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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-10-09 02:31
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Hey, watching the RAW for the amazing goodness is so much awesome <33 The visuals >>> story from what I can see from little screens my friend gave me :3 (Though I know you will still prefer to know the story too~~)


    But boy, what some... Messed up turn of event it is for Setsuna in Trailblazers. I mean, seems like you're so happy with the development, but man the immortality bit makes me for some reason >_< And am I hearing the pun in Celestial Being that I half getting?

    Sadist! But you know that I am SO having fun with the only BL animu (lol they have added innuedo jokes) this fall~~ And I here, I thought my hyperness has killed puppies from over listing errr... Reading in this case >_>

    HEY WHY THE MAHOU SHOUNEN AND MECHA POSSE SCENE HAS EMOTICON? D:< That's the best part for me. With rainbows. <33333

    Plus tight leathers are win. *KIRA~*
  2. The Chaos
    2010-10-08 15:35
    The Chaos
    yep One Piece = Awesomeness
    good to see another One Piece fan
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-10-08 09:39
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Fufu, the movie is already out by today, so you can grab it via torrent now ^_^b But honestly, I was not so much active in Macross section too even though I lurked a lot there 8D;;

    Hey, there is nothing rude when wanting to fangirl/boy about obsessio--- Ahem, I mean, interests~ I mean while I don't have interest in 00 (personal, honest :3), I still can be the ears if you want to fanboy about the story/mecha or rant about things~

    Still as hyper as ever, dear! :3 Actually thinking about it, it seems like my sugar level has increased by 10 times and the lack of BL has been activating my depraved slashing tendencies It... Doesn't result well to say at the very least, with how my brain came up with cracks here and then :'D And my rusty memory is still trusty rusty~

    But anyway, hyperness and busy RL aside, you shall, no, you MUST watch Star Driver now. It is the icing of the season I tell ya~
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-10-08 02:08
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Urei~~~~ Congrats on opening your sig thread~~~! *cookies*

    /never stalks Gundam forum, so forgive me for not knowing you are already back from a long time ago D:
  5. SonicSP
    2010-10-03 14:18
    I've always got the impression that the Celestial Being may symbolise both Set and 00Q as in it becomes the guiding light of the galaxy, at least possibly to some. The beings that rose above it's Earthly roots. It may even symbolise Innovators as a whole.

    Not that I think it was done on purpose, but there are plenty of ways you can look at the symbolism. There are other Innovators too going on deep space voyages, not sure whether any of them are as far or as deep as Set but the expeditions are there.

    I am however sure that humanity's problem has not ended despite how flowery everything is. The Innovator and normal human tension that is mentioned by Tiera in his monologue is repeated in the movie as a potential danger early on and while it was never elaborated in the timeskip, I get a feeling that not all is too well.

    I guess it's nice, there's still potential problems and the world never run out of thoe but humanity is changing for sure. I like the fact that the world Innovation thing is slow but eventual, I was afraid there would be a "TAB and then everyone is a Innovator" and everything is happy but even 50 years on only 40% are Innovators and they are already potential risks despite potential benefits.

    A positive message in general but still room for problems just like S1 epilogue seemed "perfectly flowery" as well. I like how 00 makes you think and expand certain potential problems with your imagination but also plant that seed into you. Like the meeting many alien species thing and Innovation/human tension problems, these ideas are never elaborated on screen but the idea is seeded into your head and because we've seen many alien space opera as well as Gundam Seed, they can expand on their own.
  6. SonicSP
    2010-10-03 10:03
    Yeah, it contrasts well with Zabanya and Harute actually who are heavily armed and are pure weapons. As in the contrast between the two is so large, theme-wise. Hell, even Raphael. I never imagined it would be for these purpose though.

    Considering what Set ends up doing by the end of the movie, the 00Q is the perfect balance between communication resonance and arms. Because the galaxy is a dangerous place, you never know when you have to defend yourself if the Quantum System fails.

    That and communication is not going to do squat when you need to physically do something like breaking an asteroid or make a hole and that your there by yourself. Some things can be used as non-harmful tools evne though they are weapons.

    In theory, even on Earth/nearby space normal situations, you will need the weapons just to defend yourself. Let's say if they are two sides having a war, you may have to go to the middle of the battlefield to activate QS and stop it. You may be harmed before you get there sp you will need a combination of weapons to defend yourself and it has to be very powerful, otherwise a group of enemy Ms or another Twin Drive MS will wipe you out and it will be for nought. It's like how real peacekeeper needs weapons as well, because there exists a real threat againt your efforts especially if your designed to go into a battlefield. I think despite what happened in the movie, scwenarios like the one I created are what Ian and co had in mind but they served the same purposes.

