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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2016-07-08 08:27
    Huh? I don't have a problem.

    I'm in the same boat as you.
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2016-07-08 06:50
    I can see from your discussion with RRR that you're a lefty in the political sphere. Then again, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of young people are lefties.
  3. Triple_R
    2016-07-05 17:57
    I noticed the Australian election ended REALLY close. I think they said it's looking like a hung parliament. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the election, and what you think will be happening from here.
  4. Triple_R
    2016-06-28 22:00
    Thanks! Family has been doing pretty well lately, thanks for asking.

    My current job has been pretty well-balanced, but a new busier period for it might be beginning soon.
  5. Triple_R
    2016-06-27 21:48
    Thanks for all the manga and doujin links shared lately. It's appreciated!
  6. Kanon
    2016-06-24 10:57
    I saw that. It was pretty much inevitable.
  7. Kanon
    2016-06-23 08:12
    Kumamiko's ending wasn't that dark lol. But yeah, it was a really bad end. I really really enjoyed the series as a whole, but the anime original ending was garbage that completely went against the spirit of the original work.

    This season did turn out to be quite poor in the end. The only shows I'd consider great are Re:Zero and Jojo. The rest ranged from pretty good to abysmal (Mayoiga). Overall I'm rather disappointed.

    Summer season is looking like the best one in a long time.
  8. Akuma Kousaka
    2016-06-22 22:02
    Akuma Kousaka
    Holy shit, MitB cash-in actually amounted to something this time? Did the WWE writing staff remember to take their meds?

    Btw, my battle plan for dealing with egregious users is be as short as possible while quoting their entire message; nobody likes their walls of text hitting one sentence
  9. Archon_Wing
    2016-06-19 18:28
    Wow, well that's a lot of shit. Sorry to hear that, but it's not atypical when it comes to anime discussion. It just seems like there's too many sacred cows and what results is a really insular discussion where everyone's not in the in is left out. We saw it with Kyoani, later Shaft, and also whatever VN is cool. I mean, it's only natural to be really protective of things of what one holds quality but at the same time when someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they hate you (or vice versa)

    I don't know enough about the subject matter, so i guess that's as far as I will pry.

    Well, glad to see you have things to look forward too. And as for Attack on Titan I'm curious on what kind of corner it'll write itself into. But whatever.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2016-06-17 01:26
    Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. I assume something had caused you to come over and honestly, I'm all ears/eyes, so don't bother holding back if you have more to say.

    I think it is an issue that seems to be a general trend (not focused on any individual) that it's almost like trying to steer conversations to either one of advantage or interest. Often times in an argument, we have people disingenuously trying to dig themselves out of a hole by effectively trying to throw out or censor certain topics. The Hibike Euphomium discussions were utterly frustrating as a result and truth be told I think that opposing sides have points but they're talking past each other and ultimately we could have discussed more about the show, but it's a lost cause.

    I mean, I try not to self-regulate threads unless something is offensive or insulting because as you know there is absolutely nothing to be gained from those things, I don't know. I think most of these things are done with good intentions but on the other hand it's sort of like well, actually there is a lot more meaning to the discussion here than at face value and sometimes when someone makes a judgement when they don't understand the topic fully, it leads to that.

    Though of course, I'm probably tooting my own horn, I mean we're talking about an analysis of Mari Okada stuff. But I just get the feeling that if the subject at hand were some of AS's darling series (Sup hyped LN of the month) then there would be no qualm, but mecha anime? Well screw that. That's a dead genre!

    Still, I understand your sentiment, and it definitely is a reason why I don't really post much anymore. Well, haven't been watching much though.

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    35 year old Aussie
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    Anime, League of Legends, women (in no particular order)
    Data analyst
    My favourite animes:

    Last Exile
    Code Geass (both seasons)
    Crest of the Stars
    Kimagure Orange Road
    Cutie Honey
    The Tatami Galaxy
    Galaxy Express 999
    Sherlock Hound
    Now And Then, Here And There
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    Elfen Lied
    Kaiji (1st season)
    Kimi ni Todoke
    Bamboo Blade
    Paranoia Agent
    Haibane Renmei
    Serial Experiments Lain
    Ergo Proxy
    Fullmetal Alchemist (1st version)
    Samurai Champloo
    Azumanga Daioh
    Genshiken (1st season)
    Nodame Cantabile (1st season)
    Garden of Sinners
    Voices of a Distant Star
    Read or Die OVA
    Beyond the Clouds - The Promised Place
    The Sky Crawlers
    Kiki's Delivery Service
    Spirited Away
    Tokyo Godfathers
    Millenium Actress
    Whisper of the Heart
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