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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-19 02:44
    I tried and failed to write a response to your blog post in a reasonable period of time early today - will try again later but its probably on the backburner for a few days due to school and other VM/PM requests.
  2. Rethice
    2011-10-18 21:28
    Ah yes I did enjoy Usagi Drop as well, I think I was just in the wrong frame of mind when I watched it, so though I did like it, it hasn't made lasting memory for me.

    Steins;Gate is near the top of my plan to watch list, as soon as I finish Dantalion no Shoka (I've got some catching up to do on potential anime). DemiSoda is constantly telling me to check out Steins;Gate, and it sounds like I will enjoy it!

    Hah, it will be difficult to imagine Ben-to staying amusing for much longer, I was just impressed it amused me for two episodes at all, probably why I'm giving it so much credit. XD
  3. Rethice
    2011-10-18 20:29
    For someone who has been kind of falling out of anime over the past year (hasn't been much potential in 2011 at all for me... Madoka has been the only thing to really stand out) this season has been great though, gotten me back into it hard.

    Another one I found interesting was Ben-to - I had equally low expectations for that as I did with Neihbours Club, so I came out of it quite impressed on a purely comedic level. Now that's an example of characters taking something simple far too seriously in a hilarious way. I kind of disagree that it will have low sales as well, as some of the characters really do stand out - and they have their niche focus of stocking-fetishes that will appeal enough to certain people that it wil remain memorable for at least a little while. The Ice Queen at least stands out as a character that will have merchandise made of her.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-18 20:05
    I think the comparisons with Fate/Zero were merely in relation to what would be considered the "top anime of the season". Both have really nice artwork, though personally I think actual animation (movement) can be a bit shoddy in Fate/Zero at times. Artstyle, background art and animation in Guilty Crown is just beautiful and in my opinion the best of this season (visual wise)
  5. Triple_R
    2011-10-18 19:38
    Nice, long blog post. I've only skimmed it so far, but I can say that your top two are two of my five "A-List" titles for the Fall 2011 season. My other A-List titles are Guilty Crown, Tamayura Hitotose, and Shana III.

    In fairness, I can get why someone wouldn't like Hitotose - It is a slower paced "healing" anime that may bore some viewers if they're not in the mood to relax/unwind to some heartwarming but limited character actions.

    Shana is a sentimental favorite of mine, an anime I grew to love back when I was a 80% Shonen anime fan. While I don't think I could ever go back to being a 80% Shonen anime fan, I have to admit I'm often in the mood for great, flashy, action-packed anime, lol.

    Anyway, I'll give you a more detailed response after I've had a chance to read your blog post more thoroughly.

    Blog writing is a real sporadic thing for me, as inspiration really needs to strike for me to feel up to it. However, I do have a couple blog post ideas bouncing around in my head right now, so there's a good chance I'll post one of them within the next two or three days.

    Oh, and fell free to check 0utf0xZer0's wall for my take on Infinite Stratos through seven episodes.

    Anyway, thanks again for supporting Haruhi for the Diamond Necklace, even if it didn't work out!
  6. Rethice
    2011-10-18 19:23

    I just saw your seasonal thoughts linked on someone else's profile and decided to give it a bit of a read.

    Most of our thoughts overlap, except for a few slight differences so I thuoght I'd discuss them with you if you're willing.

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai:
    I'm on the same level in agreeing that this has turned out much better than ever expected, but I was surprised you compared the character design so much to Ore Imo, yet didn't mention at any point the identical art style to Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko - it's a very unique art style focusing on a very strange way of drawing lips and mouths in general. Though, after reading your comparison, I have to agree on the similarities between the character's relationship of Ore Imo and Boku wa Tomodachi.

    Now I'm certainly not a Type-Moon fanboy, but I did enjoy Fate/Stay night many years ago (no thanks to Deen's quality adaption). My feelings differ from yours in the matter of pacing, though - I feel the dialogue heavy pilot episode was very appropriate to setting the scene. Sometimes shows like that need a thorough introduction to establish all of the different characters, since the way the story is portrayed it shows most of the characters of equal importance, and the story being more about their struggles with themselves and eachother rather than their own individual quest (like Shirou in FSN). It might be because I'm already an established appreciator of the story having seen Fate/Stay Night, but I didn't find myself getting bored at all.

    Now this is usually the kind of slice of life drama I enjoy, and though I wouldn't say I've quite dropped it yet, I am a little bored. I find the obsession and over-enthusiasm on a family game as tedious and boring as I do any other sports anime that takes itself too serious (see: Prince of Tennis). I've seen a lot of people say this show is more about bullying and friendship, but the lead female's attitude and unrealistically single-minded focus on that poem game just erks me.

    Sorry for randomly throwing my thoughts at you as a stranger, but I thought you might like to discuss them
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-18 11:18
    It's currently an awesome season. Probably as good as Spring this year if not better.

