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  1. Suzuku
    2010-10-07 15:07
    I can't give out specific details, but it's a webhost problem that we hope to have worked out as soon as possible.

    And I don't mind, in fact I want people to ask me. If you know anyone else who is worried then send them to me.
  2. -Sho-
    2010-10-07 12:24
    Thanks for the friend request .

    Seems like you watch TWGOK too , i like you
  3. Crimrui
    2010-10-06 17:15
    Thanks for the cookies in SRW thread, I really appreciate it. As soon as I see you I'll rep+ back.

    I hope you give SRW OG The Inspector a chance, cuz' if it's anything like game, it will have great characters and nice fights.
  4. TLR
    2010-09-21 01:35
    Ahhh thank you very much for educating me on that. I'm glad to have learned that. I didn't realize there were so many critics outside of publishing companies.

    Though don't me wrong, I don't think all reviews of manga come solely from people online, but those on a manga forum do. If I need reviews otherwise, I will look for organizations who specialize in them, but as far as I knew, they stay mainly within the publishing companies and within the manga magazines and release critiques and reviews very rarely.

    And what you have told me doesn't disprove my point about not having an academic basis to judge and critique manga. Of course with such a large industry you will have books written about it and such, but that doesn't mean you can use the standards which people rate literature and movies and such to judge that, and then somehow think your opinion of it is right. It is not in the same category, regardless of whether there are lots of things based off it. It is simply not the same form of media as movies and books. Like I said, comic books in America may have their own industry and may have lectures about them and books written on their impact, but they will never (or at least not for some time) be used in the same capacity as movies and novels, and thus cannot be compared to them. I didn't say manga is above or below critique, but I said the standards of critiquing a manga are not the same as you would use for movies and other things in your life. Manga should be compared to other manga, and as we don't have a more objective, academic basis of doing this, it goes back to the people. I never said manga wasn't a form of art, either, it very clearly is.

    I did get a bit off-topic in my post, but that was the essence of my argument.

    I didn't find your post rude at all. And I put the term "higher art" in quotes because I don't want to take away from manga as a form of art, but it's simply not in the same category as movies and novels, even in Japan.

    But simply because something has been around for 6 decades and has thousands of titles, still doesn't place it in the same category as another. And I never said it had to be, either. Manga can have its own way of critiquing and rating itself, but that is something that is not nearly as mainstream nor institutionalized as its literary counterparts. And as far as KNIM goes, do we have any reviews or critiques on it? Not yet, so as far that debate goes, it's still up in the air and up to people's opinions.
  5. Shiroth
    2010-09-18 08:42
    I only just noticed your change in location :3. & i guess it's good that you don't have a lot to watch now, because it means you have plenty of space for the new season!

    & yeah came back from Wales last weekend. Was great fun. Went to a collection of different places, taking lots of pictures~
  6. Shiroth
    2010-09-17 16:45
    Welcome back to the UK. :3
  7. james0246
    2010-09-15 08:45
    I can't . AniDB has a list of translated titles for the anime in my avatar, and I've merely been copying and pasting the various translations. . Sorry for the trick. It was simply a way of supporting one of my favourite titles across multiple languages.

    That being said, it's nice to know what I copied and pasted actually meant something .
  8. Shiroth
    2010-08-26 16:45
    Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes.
  9. Shiroth
    2010-08-24 15:49
    Wales has some of the best British scenery the country can offer, so i'll be taking lots of pictures :3. & i'm hoping for some sun, though rain isn't that bad either.

    Yeah there really is a lot of good shows this season . I may have to cut down on a few shows, and marathon them at a later date.
  10. Shiroth
    2010-08-20 16:16
    Haha i certainly will be switching between avatars daily . There's no doubt about it. & yes i can't blame you for wanting to collect all Tsukiyo avatars :3. Shame that if the adaptation goes with the manga order, then we won't be seeing her for a while.

    Yeah i've been in that position before, though once you're actually away it does feel good. I'm glad it turned out alright for you. I'm going down to Wales for a week in two weeks, so there's my get away for the year. :3

    Good to hear you'll be along for the journey when the show airs, and yeah the upcoming season is shaping up to be a good one.

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