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  1. Tyabann
    2009-11-03 02:56
    I got it working.

    I tried Cross'+Channel first... All I have to say so far is wow. Just wow.
  2. Tyabann
    2009-11-03 02:02
    Doesn't work.

    "Error opening file for writing."

    Did you have this problem? I tried the fix linked to in the readme and it does NOT help in any way, shape, or form.
  3. Tyabann
    2009-10-13 23:53
    That's good to hear. Yeah, like I said, Taku is mildly schizophrenic. It only really gets bad when he's stressed out though. Which is often.

    How far are you?
  4. Tyabann
    2009-10-13 18:23

    How is Chaos;Head?
  5. Tyabann
    2009-09-28 21:12
    I know that you know she's imaginary, but considering she comes from a very tortured mind... yeah.

    I don't really know if the anime made her as subtly disturbing as she is in the game, but...

    Hmm, genki tsundere girls... I guess Nanami fits both "genki" and "tsundere", but the latter only in her brother's head, heh.

    God he is such a siscon sometimes. Creepy.
  6. Tyabann
    2009-09-28 20:36
    Seira is imaginary, and not only is she imaginary, she's in the imagination of a mild schizophrenic. (That is not a good recipe.)

    And I hesitate to consider Daisuke a nice guy, what with his womanizing, but to each his own, etc.
  7. Tyabann
    2009-09-28 19:23
    It's not the same as the anime.

    Rimi shows up waaaaay earlier in the anime, to its detriment. The anime IS mostly the same, but it cuts out one chapter that makes Takumi look a lot better pre-Chapter 10.

    Also the art is better. (It's like a reverse HiguKai.)

    You WILL hate Takumi a lot before Chapter 10, but try to have sympathy for the guy, considering his situation and neuroses... he's a fucking mess.

    The delusion system is great... try saving beforehand and watching all three options. (Yes, there is a third option: Not clicking at all.) And then there's the point where the game starts using them to fuck with you...

    Speaking of the voices, how do you like a) Daisuke Ono's character and b) The lip-synching?

    The "Girl A" bit is pretty traditional... and I'd say the interludes are more F/SN-ish, although like in Chaos;Head I use them mainly to offer differing points of view on things rather than just show different events. (Were this Cross+Channel or Umineko, they'd be using them to lie to you, but this doesn't do that and nor do I, thank god.)

    And Seira... right, you haven't gone to the hospital yet, have you?
  8. Tyabann
    2009-09-23 21:49
    The anime was shit. That's all I can say.

    They skipped some of the best scenes in the VN.
  9. Tyabann
    2009-09-23 18:29
    Please make sure to inform me every time you FFFFFFFFFF.

    It will be so amusing for me. Also, you'll probably understand a lot of the stylistic approaches I use for the VN after you play... in particular, the *ZZZZZZT* thing.
  10. Tyabann
    2009-09-23 13:04
    Both are fantastic games. Chaos;Head is more action-oriented and plot-driven, and has little focus on the characters other than Takumi.

    Saya no Uta is downright creepy. Also amazing and fantastic, though. Very awesome twists.

    Since I think you might be burnt out on sad endings (I know I am) I'd suggest Chaos;Head... it's probably a lot more uplifting than a lot of VNs out there. (Also Chapter 10 is very, very GAR. Badass virgin is badass.)

    And may I request you stop using green in the thread? That's kind of her thing, after all.

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