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  1. Reckoner
    2011-10-08 02:45
    2010 was so trash man. It had some good movies, but that's it. I can't believe you'd praise such a crappy year for anime. No Tatami Galaxy doesn't save it.

    2003 and 2006 were good years admittedly, but I think 2007 is right there with them. 2002 is average. 98 is rather average. I'd throw in 2004 as a good year.

    Ah yes. Please explain how in the world lovely complex is good. Most annoying characters I've seen in a shoujo in a long time. And my god, they had a trap in it too which I found was portrayed in quite an insulting manner.. Terrible series.

    Bamboo Blade wasn't anything special. Strikers was trash. Worst piece of the franchise by far. Minami-ke was god awful.

    And please, Darker than Black a boring action series? That's absurd.
  2. Irenicus
    2011-10-08 00:21

    The Japanese test was kind of shell-shocking, lol (I was taking the highest level offered in college, above my level, by taking a skip test, and the expectations were considerably higher). Well, actually I did far better than I should, being I suppose more talented at cramming than motivated, but still -- ouch.

    Anyway, caught up on your blog. (+ will have to catch up on anime over the weekend and finish the Summer much to watch +_+). Got a few impressions on all the reviews --

    1) I said this before, but OMG somebody else actually watched Kamichu/Asatte no Houkou!

    2) I'm not sure I would agree that the little goddess carries the show on her own in Kamichu! I think her pretty friend plays a pretty large role and we get to find out more about her -- especially by proxy through the puppy love arc between the younger siblings. The one character we end up not learning much about would be the megane best friend, who just plays the foil to everyone else. there's also a subtle and realistic element here about the three's friendship: that Yurie and the glasses girl are closer than they are to the pretty one, since they've been together longer. It can be an unpleasant element especially in real life but even in fiction (I remember a scene in the manga Flat that just...burned), but I don't believe Kamichu! made an issue of it. Or, well, I'm just seeing things and reading too much into it. What do you think?

    Speaking of which, the lil' bro was not cold! He was just being an awkward young teenager in love! He's totally adorable! *huggles*

    The love interest (Kenji-kun?) was guilty of all your charges, though.

    3) It's nice to see someone else's opinion on Asatte no Houkou. I think you hit the key point right there: in contrast to most J.C. Staff series, this one took its time limit seriously and created a self-contained story with a satisfying ending. I wonder if you'll have more to say though if you have read the manga itself -- I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I think the anime's decision to go its own way is the best possible thing to happen. A certain rather disturbing scene in the manga marked its start down the something is going wrong here path.

    4) You've been throwing daggers at moe at bit too much, IMO. I know I joked around with the controversy stuff, but moe is such an easy target, man.

    Plus I think Kamichu! is totally moe. No, seriously. Not lolipantsu moe, but moe still in its own way. You telling me the moe fans won't totally dig puffy-cheeked, adorable little Magical Goddess Yurie and that silly little ED? Rather than saying moe lovers keep away you should be saying 'sup and welcome!

    5) On the Kurenai review, what do you think of how the series shift gears towards action some time after the second half?

    Also IMO you didn't deal enough with what I think is a pretty valid criticism of the show: the harem aspect. Shinkurou's kind of a shell of a man (some of the "action" scenes creeped me out by how unaffected he was...and all the bone cracking sound; he was supposed to have some sort of drawback to using that power too -- shortened lifespan? -- but the show never really quite made it clear), so how come he's hot stuff?

    6) Anta Baka!? and no Evangelion hilarity? *hint*
  3. Reckoner
    2011-10-07 01:47
    So is 2011 a bad year of anime? I'm hard pressed to think we've had a better year in recent memory since 2007.
  4. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-10-06 13:13
    Akuma Kousaka
    No no no. What we clearly need to do is have someone text themselves to jump the winner then have the person with the highest SDO finish them off and take the Necklace.
  5. Irenicus
    2011-10-04 19:52
    Got a huge Japanese test coming (three tests for three days in a row, argh). Will get back to you with comments soon~
  6. Reckoner
    2011-10-04 13:06
    Let me guess, you dislike it just like you disliked Utena? The visuals are too close to Shinbo land? The plot is too confusing?

    By all means, shoot away. Your criticisms are usually so strange that I'll find it amusing one way or another.
  7. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-10-04 12:08
    Akuma Kousaka
    I was referring to the World's Strongest Man. If you didn't know, I liked Mark Henry before he became a badass.
  8. Arabesque
    2011-10-02 07:21
    Apologize for the very late reply, this was a very busy and tiresome week for me, and I haven't had any free time until the week end.

    Yeah, I had been lurking on your profile for a while now, ever since you posted the thread about the panel you've done about older anime. Sorry that I didn't just drop a comment, but I just didn't know what to say

    Yes, it does look like the Marvel Anime project had at least been well received back where it's original consumer base originated. Even if I wasn't particularly a fan of the majority of the shows, I do agree that it's good if it will help Madhouse.

    About Yume Miru Karai, the last that I heard of it, it seemed like the production had been halted indefinitely due to the financial problems at the studio. However, since the film had been the incomplete work of a highly respected and loved director (and one of the reasons the studio holds a great reputation today) I've been hearing some rumors that the staff is actually trying to keep the project alive. I don't know how much do these rumors hold water, but I certainly hope that they are true.

