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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 04:34
    Natsuki Hyuga
    HAH. She ran away from the triangle shipwarring ORZ Pretty clever, if I have to say xD (Besides Yuffie is the only one who gets to kiss Cloud LOL) Ooh! And she is a Persona Series fangirl too~ <3 Gotta love her for that! 8D

    Sunrise is idiot, just like how KOEI is not giving the fan some hawt fanservices for #-some fans >_> I dunno why Lacus has a lot of fanboys though Cagalli has a lot of fangirls It's quite funny how Lacus is labelled as "perfect plot-hole beech" by some fangirls and Cagalli is labelled "self-centered jerk" by fanboys But still, I will always laugh at KiraxLacus and KiraxFllay fanwanking although I support KiraxLacus XD

    GS is not respected by AS fans because the fught in GS will always have a lot of Jesus Yamato actions, that's why And while the storyline is pretty interesting, there are quite a lot of plothole here and there too

    IT IS CALLED TORUUUUUUUE LABU Quote by Morosawa >_> If anyone can give me just even a bit of evidence how they hooked up, I would say that person is delusional. PERIOD.

    Nearly went to become Rey fangirl (BECAUSE HE IS A CUTIE ) But was disappointed with how he emo-ed and become a task-dog for Dullindal in the end of Disaster :/ So, yes to his first counterpart, no to the latter episodes of Disaster XD
  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 03:52
    Natsuki Hyuga
    *Sends some e-mail to Kuori Chimaki-sama to make an AruShey The Edge manga* KNOWING HER WEBSITE IS A PURE BLISS! And oh my, Kuori Chimaki has already made my day with all her pairings... Save for CloudxYuffie :x (SHE IS A FAN OF CxY???? BLASPHEMY?!)

    ... But then again, she is a fan of the eternal triangle... >_> Faith for humanity : -1

    Oh lol, Macross II is quite terrible in their love department XD I don't even remember anything from Macross II 'cept the song battle xD

    Sadly, as I want to say that Asucaga *coughandAsuKiracough* is pretty much the pairing that fans wants, it's KiraxLacus that takes the cake According to a lot of sources, while the fan favourite are definitely AsuCaga, KiraLacus fans, which consist a lot of fanboys, win hands down. (Not that I mind, I like KiraLacus as much as AsuCaga and AsuKira Prolly the rare example of a ship that I don't bitch much as for having way too innocent relationship since it fits their personality. Fllay is just a passing biatch for me xD)

    That statement is probably the one that makes me loss for Morosawa's credibility ._. I was quite sure that ShinnxLuna is probably the most underdeveloped relationship in GSD, even ShinnxStellar has development (even if it is I fell on your boobs, OMG I'm in LOVE one) that makes me kind of support this pairing and was hoping Shinn would be a hermit... But Morosawa (and her hubby too! :E) screw it to the end >.>

    ShinnxLuna? Case of grief-comfort pairing. A bad one at that. End of the story.

    We must do that... FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE WISHES TO SEE HOT P# ACTION IN NEOROMA GAMES WHICH ARE FULL OF HOT BISHIES (Although I'm quite sure that Haruka 3: Izayoiki has given a real pervy end with Tomomori )
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 03:18
    Natsuki Hyuga
    /facepalm x3

    Morosawa, you need to die. Srsly. Or at least just hands off from the script-writing ._. Good thing someone-whoever-they-are created GSD+ though, the reworked scenes tell us that the breakups are really not right The Edge manga is practically supporting the pairing too

    LOL Good suggestion. I know that I said something about "Don't watch Disaster" rather than destiny Such fitting name for GSD is that Disaster... ;D

    xD I BELIEVE LULU HAS A SO BAD SISCON THAT HE ACTUALLY LOVE HIS SISTER MUCH MORE THAN HIS HAREMNETTES~ (Or... Or he likes Suzaku ) I just knew that too, even though I was having a slight doubt he is gonna end up with C.C. <- Gets shot down in last 5 eps of CGR2 lol

