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  1. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-09-15 00:20
    Gangsta Spanksta
    uhm... ain't that scat. And I haven't been on the internet *That* long. :P Only since 1994 aboutish. Heck there are people who've been on the net way back when it was called Arpanet
  2. Ryus
    2009-09-14 20:43
    Sorry, going nutz on my end... I've been trying to load all the Claymore manga pages on my itouch (so I can read it anywhere I want to ) but they keep loading out of order... and they were renamed (out of order ). Thankfully I have a program that renames things quickly but I have to reorder them first. Thankfully though I've figured out what I did wrong when I first loaded them, so when I reload them on to my itouch they display in order and I won't have to repeat this. Renaming and reordering 3,000 plus files isn't fun... Thankfully Claymore was my test run before I loaded Berserk
  3. Ryus
    2009-09-14 20:37
    Yes! I have! Sick Bastard... I fell for it on narutoforums
  4. Shiek927
    2009-09-14 20:28
    What I love the most is how you're so innocent about it; like the video is about some kids playing in a sandbox or something XD
  5. Shiek927
    2009-09-14 20:27

    Please, give me your best excuse why I should watch it. Please, I can't wait to see what you come up with.
  6. Shiek927
    2009-09-14 20:25

    What do you mean "Aw C'mon"?

    Jesus CHRIST

    Every once and awhile you try to trick me like this XDXDXD
  7. Shiek927
    2009-09-14 20:23
    Shiek927 know, this may be the only time I'm grateful for Urban Dictionary. Thank god I went there first.
  8. Shiek927
    2009-09-14 20:22
  9. Shiek927
    2009-09-14 20:09
    Nope, never heard of it.
  10. Blue Pentacle
    2009-09-14 19:20
    Blue Pentacle
    Hi Again,

    Thank you for the warm reception. I'm glad you liked the idea and it definetly has potential for further development. If so, I had imagined them discussing the nature of the world, life and the virtues of awakening; considering Rigardo would probably be intrigued, and appreciative of Miria's awakened form (assuming the feline/Cheetah philosophy).

    I considered her becoming intimate in both human and awakened form; shifting through her thoughts as she contemplates all she has left behind and all she has gained. The ending would leave some ambiguity, as she would arise wondering if she had crossed the last line in herself.......such as feeling disorientated, hungry and just a little aroused. The idea would conclude with her wondering if what she experienced was real, a dream or that Helen should never again be sent to search for food; especially strange fungus......

    By the way, as a fellow fan of the phantom, I was wondering if you might have ever wondered how Miria's personality might change upon awakening? I have pondered the question for a few of the ghosts, but Miria remains as the most intriguing, even as the other ghosts get the spotlight recently.

    Thank You,

    Blue Pentacle.

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