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  1. Ledgem
    2012-03-27 20:17
    But being different isn't the entire reason why I think Guilty Crown might sync well with most newcomers. It has a nice looking world, with...
    That's a good point, and you could be quite right. The only reason I stated my opinion as I did is because of my experience after being out of anime for a year or two. Even as someone with days' worth of viewing time behind me, I had a hard time coming back. As I think I've already mentioned to you, I gently got back into it by going with a show that was a bit less... stereotypically anime. From that experience, my thought was that people could probably grow to enjoy anime. It's just a matter of getting around shocking them first.

    But I guess it was a silly thing to say Everyone is different, and everyone will have an ideal gateway series that is different from everyone else. The premise of Guilty Crown would probably appeal to quite a number of people, and the artwork and animation are sure to hold people's eyes. I suppose it would make for a good gateway.

    Of course, it all comes down to how the thing was managed, and honestly ... I never felt like I had come to care for Shu like I might have felt with different protagonists in similar shows, because while his changes where justifiable, I always felt like he took each change to the end of the spectrum.
    I agree with your take on the message of the series (which I didn't quote here). You have a nice way of stating the big picture stuff - you did something similar with the explanation behind Arisa I connected with Shu, and interpreted his behaviors a bit differently. From the start I didn't view him as wallowing in self-pity, so much as pondering his life. When he started to rule with an iron fist, it seemed to me that he did so with pain; he still cared for everyone. I found that segment to be particularly fascinating, actually, as I was thinking about styles of leadership a few days before I watched it. And when he came back, I felt that it was a matter of him making peace with himself, and making peace with the idea that he would sacrifice himself for everyone else.

    And for your next post, perhaps it's unfair of me to say that outer analysis is bad. If looking at the overall message behind the series and things like symbolism interpretation counts as analysis, then I do it too. I suppose my frustration arises when it seems like people are more concerned with analyzing the execution of the show than with the show itself... does that make any sense? Maybe it doesn't, and I just don't like it when people harp on a show and pick it apart. I don't really know.
  2. Flower
    2012-03-26 20:20
    Just thought you might possibly be interested:

    Maybe Tamayura is not your cup of tea though....
  3. Ledgem
    2012-03-26 14:07
    Probably not. I have two comments on that, actually...

    1) Most western entertainment is geared around that "perfect ending" - all evil is rightfully punished, all good is rightfully rewarded. As far as newcomers go, Guilty Crown is very much what I consider to be an anime-type storyline: some things are ambiguous, there's sadness, there are bittersweet elements, and there's also a bit of happiness. It's a big mix of emotions, thoughts, and sensations that could easily be a turn-off to someone who was expecting a more traditionally-western form of entertainment.

    Those mixed elements in a series (particularly the endings) are what really drew me into anime when I was first exposed to it many years ago. As a result, I was pretty surprised to see that one of the major gripes that people seem to have with Guilty Crown is how Shu ended up. I thought that Shu was truly a beautiful character, from his initial flaws, through to his struggles, and to his end. Yet even the anime fans on this forum were bothered by what he's put through in the series... I don't really understand why. Maybe modern anime has shifted more toward western entertainment, and people are expecting perfect justice with those perfect endings? Or perhaps the world has experienced enough negativity in recent years that people are looking to anime (and entertainment) for a positive boost, instead of something containing negative sensations?

    What I'll say next isn't really in response to your question, but is sort of prompted by it:

    2) Seasoned fans (or really, those who watch a ton of anime actively) have changed over the past few years. Back when I was watching things heavily, people discussed events within the show itself and took nearly everything at face value. There were no discussions about things like script writing or how a series could have been restructured to be better. That sort of development analysis either didn't exist or was pretty rare. In my opinion, if you start to analyze shows that way you're going to find flaws and have a harder time just enjoying it for what it is.

    Partly in line with that is the fact that viewing experience has grown with time. The amount of series that fans today have seen is probably double to triple (if not more) what most of us had been exposed to in the early 2000's and late 1990's. If you watch enough series you're less easily impressed by each show that you see afterward, and you begin to make comparisons. I've seen quite a bit by now, but the fact that I've been viewing things off and on means that hard details of what I've seen generally evade me, so I'm less likely to make comparisons between series. I take things at face value when it comes to anime, as well. Both factors mean that I can jump into a series and enjoy it for what it is, even if I've seen something similar done before.

    So sure, Guilty Crown wasn't perfect. If I think about it critically, there are plenty of areas where there were some major screw-ups that could have been avoided and that might have made the series better. But what good is it to discuss those? The series is what it is, and it won't change. I think it's more fruitful (and more fun) to discuss the events within the series; at the very least, that can change a person's perception of the series and possibly cause them to appreciate it more, or get more out of it. Kvetching about things like the writing, character count, or series length is just obsessing over perceived flaws for which there is no resolution.
  4. totoum
    2012-03-24 08:22
    Well I'm happy to be wrong on that one
    I just figured that despite the high postcount the mods would be too scared of shipping wars to give it a subforum.