    Hubby = BAD LAZY HUBBY :E WAT THE HECK NATSUME, THE GIRL IS PREGNANT BUT YOU STILL FORCE HER TO WORK LOLZ ORZ The downside of BtN for girls is that when you have heard the marriage bell, every of your hardwork farming gets flushed down to the toilet ._. I still can't believe, though, that Cliff is the canon lover storyline wise O_O *me loves Gray's ending too though. So tsundere XD*

    Rather than praying, how about THREATENING THEM??? 8DDDD Like, like, you know, spam their official web support e-mail with harem/P# H so that they will re-consider to insert moar HOT *** scenes in their future games??? 8DD
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 02:47
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Oh yes, I remember some forums were clearly gone crazy when AsuCaga vs. AsuMey happened. While I have taken a liking into Asucaga I'm still a yaoi fan at heart, but still got bashed by a lot of AsuMey fans too since they never saw my tiny notes that I favor AsuKira as the canon pairing of GS XD XD

    Oh? I haven't seen AsuMey total rabid fan bashing (But the reverse is quite a lot. I don't blame them for being angry since Fatkuda is too wishy-washy in the series >.>) But if it were utter nonsensical rambling, I do have seen a lot of them xD *kinda like next-door fanclub XD* Makes my day when I just pinpoint the weakness/hole in their ramblings lol

    Speaking ship-wanking though... CG surely has a lot of them too, especially near the end :x And lol, when I see someone tell me Kalulu is canon, I always laugh, because the pairings concerning Lulu are already dead XD Of course, I also believe that what R2 has established is actually Kallen>Lulu proofs, with a more strange alluring bond of LuluxC.C. 100% not Kalulu though, since I believe that he cares about her a lot, just not romantically :3

    ... Though being a BDSM/whipping yaoi fan I support KanonxSchniezel lol And of course, the misunderstood Suzaku will need to be with Lulu <3

    Because they don't want to thread water in harem ending >.> Society view = FAIL XD Just like how I want to have 2 husbands in every single Harvest Moon (For Girl) Games Xd Why, oh WHY can't I get both Cliff and Gray from Back to Nature or More Friends of Mineral Town!!! >.>
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 02:13
    Natsuki Hyuga
    XD True to that! Let's just laugh at how they kill and revive and kill again the dead horse~ XD An unending time loop!

    Then go back into your Asucaga fangirling with me (in GS of course... D is for DISASTER ) I miss how Sunrise gave a lot Asucaga in GS1 (And oh, KiraxLacus and shameless fangirl love of KiraxAthrun XD) :/ After Disaster, I enjoy how Asucaga and AsuMey is bashing each other... Even after confirmation of GSD+ is revealed XD

    We, yaoi fans, prefer to be more... Flexible unless she is a runaway of het romance shipping Aside of that... I am natural shipper of *insert number here*-some XD XD XD NEOROMA I WANT YOU TO GIVE A P9 WITH HARUTOKI AND AT LEAST A P3 WITH LA CORDA~ XD

    But yes, if you see yaoi shipping, none of us bash other pairings opposing our yaoi pairing because well... THEY ARE NOT CANON!!! D: If the yaoi is canon, though... Most of us have good relationship with the pairing next door, because, hell, WHO DOESN'T WANT TO HAVE A 3-WAY HOT MxM SMEX??? XD
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 01:08
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Amen to that... Amen to that! XD

    Hah. Clannad shipwar is way too low compared to the others Die For Our Ship. Sure, some people bash the opposing characters, but rarely the insults went straight to the fans rather than the characters

    If I have to rate for the bloodiest ship-war I have seen in the net... FF7 >>> Shuffle > TT > KGNE> MacF > Clannad TT is really full of rabid Noe fans that was grasping to little details lol (Is a Noe fan, but have a great fun in seeing some rabid shipping in TT section XD)

    Cloti is sooo fail that they need confirmation from Nomura even after AC is made *Is a Clorith lover... But loves Tifa anyway since she is so badass * But yes, they are still at war even though the scale has been reducng greatly... NOT
  7. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 00:49
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Wolfram = Jealous Tsundere waifu XD

    Recent volume (Vol 6) makes me an unhappy AmuxIkuto fangirl though, given the focus to Tadase *sad panda*

