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  1. BetoJR
    2008-09-26 12:46
    Yeah, there didn't seem to be any guilt lingering, either felt by herself or appointed by others, did it? I mean, she was (in)directly responsible for lots of deaths, wasn't she? That feels even more rushed...
  2. BetoJR
    2008-09-26 10:47
    Visual and sound-wise it was a feast. I'll have to wait for the subs to pronounce a better judgment, but I liked what I saw. The salute was cute. Let's hope for some redemption, in the movie.
  3. BetoJR
    2008-09-25 10:39
    The same goes for me. I mostly watch completed stuff (be it in seasons or what not), I hadn't been this anxious about an episode of anime ever since, I dunno, last decade, when I watched Cowboy Bebop in a local TV station. Man, the wait from episode 25 to 26 was agonizing, to say the least.

    But it can't compare to now.
  4. BetoJR
    2008-09-25 10:05
    Very cute profile picture, friend. Hope the series ends well, today.
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2008-09-19 10:40
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Sorry Urei, been busy for a while, so cannot reply your message now. I'll continue to reply your PM after my task done.
  6. BleachOD
    2008-09-16 11:21
    I'm impressed with your signature collection. It's certainly very unique.

    Thanks... I actually have to update it. I really like sigs I can express myself through them.

    Macross is the first series in 5 years that I ever wanted a gif or sig from. I usually don't visit anything but Bleach sites. Orihime is a character I hate. The only one I hate. So I kill her on sigs. I have a weird sense of humor and I get inspiration from arguments or users.

    I suck at execution and I don't have the time to learn. *Have children. Don't know if you saw them in "OD's very own chibi album" So I am stuck at begging.

    That profile pic is nice I am glad you are making it into a sig. Some of the sigs look like magazine adds or album cover. I really like that about them.

    I just like sigs and I don't care about who you ship. I usually hang out with the people who aren't on my ship because I know they have no problem telling me what they really think of me. I am sorry I offended you guys. I liked you all because you are all rabid fans like myself.

    My jokes just didn't go over well...

    I hope we can be friends. XD. Don't be a stranger...
  7. BleachOD
    2008-09-16 10:16
    Hello. Your avatar is so cute! I love that profile pic. You should get that in sig. Sorry for intrusion. I really love graphics...

    *Leaves quietly*
  8. Katocchi
    2008-09-16 06:19
    Hello,,ThanKs For BeCome mY FrienD...

    I Like SheryL too....
  9. mapo
    2008-09-15 17:35
    According to your presentation, you live in central europe but where do you come from exactly ?
  10. mapo
    2008-09-15 11:42
    Paris, such a nice place ???

    Well, if you lived since your birthdate in this town, you would have another point of view, trust me ! pigeon and dogs feces everywhere, rude people (you haven't known real rudeness until you've met french waiters), total impossibility to park your car, cost of living which is everything but cheap....

    But I have to acknowledge that Paris can be a lovely town... without its inhabitants. As you can see, some of us are pretty lucid about it (my husband has a sticker on his car which says : "I love rien, I'm Parisien ") ^^

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