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  1. Echoes
    2012-12-15 15:10
    That's the best way to get into games, I feel. The physical media (or at least paying for it, making an investment) makes you appreciate it more. When you get everything for free, it devalues it. (Obvious statement is obvious, but you know what I mean.) When I download a game, it's easier to just play it for a couple of hours and then put it away, sometimes permanently. After all, there's probably 200 more games available from the very site I downloaded it from. That has a lot of implications for anime and its value to the modern fan/viewer, but I think I'll spare you that rant.

    A lot of nice stuff there. It's hard to justify those expensive purchases. I always start thinking about how many other, similar things I could buy instead. Which again, is sort of good, that makes it all the more special when you decide to put down the cash for that one release you really want the deluxe package for.

    Hey, Fox News is the most watched news network in the United States. That's gotta count for something. Right? ....... right?

    The first game I played with speaker support was Dota 2. It was also the last. And the last online game in general. Text is bad enough on its own though, that's more than enough to deter me even if we ignore the amoeba-like internet denizens yelling poorly worded insults into their headsets. I often muted everyone at the start just in case. Oh man, we gotta stop talking about this...

    Ah, alright. That's harsh. I got a little annoyed with the latest season of Breaking Bad in that regard. It's the final season, but they decided to split it in two and air 8 episodes this summer, and then the final 8 next year. I enjoyed those 8 episodes, but now I'm sort of losing my interest. By the time the final episodes air, I'll probably hardly even care anymore. I mean come on, 8 episode seasons all of a sudden when every other season was nice and long? Way to artificially lengthen the show's running time.

    I know, man! That scene is the best. He's got a great sense of comedic timing, and is one of the few remaining original reviewers out there. You need to cut the iRate Gamer a break though. He probably spent half of that time figuring out how to turn his console on. Plugging in the controller was likely a tall order as well. Saying "this is good and you should buy it" so he can get free games from hapless developers who still believe his opinion has any credence isn't easy!

    Well, fuck that guy, so let's end on something positive. I bought the 20th volume of Hayte no Gotoku today, I really love the cover. So cute, the best one in a while I think. Helps that it primarily features both Ayumu and Hinagiku of course, I'm not going to lie and say I'm objective.... Oh, and I managed to finally sign up for Rightstuf (their procedure for first-time international customers was pretty rough for me to get through), so I took advantage of their amazing holiday sale. Lots and lots of goodies there!
  2. Soverence
    2012-12-14 17:49
    I don't think anyone could take the U.S. to war right now except maybe China, but lets hope those two countries never get into a war because that would pretty much mean World War III. That is what some people like about Canada though, they get done what they need to and then chill back the rest of the time. the topic brought this article back to my mind. It is certainly a interesting idea indeed and leads you to wonder if it could be true or not.

    I have tried writing before, I am not very good at it, but usually what I would do was start with the cast of characters and what I wanted them to contribute to the story. I then thought of the world that they were in and attempted to build the story around the characters and setting. I always had a ending or place that I wanted the story to go to, but I kind of just let myself write away about how they got there and look back after if I actually liked it or not. Starting from the end and working backwards isn't always a bad thing, if you know where you want the whole story to go you can get a better idea of what kind of characters or settings you might want to use. I think you can write in many different ways, there is no best way really to do it, just whatever works best for you. I do understand what you mean though, take School Days for example, that was a anime that tried to live off the shock value of the ending alone and really didn't try anywhere else in the series.

    I never said I was worried, but I am always open to the possibility that my opinion can be changed. Talking with people of a different opinion is usually some of the best conversation you can have unless its about like religion where it just turns into a cat fight most of the time. Hmm based on that I will probably put off watching it, but I may someday just so I can say that I finished the series. I just got done watching Macross Frontier and funny enough I am pretty sure that it had more music in it then K-ON, but I guess music is a normal thing for the Macross series? (Never watched one before but they all have the music label on MAL).

