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  1. Shiek927
    2009-10-08 15:36
    See, it's exactly that line of thinking that made him deserve to die

    She can't buy condoms dummy, you think store clerks let little kids buy condoms? Even Mclovin can't get away with it

    You know what the fanfiction community is sorely lacking? Well, stories on just about every character except Teresa, but one on Luciella. When was the last time you read something about her? As far as I remember, never.
  2. Tsuyoshi
    2009-10-08 11:15
    Well, this is vague, It's very hard to prove that Miria is stronger since she has yet to release her Yoki. However, Helen and Deneve agreed that Miria is stronger than Clare.
    Clare, with her Yoki released, was able to cut down Raphaela who was much stronger than Galatea.

    So, Clare is stronger than Galatea. Even if Miria is not much stronger or is equal to Clare, she is still stronger than Galatea.

    Still, this is speculation. Until we see Miria figthing for real or releasing her Yoki, we can't reach a conclusion.
    Remember that what Clare fought was an image of Raffaella, a figment of Clare's own memory and interpretation of her and her power. That is why Jean was present when she faced Raffaella's consciousness, which was also growing steadily weaker as Raciella grew stronger and began to take over her. My point is, what Clare fought wasn't Raffaella herself, but merely a memory of her that resurfaced due to Raffaella's own presence. Clare cutting her down was a representation of her freeing herself from Raciella's hold of her. There's nothing there that would imply Clare really is stronger than Raffaella.

    I did not say that Miria made Clare's plan. I also did not say that Galatea sucks at making plans.
    However, Cyclone said that Miria only managed to save 2/3 of her army and I was showying how Galatea's plans also did not get the results that she expected.

    Also, I'm fairly certain that Miria would have saved more Claymores if Rigardo hadn't appeared out of nowhere.
    True. True.
  3. HegemonKhan
    2009-10-08 06:59
    this is all there is to go on, but it does state isley is more powerful than riful

    *i'm not sure if riful ever revealed her full power level to helen and deneve, so maybe riful is actually more powerful than Helen and Deneve realize.

    *though riful always speaks highly of isley, that he is always better than her or one step ahead of her. she always speaks about isley as if he's superior to her. this slightly suggests he's more powerful than her.

    chapter 86, page 14

    "Speaking of which, this town radiates yoki that is insanely strong. similar to that of riful from before. No, even stronger than that!"
  4. Ryus
    2009-10-07 21:25
    Isley kills Riful.

    I've finally gotten around to reading all the different translations of Claymore, rather then just the VIZ version (so... volumes 1-14). In many of them Isley is a far bigger badass than the VIZ version. Most of the time reading the non Viz version really cleared somethings up for me and/or gave me another take on a situation, however at other times some of these translations can make no goddamn sense... you can kinda figure out what there saying but the wording is horrible, and sometimes there are clear flaws in the translations. Oh well, can't win them all.
  5. Blue Pentacle
    2009-10-07 20:24
    Blue Pentacle
    Hi MisterJB,

    Please excuse the lateness of my reply; things have been a bit busy for me this week with college.

    Thank you sincerely for your perspective. Also, I appreciate the flaws in the narrative; the editing system in FF.Net was problematic at the time and I did miss a few mistakes in the text technically. Additionally, I too do like much descriptive text and am glad that you did in this respect.

    Thank you also for your warm reception of the plot idea. I have long considered Miria a prime candidate for this particular question of split personality. In this context, I envisioned a difficult and complex relationship between her and her inner awakened being; the darker, stronger aspects of her nature and consciousness which had fractured from her psyche over time, becoming her alter-ego in Airim.

    In truth, I had considered developing the prelude more though was fearful of exasperating the reader by drawing things out too long. But, I have considered returning to the concept too and your suggestions are interesting.

    Also, I would be fine with your curiosities. I imagined Miria's condition as particularly severe and powerful principally because of the deeply traumatic, horrible and unforgettable events of her half-awakening. In those moments where she could have gone either way, I concieved that her other side was reaching a peak before suddenly being denied. This event would have lingering consequences as she would have sought to suppress and contain her changing nature, eventually leading to that part of herself becoming freer within her mind.

    In regards to the Quick Sword, it is more a question of conjecture. Though it isn't confirmed, I was wondering if Clare would have ever spoke, even cryptically, about the first owner of her new arm; and the potent technique she aquired through it. Additionally, the link between the four (Miria, Clare, Irene and Ophelia) was an interesting topic to raise as her inner self taunts her over Ophelia's ironic death.

    Also, thank you for your interest in "Airim" as a character. I have long imagined that this would be the side of Miria that would have gone well with Rigardo, perhaps even reflected the fascination the silver eyed awakened had for Miria back at him. In turn, perhaps on a subconscious level, I believe that Rigardo might have sensed Miria's awakened potential, along with other factors too when they fought; as seen in his attraction to her in battle at Pieta. I also thank you for the compliment about Miria's potential title.

    If she had awakened, coercing the others possibly, I have no doubt that would be her title; while, during the ghosts absence, it effectively was as she was the strongest warrior with quasi-awakened potential there.

    Please feel free to speak if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share.

    Thanks Again,

    Blue Pentacle.
  6. camilla
    2009-10-07 20:09
    Last night I dreamt about the return of Isley and I think it might fit. He showed up in Ticheri, killed the catgirls, fed and took Priscilla away... but had no time to bring Raki with them 'cause he was still regenerating. I'll be posting it tomorrow in the chapter 96 thread. XD
  7. Shiek927
    2009-10-07 18:20
    Oh JB....

    The Luciella one you just posted.

    Roflmao, charge him? charge him what?
  8. Tsuyoshi
    2009-10-07 16:08
    While I don't have any preference over either character, I'd have to say that I actually agree about Isley. Imo, he is stronger than Riful
  9. Shiek927
    2009-10-07 16:07
    Roflmao . I honestly thought he said Waffle

    I don't know about "better", but he's definitely stronger a little......not that strong though

    Where did you get those images on the image thread?
  10. Shiek927
    2009-10-07 14:11
    ROFLMAO, funny but........what the heck is "Mai Waifu"?

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