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  1. RadiantBeam
    2010-09-09 21:31
    Yeah, I'll give it a shot tomorrow, you deserve that rep. That was an awesome post. It made me laugh.

    Ah, and thank you! It would be fun to talk to you, too. ^^ You have a great sense of humor, and you put thought into what you say.
  2. RadiantBeam
    2010-09-09 20:57
    I tried to rep you for your post in Dating, but the system said I'd given out too much rep in 24 hours.
  3. Hooves
    2010-09-09 15:44
    Thank you very much
  4. Hooves
    2010-09-08 21:58
    Ummm.. Last Sinner.. This may be random and all of a sudden.. But how do you vote in the International Saimoe League 2010 thread Sorry for this random question.
  5. Kyero Fox
    2010-08-31 09:47
    Kyero Fox
    Its funny to see the horde struggling o keep their own members of the horde fromkillin each other, alliance ftw
  6. Kotohono
    2010-08-17 00:30
    I suppose I'll have to see on TTGL if I can handle it, but I've got number of series I want to watch[or at least try] more atm, mainly being Spice and Wolf, Nanoha, and Raingun/Index.

    And oh My mistake on the Shinbo thing, and the Nadeko thing well it turned out on the DVD version of her arc, that one particular scene looked rather wrong/perverted, I've heard, I haven't watched it DVD quality though to say I know it does look that way.

    I can understand that hatred of the 'gangstas + hos' aspect too as it is a part of it that I don't like at all.

    Eh dropping like that is understandable if you're so busy, plus I know with an MMO[especially if playing any non-MMO games too] it's easy to spent good bit of time on that and less on anime.

    And letting me know how you find Working.
  7. Kotohono
    2010-08-16 23:11
    Eh ya... some people on K-ON do take it too far, but I am pretty sure a lot series have some fan like that sadly D:. And ya what that guy did on your club that is a bit creepy *shivers*. I think the amount of people who only watch shows like K-ON is a bit exaggerated, unless this forum is severely lacking in those K-ON fans, cause most seem to watch other series still and vote for characters beside K-ON ones in the moe tournaments. Personally while I do love the series cause it's funny, cute, and entertaining, I generally try not to become too fanatical about any show[except Lucky Star ].

    Similarly I've been putting off TTGL for 9~10 months now for similar reasons you had to K-ON <_<, namely "I'm very freaked out by the way a lot of people are fanatical about it. The way that many people who watch it end up refusing to watch anything that isn't similar to it or those who measure any other they series they watch by how it stacks up to it." that's the exact vibe I get from a LOT of people I know whenever they talk about TTGL, so I can somewhat understand why you'd put off K-ON cause of that.

    Working!, I'd say give a try I didn't think I'd like it until I saw an episode of it, honestly where the humor was surprisingly better than I had expected. Really there isn't as much T&A in as you might think, I am pretty sure it set kind of record on least fanservice in a recent slice of life series, I mean they had a "hot spring" episode, and there wasn't really one scene that could be called "fanservice" in that episode.

    On Durarara and Baccano, ya I know what you mean there, that would be my biggest issue with the series, but Durarara seemed at least a bit not as over boarded on violence compared to Baccano.

    On Bakemonogatari I can understand, since Nisio's style tends very much a love or hate feeling to it, and if what's wrong with the industry then you mean the delays, some of the poor animation in the non-DVD form, or 'that' part of the during Nadeko's DVD episode, then yea I'd somewhat agree . And Shinbo was a meh character to me, mostly well cause she didn't much at all, so hard to like or hate her.

    Series that are simply mindless T&A + gore are probably the type of series I've loathe most of all too, I mean I won't hate or not watch a series cause it has some fanservice in, but when that becomes what the series depends I begin to dislike it and think less of it, though I am admittedly more harsh on gore usage than fanservice, since I can't really stand when a series uses a LOT of gore every[or just commonly even] episode. If majority of people at mine ever said 'It's not rape if she enjoys it', I think I'd probably reconsider continuing to attend it .
  8. Kotohono
    2010-08-16 19:15
    Just to comment back on some of that. I haven't seen Shion no Ou or Detroit Metal City, but just the descriptions make them sound like something I wouldn't like <_<. Both make me glad we have must have finished within the last year rule to go on the playlist
    I am surprised you're one of few that didn't like K-ON, here it seems split 2/3s liked and 1/3 disliked it, and I can understand not everyone enjoys 4-koma adaptation series like K-ON, Working, and such. Sora no Woto I understand you on I feel like maybe two people here liked the show besides me D:.
    Durarara I've found passable so far, but overrated by everyone else at the club. And Angel Beats I am probably Bias cause I loved Yuri, Yui, and the music in it, though it Durarara being voted over it and Fairy Tail here made me bit sad D:. But ya agreed it lacks same appeal overall that Clannad had, and ending was probably weakest part of the series.
    Highschool of the Dead see my previous comment on that.
    Haven't seen Garden of Sinners, but how can they laugh during a rape scene? O.o, That sounds rather screwed up to do, really.
    Anti-Geass vibes are lame I get it from a few people in the club, it's still one of my favorites.
    Let's on series we've watched that I've odd in:
    One of the few who annoyed we were showing Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini since we never showed the original.
    One of the few that couldn't believe that Needless was voted over Bakemonogatari, serious I mean I enjoyed Needless in the end, but still .
    The only one of two won't did enjoy when had shown an episode of Hellsing Ultimate once, I got bored in it like you did with Black Lagoon .
  9. Kotohono
    2010-08-16 13:12
    Actually on second thought I've had a more similar experience when we decided to watch Cencoroll, I think was one of three other people out of 25 ish, who didn't seem to enjoy/love it, I was bored watching it yet most of them were somehow impressed by it, so I know the feeling you got there.
  10. Kotohono
    2010-08-16 13:06
    lol, That sounds a little bit like mine then at times, since most of them liked K-ON, so I tried to get us to watch Sora no Woto this summer which failed maybe 1/4 of people voted for it. Though it resulted in me finding out about finding out about Seitokai no Ichizon so I can't complain about that.

    Fortunately for me, so far my club while not ussually picking shows that are directly in my tastes or choice has managed to pick ones I like somewhat instead ones I didn't like/hated ie. Canaan instead of Umineko, or Kampfer over Kuuchuu Buranko. Though how they decided Kampfer over Nyan Koi, I'll never know, and I think few of them did regret that choice by the end of Kampfer <_<.

    Also I am -very- glad that HoTD got licensed or else extremely high chance of watching it, but since it's licensed we won't watch unless it they suddenly bend the rules of the club.

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