    Okay I can give you that point, even if at the base they are the same they are still different genres because of what is built on top of that base.

    I feel like people in general are just getting more and more distant from the government. You would think that this distance would be a sign that something needs to change somewhere. One of my teachers back in high school would give you extra credit for any professional news article that you brought in that had at least five grammar errors in it, needless to say there was a lot of people who got extra credit from her. I love reading the Onion, its probably the only news site anymore that I "trust" . That way of thinking is why we are in the mess that we are in, people need to stop just voting for the less terrible and vote for someone who is actually good. Of all the possible political candidates there has to be someone that you actually agree with and like, so why not vote from them instead of the most popular?
  3. Soverence
    2012-12-13 15:34
    I was thinking that but didn't want to say it xD. Canada usually stays out of the headlights if you know what I mean. They are always doing stuff but are never that involved, which is probably a good thing.

    They usually are because that way the conversation has a lot of speculation and uses information we have at our disposal to try and come up with some logical deductions, unlike something that has been proven which pretty much results in one person telling someone else what that law of science is. People generally accept the Big Bang just because there is no other really prominent theory that makes sense right now and all the evidence we have points toward the Big Bang. But you are right, we could get all the evidence in the universe and we still wouldn't know for sure that it actually happened.

    Toradora was good because all the characters were well made, the non-lead main characters had about as much depth to them as the lead characters.

    Lol well I just went for the extreme example, usually easier to think of then subtler examples. I see what you mean, original cast members have a advantage just because they are designed around each other. Author's can create deeper stories with characters who have a past with each other or have been in the story together for a long time. Newer characters can fit in fine, its just that they have a lot less time to develop which makes them more 2-Dimensional. Well maybe I should have said this at the very start of this whole conversation, but I have only seen the first season of K-ON, I haven't bothered with the movie or the second season just because the second season was even longer then the first. Maybe the second season would change all of my arguments that I have been making and make me feel like a idiot

    I think you may have misunderstood me, I agree that Chuunibyou doesn't have any more interesting jokes then K-ON, it is pretty much all old stuff, but I felt it was done in a refreshing way here. I feel like Chuunibyou is very ... how should I word this ... self aware? Where K-ON was suppose to be normal school girls acting in this odd ways, its made very clear early on in Chuunibyou that these people were not your average every day school kids. Yeah, I have never really understood the fascination that most anime fans have with Mio, but she will fall from that position eventually. Most of the top characters either seem to be intellectual master mind males, or moe females.

    That is really hard to do though, even if we don't actively take part in the governments business, they are pretty much always taking part in our business, directly or indirectly. Well media has pretty much changed from "reporting a truthful story that gives out useful information" to "what story can get us the most views or the most publicity". Like seriously, I read Yahoo news articles and half of the time its just cringe worthy how bad some of them are reported or written. I kind of have to agree there, politicians seem to live in there own little world away from us.
  4. Echoes
    2012-12-13 13:17
    Ah, right, that's Capcom as well. I've changed computers since back then, so I don't have the emulator, but I'm sure I could get it again. It's no surprise that you like that series, of course. Might be up my alley, it's definitely a fun concept, and I keep hearing it's incredible from its myriad of fans. And you!

    Regarding the box, it's not that strange that you've not seen much like it around. The only company that puts those out is NIS, literally. The size and format is unique to them, and part of why it's like that is because every release comes with a hardcover book full of goodies.
    I think I already told you this, but the Zakuro one I own has interviews with both the author of the manga and the seiyuu cast, including Hanazawa Kana and Horie Yui, so that's definitely a treat. That's not to say other companies don't put out nice releases, they're just not as grand. Which is partially a good thing, because there would be no way to store and/or display my collection if every release came in one of those huge-ass boxes. Between blu-ray and dvd singles, smaller boxes, the rightstuf bricks and NIS' luxury items, there's a very good balance, allowing you to get the best of both worlds overall. The only thing that I miss is out nice artboxes they used to have. They don't really make those anymore, but that's to be expected, since they're meant to hold the 4-8 singles you'd purchase individually when anime was still sold that way. Not having to deal with that is a fair trade for not getting those boxes.

