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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-04-16 06:26
    Natsuki Hyuga
    /Nat smacks raile's head for both stalking Nat (Yes, I know you love me that, i.e: yuri-ish, way, sadly my stalker-Dark Lord-sama, I love you in the most platonic way! ;o; ) and not knowing the difference between metaphoric and literal!

    Unless you count the amount of hair that was wringed in the process of cross-checking the argument in the group and all. And to add my fujoshi side, I have been having a field trip with moe closet tsundere fan-slash-representation that I have this grin while stressing out my assignment '3'~
  2. BetoJR
    2011-04-15 13:40
    Oh, I'm quite certain she feels exactly that way. She doesn't even bother to hide her laughing, sometimes. And her grandparents spoil her to the extent of promising presents so that she stays with them, most of the time.

    Her latest "want" is a big-ass Barbie Airplane and a Polly Yacht - I'd never spend that kind of money on a toy (well, that's not entirely true, only on birthdays) and I think they're gonna give her at least one of those over Easter, next week. You see my problem, here?

    Oh, and my son is coming this monday. Wish us luck!
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-04-15 12:50
    Natsuki Hyuga
    See, dear, he is all there to be diplomatic, genteel guy who knows when to encourage people. By far, that is one nature of a seme--knowing how to put people into their docile mode and open themselves (NO INNUENDO INTENDED) to him~ That puts him as a big-hearted seme emotionally! Though his no desire to control people (like cheesie and Swampy) puts him on disadvantage as a good seme Anyways, to put it in words, he is more manly than... Erm, you or Takky or Maggy. Seme stamp for Nat!

    Meanwhile, your Dark Lord persona is so cute with the pseudo dominatrix!

    Even cute bunny can melt those man eaters soul with just a single "I AM AN ANGEL" eyes, and offer themselves to that cute li'l bunneh! And bunny is not synonomous with uke, like what the show this season shows
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-04-15 12:40
    Natsuki Hyuga

    That is what makes you so-uke, my Lord of Darkness! /poms poms on the tsundere on heavy tsun with blush side for raile dearie!
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-04-15 12:17
    Natsuki Hyuga
    But the underlying fear destroy the cuteness for me~~ D: Bah, you're as fail as you're in not knowing how much a tr0ll (Swampy)xdelusional fangirl with high sugar sparks can fly like fireworks when they face off.

    Ho hum, my reading says: "raile dearie is more of a ronery Dark raileon, thus she seeks some huggles~ The subconscious longing for the hug is such what makes her more uke than the more independent, diplomatic seme like Dexxy!"~

    /blame the shipping goggles of fujoshi!
  6. BetoJR
    2011-04-15 12:02
    Not just daddy. Her grandparents are to blame, too - even more so than me.
  7. BetoJR
    2011-04-15 11:14
    It seems he's not happy around fans at all. And he's one of the biggest fanboys I've ever met, mind.

    And, yeah, it's a tough month. My daughter is all into Barbie and Polly Pocket dolls. I swear, there are more of these dolls in her rooms (the one in our house and the one in her grandparent's house) than I ever had toys, whatsoever. It's kinda crazy, really. Shelves upon shelves of Barbies, chests and sacks of Pollys and accessories and clothes and whatever... it's tough being a parent, these days. And every little thing she sees on TV, she goes "Daddy, can you give me that on my 6th birthday?" or "Daddy, can you give me that on my 7th birthday?" and so on. She's probably got present lined up until she dies of old age, by now...
  8. magnuskn
    2011-04-15 10:51
    I'm a bit busy to go picking a fight, although it seems he already did that for me. We'll see if the little spat from today was enough to have him sulk for a few weeks more.
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-04-15 10:49
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Oh raile, you're failing in this sense! Takky would lap serve cheesie's ruthless orders, but underlying that it is fueled with fear and cajoles of dread of cheesie's... Unique torture :x Swampy, otoh, is standing up and act as if he is under the order of cheesie like a good wife (as cheesie would think) he is, but inside he is Light Yagami of Death Note. Everything goes according to his plans, and his tr0ll ability exceeds human sense

    Tak is so uke emitting pheromones to shippers though, that I would agree! 8D

    (In Nat's seme-Uke meter in order of Seme-to-Uke, putting out less active forum members: Swampy, cheesie, (stray-nii), Yottchin, Dexxy, raile, Westy, Nat, maggy (aka, bitchy uke <3), Takky. Takky is in the end of spectrum as you can see!)

    Pukuku, you will accept how fujoshis think that knife stabbing and screaming obscenities is equal to being yandere, one day I swear
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-04-15 10:26
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Oh C'mon, it's the sign of their LOVE (I wish there is some script that allows glitters and rainbows )! Foe Yay comes in a lot of presentation, and this type is "The more I hate you, the more intense my feelings for you. The more I put you in bullshits wanking, the more I try to hide my awesome feelings for you. The more I cross with you, the more spark between us created. And BDSM fans following us."

    And the only one person that can stood up to and without cheesu's knowledge, control her, is the only one that can even pass to become her pair! And you know which one is my Cheesie ship. <3

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