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  1. RadiantBeam
    2011-04-23 21:30
    Oh, you haven't eaten yet? =O
  2. RadiantBeam
    2011-04-23 21:25
    It's been fun. I went home this morning, and we went out for dinner as a family.
  3. felix
    2011-04-23 05:37
    So you feeling okey now?
  4. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-23 01:19
    Wow I've never experienced that problem. Sounds scary O.O Should I be worried?
    Maybe I should upgrade my computer... ehh probably not actually, Im not that good with technology
    I've never been on one so I wouldn't know I don't like being in cars either
    Guess I'm not the road trip type :P

    Perfect is a lie. Anybody who is perfect in this world should be destroyed for being a monster, not really lmfao Keep going, I wanna see what happens at the end of the story!!
    Yeah it bleeds every once and a while if I re-open the wound. By accident of course
    I guess it worked out for me and my mom but I still haven't made nice with my daddy yet. And I dont plan on it, ever, regardless of what my mommy tells me.

    I wanna see pretty planets and stars sparkling in the night sky It sounds so wonderful
    Screw all this other science bullshit, its boring as hell anyway!!
    Maybe I should just stop talking then................

    I look forward to hearing you guys speak, it sounds like fun~
  5. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-22 23:18
    Whats wrong with Vista? D: Mines a Vista and I love it!! Is $1200 a lot for a computer? Mine was like $700 and I thought it was a lot, but Im not entirely sure.
    Were goin on a rockin' roadtrip??? Since when??

    And then what? I want to know what happen next!!
    It only hurts if I try to open it widely, but yeah it hurts a lot >.< It has been very very nice recently I met my mother yesterday with Kuroneko and we had a heart to heart talk and she gave me $3000 to compensate for the "hard life that you had to go through". It was so touching, there was lots of crying and hugs

    Is it really the least featured in school? Why is that? Its so cool and pretty!!
    75%!?!?!?!??! I thought'd it'd be less >.>

    Pleading insanity is actually a common thing here in the USA, if people know they are screwed, they are going to try to diminish their sentence.
    Yeah I dont want to have anything to do with voting, its to much of a hassle and its dumb to get involved with politics.

    I should have the account up by tomorrow
  6. RadiantBeam
    2011-04-22 22:59
    Thank you very much. And I know it's kind of random, but may I just say your avvie is adorable?
  7. Kev-kun
    2011-04-21 04:32
    Hi Thomas, haha no problems, no problems... Don't worry about it, it happens to everyone and I mean everyone

    Haha yep sure, ok got it... I kinda have studying to do, so I may reply late 'kay?
  8. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-19 19:47
    It just randomly froze and stopped working? Thats weird as hell. at least it didn't randomly light on fire How much did the new one cost?
    Yeah well I guess, my hand is now 85% healed and I just had Kuroneko's apartment key made earlier today so now she can just come in whenever. Money is getting a little tight again but I have been spending it a little much recently, that doesn't really worry me though cause I have like $6,000 saved up.

    I really cant see it from what I'm told. Dunno sometime I wonder what if Christianity is correct, does that mean will I go to hell?
    I can actually move my fingers fine now but I cant open my hand all the way yet. lmao shes been extremely affectionate recently

    I don't know of any planetariums around here but I've always wanted to go to one!! I should look around to see if there are any around here.
    Do we really have a lot? Like whats the percentage?

    Oh yeah I forgot that happens if you plead insanity, thats dumb :P
    Politics are pointless!! People should just be like "hey lets all get along", it be so much simpler if it was that way.

    I've actually been putting it off recently I will have the account up by the end of the week.
  9. Kev-kun
    2011-04-15 23:15
    Hiya Thomas... Um dropping by to say hi?
  10. LonelyGirl
    2011-04-15 03:48
    We would trade chickens!!! Like they did in the "old country"
    Im just sayin, who says little children dont like sex? lmfao
    Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I've been doing some thinking recently about the future lol

    Oh I see, why is it that some people describe "heaven" as a slave encampment? I remember reading it on the forums at one point.
    Even though its still sprained it doesn't hurt anymore to write/type and my forhead is completely healed She is such a good person and an even better "friend" if you know what I mean lmfao

    Not to change the subject but I wish we could see huge planets and tons of stars at night, I was walking around at like 1am yesterday and I couldn't see any stars Wouldnt that be cool though?
    I think Kevin and I actually had this conversation before, hmm.....

    Overruled!! Sit back down!
    Yes, yes you may

    Kinda annoying I think lol As long as I dont have to do it a lot I dont mind it though.
    Yeah, they are actually pretty useless in general

    We are actually having "Skype Error Messages" when trying to log in so we are just going to make another account instead, I dont wanna deal with this crap lol

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