    A pure peaceful MS would be impractical and have flaws (and as a presentation to fans its just plain boring). At least we know 00 Qan(T) is a ferocious war machine in potential, it's just the designed to be able to promote peace. In a pure world devoid of war, it is redundant but if not than it will be needed to rise above it both directly in combat and by using it's special ability. Considering the theme of peace and warfare the series keep representing I think it's a real materialisation of Setsuna's ideals and his life engulfed in warfare and what he hopes to rise above it.

    I'm pleasantly surprised they manage to pull this off with this design and "peace/war" theme TBH. I never expected it to work, and if it did it will never be accepted by me. But despite it's short showcase, I think the physical design, potential abilities and designed purpose actually fits really well.

    You know I wouldn't be surprised if Mizushima told Ebikawa to consider these factors when he designed 00Q. A real peaceful "fighting" MS, oh.........and does not have the balance problems in gunpla design.

    I guess the non-menacing as 00 Raiser trait is a blessing in Qan(T)'s case.
  7. SonicSP
    2010-10-03 06:15
    Setsuna is not the most skilled perso in the series and his always criticised for not being so, but then again it's a bit unrealistic for a 16 year old with little field practical experience to do as well as he did. He's improved a lot I think since we've seen him.

    The Exia Repair battle was nice as well, he didn't win but I can see great obvious improvement in the way he battled.


    About 00 Qan(T), we've had this discussion even before the movie came out but based from I know I think I can understand another reason why the 00Q appears to be underequiped.

    In the movie, they keep emphasizing that 00 Qan(T) is an MS to stop the fighting. When the new Twin Drive arrived, Ian commented that it has the ability to create an even more powerful resonance of will effect (that's just what I call it, it doesnt have an actual name).

    My guess is that i's still a warring machine of course, but unlike 00 this one would have the resonance of will thing be part of the design as well, this time in the form of the Quantum System.

    The Quantum System, being also a communication system thing also requires that 00Q purge some parts of it's armor and a lot of it's frame is revealed too. (I guess just like Nadleeh needs to be relatively thin and not to armored for the Trial System to work)

    It's not that 00Q is weak or lack of weapons because it has a lot of it and with a range of specialization and uses too, however the lack of expansion of the frame space that you usually bring up may be due to the fact that it may make the Quantum System harder to use and symbolically, it also may even go against the "end of warfare" purposes that 00Q was primarily created for, so it may not be much of a symbolism to have it visually heavy armed (even though it's definitely powerful, capability-wise) so there is a "not too much" theme here.

    While 00 was purely a weapon, 00Q is not design-wise so it may represent Setsuna's (current) ideals of both communicating and fighting. He fights when he needs to and he will do his best to avoid fighting unless it's needed but if he can end it with the resonance of will he will do that first and if he forced has to defend himself or others, he will do that also with the awesome physical power of Quanta until he can stop the whole thing completely.
  8. SonicSP
    2010-10-03 01:52
    Impressive? IMO it was the best fight of the movie. It's just a short fight but it's one of my favorite fights of the series. (then again, short fights are a signature in 00 anyways)

    Used a combination of the GN Sword II Kai (that new Gunblade that's mounted on the nose in Jet mode), smoke chaff/grenades, a plasma sword.......and I swear there was linear shots (or was it wrist machineguns?).

    It was againts 3 yellow colored GN-Xs, I'm not sure whether they were GNX Ones or GNX IVs though because it was short and the coloring threw me off.

    That........and I was more seduced by Setsuna owning in the Flag. Setsuna usually have tech advantage most of the time but this time it was the opposite and he won through skill......and probably QBW. (hence the smoke maneuvere because he has superior sense he blinded his opponants, a bit similar to how it was againts Reborns)


    If you think 00 Qan(T) is naked, you should see it AFTER it purge some parts armor for Quantum Mode.

    I swear I saw it became normal again later. I wonder if the pieces just Quantised away and came back? (in the commercial trailer they were glowing bright green during the purge)
  9. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2010-08-23 17:04
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    I don't think we'll be getting one, Qan seems to have enough firepower from the GN Sword V and the cannon mode it has. Along with the Trans-Am and sword bits, there isn't much more to add on.

    It's got everything it needs to be an effective TDS Gudam.
  10. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2010-08-23 15:02
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    That's what the Qan is no? In both design and function? I'll agree that Exia is the dominant design trait of the Qan, but I see the 00 in there too.

    Also, you just started talking to me outright, lol. What spawned your urge to converse?

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