    Arara, AS shipwar in Clannad is not really that bad Believe me, it's not as bloody as Macross F and Shuffle... Although if it has to be my favourite bloodiest shipwar ever... FF7 comes to my mind XD Yaoi doesn't have any shipwar, so the community in yaois are pretty peaceful :3
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-31 00:05
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Don't be scared of yaoi-it won't bite unless someone fangirl about them in full mode XD (Actually, I went into yaoi because I hate the underdeveloped lolzy romance animes/mangas on those days >.>)

    Bu-But... The catboyz are WAY prettier than Ikuto... One is more of a dork (D'awwwwww... So lovable and devoted!), one is a messed up catboy who need a HUGGGGGG~~ and the last is a lovable cat that can support both of them in time of the need, which make him a great non-stereotype uke!! :3

    Speaking about Ikuto, I just wish Peach-PIT just give us some more molestation. I mean, we are prolly 99% sure that AmuxIkuto is CANON unless there is some kind of plot hax in which "True" love with Tadase does exist (I wouldn't mind Soma-sempai though... )

    OH LOL LOL LOL if it were me, I will just glomp Len, Hihara-sempai, Kaji and Etou in the dinner <3 *Me wants to have P5 with them* Yunoki can be my ebil cooperator to make them submit at me... <3

    I would agree that Clannad story is amazingly weepy in the terms of Storline, especially the After Stories. Even though you don't like the pairing, the drama in Clannad is really taking to a whole new level of sadness :3 If Tomoyo After ever got animated, I will pay bucks for the bitter ending they have to give in there :x

    Oh and Yurii and Wolfram is made of fail. ConYuu FTW 8DDD <- Yesh, devoted bond = LOVE
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-30 23:25
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Or... OR WE CAN ALWAYS ADD ETOU-CHAN TO THE MIX 8DDD I want to see a 4P (HOLY-- From 3 to 4 *Smacks complaining brain part*) Then, Then... Kira, the board director have to wonder what happens to all the boys he sent to call Kahoko for a matter he has to discuss with her *Hints:Hormones and testerones = EBIL XD*

    Pure love is not boring~ :/ I have a lot of "Pure love" based pairing-much more when they have a bittersweet/cheezy ends :3 Well, at least I WANT THEM TO KISS IN JUST ONE SCENE PLZ!! :E


    (At least it wasn't like how I want all the hachiyos to submit themselves into Nozomi's domination XD XD XD I was quite sure Liz-sensei could be an UKE for Gods' sake XD)

    Oh, and I'm a really--REALLY Bad yaoi fangirl who is high in pronz because of cute catboys snuggles with each other game I'm playing rite now 8DDD Be very, VERY afraid once I fangirled about how I want a 3P catboys smex than anything else! 8DDD MAKE FANFICS OF 4P ETOUxKAHOxLENxKAJI SANDWICH, I CHANGE MY REQUEST!!! 8D
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-01-30 20:06
    Natsuki Hyuga
    *Bows down to raile* DON'T FORGET TO ADD THE HAWTNESS OF TSUNDELEN AND EBIL MILITARY!KAJI TOO XD XD XD *Nukes Kawa-ass to include a seme Sheryl attacking Alto at least prior to ep 22* 3P is good, but I was often shot because of my obsession XD

    You see? YOU SEE?! D: Out of all Otome Games I have played, only Sugar-whatever company gave me good H scene. DON'T ASK HOW I THINK ABOUT ANOTHER GAME WHERE THERE IS INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP GOING ON! DX H with (Okay... Hot but not attractive?) brothers? I know that 3 P is good and all but... *shudders at the thought*

    *Is willing to pay bucks that Etou would be so TSUN like Alto do... Maybe even much more XD* Kaji needs his fanboyism to take a whole new level and Len needs to see a therapist to see whether he can be cured of his obsession for music~ XD Sleepy kouhai can just sleep-anyone can raep him while I will try to dominate Hihara-senpai~ Yunoki is already very healthy, just need some off-screen time to be shown *Thinks of ebil, possesive Yunoki* 8D Tsuchi is too possesive! /me don't haet possesive men, but damnit, lemme have 3P with you and Len lol (But bloodbath is sure to happen XD) :x

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