    My A-Tier (watch ASAP):

    Guilty Crown

    My B-Tier (cutoff for what I'll be continuing on a weekly basis):

    Mirai Nikki
    Boku wa Tomodachi
    Mawaru Penguindrum (carryover from last season)

    My C-tier (will watch if nothing else to do, or else not priority):

    Bakuman S2
    Tamayura Hitotose
    Kimi to Boku
    Hunter x Hunter
    Gundam Age

    Trash tier (dropped and will not look back):

    Persona 4
    Shana S3
    Senjou no Horizon

    Last Exile: FAM I would like to watch, but I have yet to finish the old Gonzo series so I need to do that first. Otherwise, other shows not listed I am not interested in trying.

    And yeh, avatar/profile is Yuasa Hiromi from True Tears.
  8. Arabesque
    2011-10-13 16:57
    Thanks for accepting it

    Ah, sorry I didn't respond back faster, but these past few days I've been really busy with RL matters (Uni for starters -_-) so I couldn't come online much.

    About the Anta Baka reports, reading them, I wondered if you made some of the news up actually lol things like the shirt with the ''Elementary School girls are Great'' is just so ... it's a case of real life just being unbelievable, or rather people being idiotic I really do enjoy reading them, and I'll make sure I drop a comment on them

    About the Cyborg 009 remake film ... Kenji Kamiyama is one of the few figures in the anime industry that I respect and look forward to anything he does but man ... I agree with you, that vid just wasn't good at all. I have no idea what is up with the fascination with CG nowadays, but ugh ... Being a fan of the franchise, I'll watch it, but I don't think I'll like it at all. Then again, I didn't think I'd enjoy the newer TV remake but I did so I'll try and keep an open mind about it.

    I did hear about the new Madhouse movie when it was first announced here, but I had forgotten about it. I'm not really sure what to expect from it, but I hope it manages to get them some more money, they certainly need it.

    As for the new season ... I can safely say I'm well behind a lot of stuff right now lol What I did manage to watch was Madhouse's new show, Chihayafuru, which I really liked, Gundam AGE, which I thought was okay but nothing remarkable, and Mashiro-iro Symphony, out of respect for Manglobe. I also checked out Shana III, but I don't think I'll follow it on weekly bases. Fate/Zero was also somewhat promising, tho it seems like it's more about set up now more than anything. Phi Brain is a fun kids show that I wish would've aired in a less crowded season so I could follow it, Bakuman. 2 is off on a more promising start than the first season it seems (from the 10 minutes I've seen) and Ben-To looks like the hidden dark comedy of the season.

    Overall, the season looks pretty good, lot's of variety to pick from, but I fear that the increase in the more high concept titles is going to drown a lot of the lesser known ones.
  9. Triple_R
    2011-10-09 12:22
    Some tidbits to respond to your last two VMs to me:

    I dropped Infinite Stratos after one episode as I couldn't stand watching generic harem anime at the time. Maybe one of these days I'll pick it back up if you think it's worth it. I have heard from people with a taste in moe similar to myself (such as 0utf0xZer0) that Charlotte is genuinely a likable character, and that's possible, as I don't recall her bothering me in the first episode.

    I do think that ufotable will do a better job than DEEN. I don't recall any of the first few Fate/Stay Night episodes being as good as Episode 2 of Fate/Zero was, so yeah, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt right now.

    I haven't watched Haibane Renmei yet, but I'll put it on my "to watch" list, and after I've seen some of it, I might come up with a genre classification term for you to use for shows like it and Angel Beats!
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-09 00:46
    I donít really have a strong opinion on whether Gen should have included more female characters. I can certainly say there are places I think he could have included more female characters and that I probably would if I was writing a story with similar themes. But Iím satisfied with the result of the decision, the contrast Gen achieved between Saber and the other characters is wicked awesome.

    (I should also note I slightly revised my stance on whether the mage families are patriarchial. They are, but itís an aspect of their larger nature as Machivellian control freaks.)

    My experience with other Type-Moon work is actually pretty limited. I loved the characters and concept of FSN when I saw the two Deen adaptations but never really loved the shows themselves, so Fate/Zero looks like it has a good shot at being the best in the franchise. The only other material Iíve seen is the first Garden of Sinners movie, which I didnít actually like that much but for some reason still want to see the rest of. Might see if the biggest Type Moon fan among my friends is up for a full day event at some point since heís back from Russia now. I tend to constantly be in panic mode about my schoolwork even when Iím doing well so having a buddy around is essentially for anime watches of more than a couple hours.

    Iím curious as to whether watching the new and old Last Exiles concurrently would work Ė Iíve been carrying the original back and forth with me between university (during the week) and home (on weekends) for a couple weeks now but Iíve been too busy to even start.

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