    To celebrate
  5. Ledgem
    2012-03-21 13:18
    There does really seem to be a unique and strong connection between the two, but why not say something along the lines of ''Inori is the one person in the world who understood me'' or ''I must save her since she's the one who's closer to my heart/soul'' then? It would be a lot more accurate than her being the sole person to stand beside him.
    I wasn't paying too much attention to the Japanese around this point, but I wonder if part of the issue here is a translation one. The series certainly had enough weird blips with the relationships between characters that the translation could be solid as it is, but I wonder if they overemphasized Inori in the translation compared with what Shu really said. Or perhaps they used an incorrect tense form? If I remember right, my version said something like 'you've always been the only one there for me' which seems to snub Hare. If the proper translation was 'you're the only one who is there for me' then it would be correct, considering Hare's fate. Maybe if I have the time I'll try to find that scene again and translate it myself...
  6. totoum
    2012-03-19 14:29
    Confused you with "Arabian Swan",sorry

    I guess you're right,he still violates your personal space,it's just that when watching Araki anime I don't just want to see it violated I want to see it torn to pieces

    Have you seen his Blue Literature contribution? "Sakura no mori no mankai no shita",That short is pure Araki,Madhouse let him loose and do whatever he wanted.
    As for Imaichi,I hope he gets his own project soon where he's not an add on to something else.

    And glad to have you on board aquarion evol,doubt it'll ever get a subforum though.
  7. Ledgem
    2012-03-19 12:51
    It's all good, I enjoy this discussion.

    I guess this might be coming from personal experience, but I honestly would value someone who tries and not bend over when I'm feeling pathetic and want others to feel sorry for me and give in to whatever nonsense request I might make in that condition. Inori might have been faithful to Shu, but I honestly think that up to the blockade of the school it hadn't been actual support from her own volition.

    In any case, I think that saying something along the lines of ''Inori was always there for me'' rather than her being the only one would've been much better, since it wouldn't have devalued Hare's efforts and support.
    I see where you're coming from. I also agree with you about what type of support would be more desirable, but from Shu's standpoint I also find it completely understandable why Inori's type of support would mean more.

    I'll also admit that the relationship with Inori was a bit confusing to me in the beginning. It seems like she's very interested in Shu, but then when he tries to get close to her, she's a total cold fish. Worse, she makes it sound as if everything up to that point had been an act that Gai told her to put on. Even though it was a major blow to Shu, he still somehow maintains interest in her.

    Did I misunderstand something there? Because if a girl pretty much tells you that everything she did was an act and is cold to you, wouldn't you figure that there's nothing there, that she's not trustworthy, and give it up? Yet Shu still seemed to maintain interest in her. It bothered him right after she said it, but then it seemed to me as if he pretty much forgot about it.

    The redeeming factor was that we're allowed to see some of Inori's thoughts, and it's clear that even though she said all of that, she does feel something for Shu. Because of that, when Shu goes on about how Inori has been the one to stand by him, I'm OK with it. It's just that "fuzzy" beginning that I had a bit of trouble with.

    But comparing Hare to Inori... I guess I can see where you'd feel that Hare's efforts were dumped on. I liked Hare quite a bit as a character, but I still think that her connection to Shu was very different from Shu and Inori. Hare was in Shu's life during a time when Shu found it difficult to interact with others. She wasn't overly close to him, it seemed - she was just "that girl with a crush." It almost seemed as if Inori was the first person that Shu really connected with. Do you remember that scene in the beginning (episode 3 or so?) where Shu says that he has trouble making eye contact with people, and Inori tells him the trick about looking between a person's eyes? It just seemed as if they understood each other. The series did some pretty weird things with Inori (aside from the thing that I mentioned, it seemed like she underwent a subtle personality shift toward being more robotic after the first few episodes, and her screen time wasn't as frequent as it seemingly should have been), but that connection seemed pretty solid and unique to me.
  8. totoum
    2012-03-19 01:22
    Was reading a conversion you had about Araki you had with Triple_R and read:

    But credit given where it's due, the man had shown his touch since episode one and that touch had given the anime it's own flavor.
    You think so?Now I admit I'm stalled at episode 12 of Guilty Crown but I'm stalled because I thought that on the contrary the guy was holding himself back,I saw his flashiness pop up from time to time but that's all.
    Unlike you this makes me go , I wish there was more of it.
    I just have the impression Araki didn't quite know how to handle a character like Shuu,the animes he's directed have never had a character like that,the protagonists he's had so far are not really "normal people" like Shuu,the closest he's had is HoTD and even there the protagonist quickly stops asking himself questions (oh those 180 camera movements,those zooms,those quick cuts )
    I'm not really sure Araki was the right choice for a show with a character like Shuu where you need to be a bit subtle (there's nothing subtle about Light,Shirimaru or Kuro).

    Really,I'm not stalled because I hate the show,it's just what I wanted out of it was some fun blockbuster entertainment and Aquarion EVOL came along and gave me just that so I just havn't had the resolve to continue GC despite my Araki fanboyism

    On a completely unrelated note I'm happy to see someone else is enjoying what Sanzigen and Imaishi are doing with BRS,watching the report on that was really fun.Especilaly love the part where they say that they start out with something really smooth and then purposefully take out frames to make it less smooth and more like 2D anime and particularly Imaishi style since Imaichi isn't known for smooth animation but rather making very good use of a small amount of frames.
    What CGI also allows him to do is really long shots where the "camera" just travels all over the place,he already used it in Panty and Stocking but in BRS he's taking it to extremes,for exemple the first scene of the show is basicly one long sequence shot.
  9. Reckoner
    2012-03-18 23:59
    Digging the Casshern sins avatar .
  10. Triple_R
    2012-03-18 01:34
    Nice post on Guilty Crown! I like how you and I both like Hare a lot. I'd be curious to know why she's your favorite.

    Also, thanks for the great insights into:

    1. Arisa's character.

    2. Why Shu considered Inori to be the only one to always stand by him.

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