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  1. Westlo
    2011-07-06 10:19
    Oh god BleachOD is salty as fuck/butthurt.
  2. Shiroth
    2011-06-16 14:21
    Thank you. :3
  3. Shiroth
    2011-06-15 11:22
    Source of your awesome avatar please.
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-05-27 12:52
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Takky is not a whore, raile-poo! He just... Have pheromones that attracts those opposing side rather... Effectively, making him an unintentional foe-yay harem master <3 (C'mon, Takky is subtle in his poking attempt, unless he drunk some booze or something |D Mommy!Nat must make sure he is not too drunk though...)

    *Runs from raile-dearie in phear that her Oedipus Complex getting... Worse D:*

    (But, but...! I have a track record of 99% knowing any poster is a woman or a man, even though they typed... Fangirlishly D8 And now I know why you can rave about AruShery doujins, knowing vivi is the resident AxS doujin shopper... >____>)
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-05-26 06:05
    Natsuki Hyuga
    You--- You mean you have Oedipus Complex like Takky?! O_o;;

    /Nat tries to distance herself from raile nau. D8

    (WHAAAA---?! As a self-appointed team mom, I feel ashamed that I just thought you two were only RL BFF 'coz I thought vivi was a woman orz when you wore that Sheryl avatar D: I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE SUSPICIOUS OF WHY YOU TWO HAVE SUCH MATCHING sexy AVVY!!1!1)
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-05-24 07:21
    Natsuki Hyuga
    /slaps raile dearie/ From yuri-loving now you switched to declare me as a pseudo Team Mom?

    (And waaaaaaait a minute, what's this with vivi and raile as his now-gf?! Am I interpreting it rightly?! )
  7. darkplataform
    2011-05-14 16:42
    But I have nothing new to share... I mean, everything i had found it's already posted here.

    There are several book/mags in my hands but I would need and scanner (and a second copy preferably) to share it.

    Once my copy of the Second Movie Book arrive, I can post some photos if you want to?
  8. darkplataform
    2011-05-12 21:49
    sure, how can i help you?
  9. magnuskn
    2011-05-12 07:47
    Done. I'll read the stuff after Sunday, when I got a bit more time.
  10. magnuskn
    2011-05-11 10:48
    No problem, I'll send it to you via PM.

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