    I think you mentioned once how the main problem with Madhouse is that while they had managed to produce enough shows with decent sale figures, they never managed to produce a breakthrough success that guaranteed they wouldn't fall down when the times got tough. I loved Tatami Galaxy as well, but much like every other show they made, it simple wasn't successful enough. And at this point, they need a hit of at least gigantic proportions in order to get out of the bind they are in (it doesn't help that many of their creative force had left for freelancing or have died ) I hope they can manage ...

    Sorry to hear that this year hadn't been that great for you For me, 2011 had been pretty great. Madoka Magica, Level E, Hourou Musuko, Steins;Gate, Penguindrum, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée and Bunny Drop had all been of excellent quality IMO, and they are of different genres so having a year with this much variety is good in my book.

    Other personal favorites for me include the idolm@ster (which is a huge surprise for myself, since I ahdn;t expected to like the show this much) X-men, Hyouge Mono, Tiger & Bunny and Gosick, just to name a few. Their quality isn't constant, but they provide me with enough enjoyment from at least one aspect that their weaker areas don't bother me much.

    I have been rewatching some older shows from the 90's and 00's earlier this year, but since I noticed the season had been getting more and more shows to follow, I had to put the older shows on hold. I might get back to them sometime by Winter hopefully.

    About the licensing, I haven't been keeping track of the news lately (busy week) so thanks for the info I had noticed that it seemed like the Australian Anime market seems to be on the rise, and what you said confirms it. Glad to see one overseas market to be doing well at least.

    You got a blog or anything like that you do? Would like to see it if you have one.
    You are the fifth person to ask that lol. I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it yet. When I do I'll let you know (in the mean time, you can check out any more of my crazy ramblings on my twitter :P)

    Thanks for the link to your blog. I subscribed to it via Google Reader, so if you make any new post, I'll make sure to comment on it

    Thanks for the greeting
  9. Dilla
    2011-09-27 02:56
    If Cam wins 2 more games in the next 5-6, I'll change my avatar or signature to this:


    NFL: Yeah, I am; but I expected we would be better this year. Carolina hasn't been a perennial bottom-feeder in 10 years. The owner thankfully cares about not being an embarrassment to the league as much as he cares about making a profit, unlike Mike Brown's punk ass (the owner of the Bengals btw). The staff last year knew they were gone and the owner forced John Fox (who now coaches Denver) to coach out his contract. A lot of players who were on the team last year has taken shots at him. Sadly, we've lost both of our top LBs for the season, Pro-Bowler Jon Beason (ankle tendon tear) and Thomas Davis (who has torn his ACL for the 3rd time in 2 years, so sadly his career is likely over, but that is the nature of the game), but managed to get a W in the rain. Funny thing is that the Panthers could very well be 3-0 right now if it wasn't for youthful mistakes. I'm a bit optimistic against Chicago, they have serious line issues and the Panthers currently have one of the better DE tandems in the league right now (our rookie DTs are deer in headlights right now, though).

    Thing about that Indy-Pitt game is that it showed that the Colts, especially Dwight Freeney and the defense, isn't quitting. And Curtis Painter showed more in one drive than Kerry Collins has in 2.75 games. Steelers have major o-line issues, it was so bad that they ran out of lineman to put in the game and an already injured tackle who couldn't rotate his shoulder ironmanned up and went back in to tough it out for the final minutes. It was ridiculous.

    Btw, do you have a favorite team?

    WWE: I have Mark Henry losing HiaC, but I would be very happy if he retained; he is one of those old dogs that can learn new tricks. His promos have been great (that verbal and physical attack on JR and Lawler was the best I've seen from him ever) and if I had my choice, he would keep the title until at least Armageddon in December.

    Looking forward to the return of the Awesome Truth and I'm mildly interested in this mutiny storyline going on with Trips vs Otunga, Ziggler, Rhodes, and Christian.
  10. Akuma Kousaka
    2011-09-26 22:37
    Akuma Kousaka
    To be honest I've been out of the loop on the yuri scene barring the Sono Hanabira VNs, OVAs, and Kuttsukiboshi. I did come across this charming manga called Kimi Koi Limit, though.

    I haven't read the manga so I can't speak for any of the source material's development, but from what I watched my biggest problem with Yasuna was how her circumstances made Hazumu's decision more like an obligation than something she wanted to do. I'd actually like Tomari and Yasuna equally if the latter didn't have a supernatural handicap that seemed to work in her favor; she was basically a Key girl in yuri form, which becomes a problem in a down-to-earth series like this one (barring the ridiculous aliens). But yeah, I'm glad they didn't pull the but we're both girls! cliche if that's what you mean.

    I don't know what you were expecting out of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but even those who liked it will admit that the first season was somewhat weak. I had more issues with the middle part though. Yes, I know this is the second time it's been suggested to you. Please excuse me if I sound like every other MAL LotGH elitist out there.

    So are you going to write those reviews for yourself or for the people on the site? Because if you're going for the second option then I don't think blog mentality is going to do well for that goal. And lawl your rating scale broke 10 because it goes all the way to 0.

    And oooh yeeeaaah, the Kool-Aid Man is now the World's Strongest Champion.

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