    But the people supervising me would just be there to make sure I didn't hurt the company. They'd be fine with me hurting everyone else. So it all works out in the end.

    Yeah... it's not even just that it's annoying to be yelled at and hear constant whining and bickering. Sure, that's tiresome and wears you out, but I seriously start thinking "what the hell am I doing with my life?" when I knowingly log online and surround myself with those kinds of people. Being around it willingly makes you feel like you're part of it. I guess that's why I decided not to do that anymore.

    Neat. Now I know it holds up. Though I suppose it's probably not that old anyway.

    I'm already getting the itch to rewatch that review. I think he misspelled his own name over the phone to that lady as well? Got to love those little touches all over the review, it's so polished. I understand why his reviews take so long to make. They're worth it in the end. I'm not watching that animated one though. That doesn't even look enjoyably bad. It just looks groan-inducing and downright embarrassing to watch. Even alone. Watching Nostalgia Critic review it way back when was more than enough exposure for me. More than enough.
  5. Dr. Casey
    2012-12-13 08:51
    Dr. Casey
    Aw, Friend Requests from awesome people are a nice way to start the morning. What made you decide to befriend me today?
  6. Azuma Denton
    2012-12-13 05:32
    Azuma Denton
    Ha ha ha, i was told that tapestry is already selling, and the T-Shirt is bing sold mid December. So i thought that it is being delayed...

    Btw, have you heard of Love Live Project?
    Looks like it has some popularity in Japan even before the anime is launched. Do you think it will be have the same success as our beloved im@s?
  7. Azuma Denton
    2012-12-13 04:47
    Azuma Denton
    Thanks for the friend invitation...
    I heard from Hirao~san that your im@s t-shirt is delayed to mid December??
  8. Echoes
    2012-12-12 18:27
    I've heard about all of Capcom's nickel-and-diming. I haven't bought a Capcom game in ages myself, and I don't really have that strong an attachment to any of their properties outside of Megaman. At least that come to mind right now, I'm sure there's something else I like, their catalog is huge. The picture isn't mine, I just grabbed the highest detailed one I could find with a quick google search. My camera is pretty old, so the detail is pretty bad, especially inside my poorly lit single-room abode. I do have the exact same box, as well as its equally beautiful twin, though! Rarely have I been so thoroughly pleased with a product. I went from thinking that I'd never be able to buy Katanagatari (one of my favorite shows) to getting it in what's probably the nicest release I currently own.

    Right. Crazy faction. Just like the one I brought up; Fox News.

    On the bright side, I'm intrigued by the single-player focus. That's what I'm most open to. Playing with random people online is enough to make you genocidal. That's seriously my biggest deterrence, even more-so than not liking the games themselves. When I was younger, I could deal with it (and I probably acted much stupider myself, though not anywhere near the level I see today), but now I'm just not up for spending 2 hours getting yelled at while I'm trying to have fun with a game, you know?

    That's fine, the middle of a lot of shows is often where the stuff you can take or leave ends up anyway.

    Ah. You're a connoisseur, then. I thought you a ignorant plebeian, but here you are, putting even my masochism to shame! Occasional drunks are part of the modern cityscape. What would our grand metropolises be without them? Irate Gamer went to school? Any kind of school? I refuse to believe these lies and slanders.

    Oh man, I watched it too. It was great. Even raunchier than his usual installments. That fleshlight part was just hilarious. A lot of call-backs, some of them subtle, to his previous reviews as well. "Sinatra, you fuck!" That one always gets me, I don't even know why. The delivery of that line is just fantastic. He squeezed a whole lot of entertainment out of Titanic, a movie I remember thinking was pretty boring. Then again, I've not seen it in almost 10 years...
  9. Echoes
    2012-12-11 13:37
    Ah, yeah, that's right, they were releasing games for the American market before they ventured into the anime market. I heard an interview with some of the big-wigs of the company, and they seemed to be very fan-focused. I can assure you that their anime releases are absolutely wonderful as well. I own four of them, and the covers/boxes in particular go above and beyond. Look at this. If you can fit them on your shelf, it's just gorgeous. I made a particularly tall top shelf when I built my Ikea bookshelf just to fit it in there for display purposes.

