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  1. Tyabann
    2009-09-22 23:28
    Chaos;Head was better.

    There are so many good ideas at work in Cross+Channel, so many subversive literary concepts, and Taichi is one of the most well-thought-out eroge protagonists ever, but...

    The game is, for lack of a better word, unpolished. For example, the Kiri mini-route was pretty much Week 3 with a better ending, and could really have been done without repeating the same goddamn events. There are other examples of this same thing, too. I realize one of the game's themes is repetition, but...

    I really would have loved to see a scene in the epilogue with all seven of them together again, like Taichi wanted, as well.

    Also the soundtrack sucked. Emotional moments rarely FELT emotional because of the generic-est music ever playing in the background.

    Some background stuff was never fully explored or explained... I realize it's covered in Tower of Friends, but that doesn't excuse the game itself for not including it.

    Also the Contractual Sex Scenes Because It's An Eroge bugged me a lot, but they usually do that. Another point for anti-eroge Chaos;Head.

    Finally, Taichi needed a voice actor. Desperately.

    The game was awesome, but I've honestly played better, like I said in the thread. Like Chaos;Head.

    ...Are you getting the feeling you should be playing Chaos;Head yet?

    Seriously though, thanks for the recommendation. I really did enjoy it.
  2. Tyabann
    2009-09-21 22:52
    Maaa, I don't get this game.

    An actual villain would be nice, and I just can't decide whether I like the characters or not.

    That reveal was PERFECT though.

    ...Why do I think this game needs more blood and death? I guess I've been spoiled by Umineko.
  3. Tyabann
    2009-09-21 21:59






    Okay, yeah, best plot twist ever. I'm so fucking interested again. I'm sorry I doubted you.
  4. Tyabann
    2009-09-21 13:06
    I guess I'm largely bored because time loops are devices I've seen before, even in visual novels, and especially over this summer.

    I'm sure this was wonderfully original in 2003, but...

    Thanks for trying. I'm gonna keep playing, but I really can't see myself rating this high right now, or ever, if the first half drags on this long.

    But excellent endings and latter halves tend to change one's impression of things. I remember Toradora sucked up until like episode 8...

    Thanks for trying, man. I appreciate it.
  5. Tyabann
    2009-09-21 06:57
    Yeah, I'm bored. Partways through Miki's route and don't want to keep playing. Convince me that the game is worth finishing and that it's deserving of your 10/10, please...
  6. Tyabann
    2009-09-21 05:14

    Finished Week 3. I am now finding it difficult to hate Taichi. He's still a bastard for what he did to Kiri, but... I now don't even know what to make of him anymore.

    ...I'm still extremely disappointed with the narrative so far. I expected more FFFFFFFF moments given what I've been told about the game, but...
  7. Tyabann
    2009-09-21 04:38

    Well, I respect Kiri more now... at the cost of being able to enjoy the game further.

    I did not expect her assessment of Taichi to be perfectly correct. Hell, this makes it impossible to enjoy the previous two weeks now that I know that he actually is a horrible sociopath and sexual predator. Throws all his motivations into a new light.

    In retrospect, I should have seen this coming. Still, if the game were to end right now, it would get a 1/10 from me by AS's rating system. I'll probably keep playing just because I hear he gets better, but my enjoyment has pretty much been sucked dry.

    Also I still highly dislike Youko because I rarely find the silent/robotic girl archetype to be cute and because she's a jealous, selfish bitch.

    ...So yeah, the only characters I like are Touko, Miki, Nanaka, and Sakuraba, and those really aren't worth suffering through more of Taichi's sociopathy.

    Plus the game has continued to be generally uninteresting in terms of plot twists post-Week 1's reveal. I'm extremely disappointed.
  8. Tyabann
    2009-09-21 03:31
    I officially hate Cross+Channel right now.

    Fucking CHRIST. I'm this close to throwing the game in the trash bin.

    I don't think I've ever hated a protagonist this much.
  9. Tyabann
    2009-09-19 14:20
    I'd don't like Kiri. She
    Spoiler for blargh:

  10. Tyabann
    2009-09-19 07:24
    I just finished Touko's week. It was entirely too short. I desire more Touko.

    ...I must say, despite how incredibly adorable I think she is, the term "Cum Dumpster" is very appropriate for her.

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