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  1. BetoJR
    2008-10-21 18:01
    Oh, I didn't much care for Wing, at least not until Endless Waltz...
    My favorites are 8th MS Team and Stardust Memory, even if I kinda dig Seed.
    As for Gunparade, Gunparade Orchestra is a continuation? Should I download them both?
  2. BetoJR
    2008-10-21 17:42
    I'm a Gundam nut, as well, even if I started a bit late, with Wing.
    Never seen Gunparade, will track it down.
    Vandread is sitting idly for a long time (it's playing in our Animax, here, but since I don't have that channel anymore, I'll have to dig up the old DVD's) so I'll try that first.
  3. BetoJR
    2008-10-21 16:43
    Things sure did.
    However, I'm trying to keep myself busy - I don't think I've ever downloaded as much anime as I'm doing now (certainly, never this much current stuff). Some of the new stuff is rather nice: Toradora! is just too darn funny (I'm getting the manga right now and trying to track down the light novels); Tales of The Abyss is almost as good as the game (and that's saying something, so far); Michiko e Hatchin is just cool in a bottle (hope it stays that way); Xam'd Lost Memories is a very nice work of fiction, eerily reminiscent of some of the best Myiazaki's efforts; and I'm still on the fence about A Certain Magical Index, Kannagi, Ga-Rei Zero and Chaos-Head. And I just finished the first season of Gundam 00 and am now eagerly following the second season. Like I said, busy...

    What about you? I mean, I know you're watching Toradora! and Gundam 00, but what else?
  4. BetoJR
    2008-09-29 18:50
    You're sorta taking away my motivation to watch the series.
  5. BetoJR
    2008-09-29 07:14
    I have never even watched Macross 7. Maybe it's high time I remedied that. Gonna need another HD, tho.
  6. BetoJR
    2008-09-28 19:11
    Well... after the subs, I'm leaning more towards a LOVE more than hate, thing. I mean, it's not everyday that I watch something that moves me so much. The mecha-pr0n was just too much. Sheryl's scenes were nice (even the slap wasn't all that bad). All in all, I'm waiting anxiously for the movie to come.
  7. Sheryl Nome
    2008-09-27 06:06
    Sheryl Nome
    if he screws up the movie i'm gonna kill him >___>
  8. Sheryl Nome
    2008-09-27 05:19
    Sheryl Nome
    hehehe, i think you've the answer now!
  9. BetoJR
    2008-09-26 15:59
    Totally odd. Seems like something cobbled up at the last minute, wouldn't you say so? Anyway, still waiting on the subs.
  10. BetoJR
    2008-09-26 13:09
    Heh. Didn't care much for the slap, tho. Seemed like cheap vindication, to me.

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