    I'm sure there are some haters out there willing to pay me for ruining people's reputations and spreading lies. I think I'll call up Bill O'Reilly.

    Awesome. Maybe you'll convince me. I'm not entirely unreasonable, just highly skeptical. That time-frame is sort of what scares me away from some of these games as well. I mean, think of all the anime I could be watching in that time! (Or, you know, other stuff I could do... I guess.)

    Alright, that does sound like something I would enjoy. Now all that's left is to muster up that commitment to sit through a 90 minute first episode. Believe me, I'd hate to be behind on chuunibyou myself. Yet I am. Gotta watch them tonight.

    What, you don't like having your flesh ripped? That's like the best thing about animals. I'd really like to get a dog myself. A real big, wolf-like one. But I don't think I'm ready for that sort of a responsibility right now. I like your neighborhood, it looks inviting. Especially with all the snow. Now that I see it, I remember that you showed me a picture of it once before. I think it might've been snowing in that picture too. As for video making, don't worry. If the iRate Gamer can do it, so can you! That should be on a motivational poster somewhere!

    Oh, and if you don't already know, the new Plinkett review is finally out. He's tackling another James Cameron classic, Titanic. I literally just noticed myself, so I haven't watched it yet. Hope it's up to his usual standard of terrifying, perverse excellence.
  10. Soverence
    2012-12-11 10:38
    I can believe that, we don't really pay attention at all to what Canada does so it makes some sense. I believe that as well, there is way too much bickering and not enough actually getting stuff done anymore.

    Well I think no body talks about white holes because we have never actually found one, they are nice to talk about in theory but we still can't be sure they exist. Logically, it would make sense that they exist but scientifically there is no true proof that they do exist.

    Of course there is going to be more of a focus on the main characters as the story approaches its climax as there should be, but way too many shows seem to focus too much on them and throw every other character away (granted sometimes this is a better choice but less often then it seems to be believed).

    I will agree with you for the most part on that. Taking a character out of place and trying to analyze them there makes no sense, place Yuno in K-ON and I could say she was out of place, doesn't make any sense to do so but I could. I know that it is a trademark of KyoAni, but even for them this felt very lazy and seemed like an attempt to make money more then anything else. (That is a assumption I make for most big companies by the way, that if they release a lazy series that seems to be aimed toward merchandise and such, I assume they made the series to make money and nothing more).

    As for K-ON itself, as you said they used a lot of their old trademark jokes and didn't really try anything creative or new, which is fine as long as it is done in a interesting way, but to me it just wasn't. I am going to compare it right now to Chuuni, Chuuni uses a lot of the old jokes but executes a lot of them in a way that makes them different or slightly more enjoyable. K-ON just executes them and that is it, it just felt really lazy to me. Yeah, I don't really mind the music genre marketing so much, the music genre has very little in it anyway and there is enough music in K-ON that I am willing to allow that one to slide. Never claimed that you were a K-ON fanboy, just arguing my stance on the anime (although you may be a fanboy in disguise O.O). Yeah, I will have to stick by the linear jokes idea but I don't recall ever stating the characters were empty shells. I remember saying that they were all very generic/cliche, which doesn't mean they are not interesting or that they don't have anything going for them, its just that they have been done before and usually better. (MioNumber#1WhatWho).

    Most likely, they have so much security with everything that they do that even their own people don't really know what is going on. I get that there needs to be some level of concealment but it honestly feels like they haven't told us anything in years. Yeah, there was the case with wikileaks but as you said it was because they had a man inside of the pentagon who copied the files straight from the computer.

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