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  1. Shiek927
    2009-09-28 10:52


    ........Who's Adam Monroe?
  2. shelter
    2009-09-28 09:59
    Wow that's good. I see you're making the transition to Bleach fanfiction too

    You've really thought things out there - the Halibel & Hinamori similarity, and the bias towards opponents of Ichigo. All this will definitely make a good plot... Do let me know when you've finished your one-shot. I'd love to read it.

    I just noticed that for some reason the Bleach forum on Animesuki doesn't have a fanfiction thread.

    Btw, can you beta Claymore & Bleach fics for me? My beta is down & out for a few months
  3. Tsuyoshi
    2009-09-28 01:22
    Oh well, it comes close. When I saw that, it was the first thing I thought of.

    Aizen's always been a douchebag imho. He's always acting like everything's worth nothing to him. I honestly can't wait for Shirosaki to take over Ichigo and show Aizen who's the real man. Aizen's to Bishounen.
  4. Shiek927
    2009-09-27 18:59
    So you picked Palpatine?

    And you said you didn't like Star Wars
  5. Shiek927
    2009-09-27 17:47
    HAH, I remember that , It was all your fault!

    Your avatar scares me 0_0
  6. Shiek927
    2009-09-27 17:29
    Roflmao, tell me about it, I wouldn't want Hedge to suddenly screw up the relative peace we've had for awhile
  7. Tsuyoshi
    2009-09-27 17:23
    HAHAHAHAHA You changed your ava to Emperor Palpatine!
  8. Shiek927
    2009-09-26 19:35
    Roflmao, what? are you surprised?

    I honestly might stick with it, just because I don't feel like looking for another

    Oh my god that is so funny , but do you know what that baby needs? A little moustache


    Wish I could give you more rep , animesuki won't let me though
  9. shelter
    2009-09-26 10:26
    Actually I believe that both Harribel & Starrk's characters will probably be expanded in the next few episodes. Unlike Barragan, we didn't actually see both Harribel & Starrk disintegrate... Because I doubt Aizen is as powerful as he is without his Espada.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't make a lot of sense also for the Shinigami to heal them. If you asked me, Harribel + Starrk + Uliquoirra + Grimmjow are great enemy characters. Seeing them fight for the Shinigami is, now, bad writing.

    I have a feeling there'll be another weird twist soon. Like maybe the Vizards (?) join Aizen or something. Or someone else defects.

    Now that you mention Yamamoto, I wonder what the hell he's doing while all the fighting's going on.
  10. shelter
    2009-09-25 21:00
    Your favourite Espada got stabbed in the back

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