it XD

    Well, yeah, suzaku might take care fo euphie if lelouch is not with her anymore ^^

    Nina was really awesome in this episode.

    I'm repeating myself each week XD Code Geass is so awesome

    Oh, I created a new fanclub, if you want to check out:

    If you don't know what World Destruction is, you should watch it
  9. Narona
    2008-09-22 20:26
    I loved it. I'm not sure about the pairings. I see signs that cluclu could happen, but also some signs that kalulu needs a conclusion (so that it could happen too). So i am confused.

    As a whole, this episode was very good. The image was very good and I loved the scene when lelouch team works with suzaku (so awesome, I posted this scene in the favvorite scenes thread). I loved the scene with lelouch and c.c. too

    I tend to like Nina now XD she did great and helped lelouch despite what he has done. She is a great person finally, don't you think?

    The only bad points is about how he defeated schneizel. He used the same kind of strategy that he used with mao. Okouchi ran out of imagination?.....

    I hope that suzaku will live............... but a part of me thinks that he truly loves euphemia, even now, and forever. That's why he would want to leave this world.

    But maybe he will stay alive, as a knight who will protect euphemia's wish (remember what lelouch said to nina, lelouch and suzaku are trying to make euphie's wish come true)
  10. Narona
    2008-09-22 18:33
    Good evening, Miss Skellington !

    Sorry I didn't see that you replied >_<

    Yeah that stream was better in quality.

    No problem, glad to have helped some people ^o^

    Well, what are your thoughts about this episode?

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