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  1. Soverence
    2012-12-05 19:04
    Yeah, it does sound better the way the media portrayed it and it sounds better to us probably just because it has what we have been hearing it as for years. I do agree it does sound better though.

    I think sometimes people get too caught up on new concepts though, sometimes executing a old concept in a new way can be even more entertaining. Chuunibyou is a prime example of that actually, at its base it is just another moe school life anime, yet the character's and the execution are what make it stand out.

    Yeah, funny how that works sometimes. The library at my school just went through a remodeling and it was weird when I went into my library and they no longer had any books, just lots and lots of computers.
  2. Echoes
    2012-12-05 07:49
    That does look like a kinetic battle system. I can't wait to cast "extreme stars"! That's some manly stuff right there.

    I think I'll feel ripped off too. Watched the first video, and yeah, that's pretty much what I've heard. I am usually not bothered by linearity in games. Freedom, roaming around and exploring is not something that's hugely important to me. (Depends a little bit on the game, but as a general rule.) I generally dislike "sandbox" games. A lot. That's not to say a game can't be too restrictive in what how you're allowed to progress. However, what worries me most from what I've heard is the battle system. Like JonTron pointed out, the whole "game playing itself" aspect. That looks incredibly dull. Man, all this talking about it is making me actually want to try it out to see what I actually think, so I can at least have a substantive opinion on the game. Just the day that I'll be hooking up my PS3 for the first time in a while as well. Hmm...

    I honestly haven't played any of the newer 3D Sonic games. I hated them before they sucked. And before they inspired countless creepy furry fanfics. (Well maybe, I'm not a scholar on the chronology.) I've just never liked them. Tried a few back in the pre 360/PS3 era, and they just weren't fun. The original five 2D games will always be enough for me. Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic CD. That's where it's at.

    As much as I raved on about it, it might impact you entirely differently. You might not think what I described as utterly bizarre is *that* outlandish, and you might even hate it prior to that. I haven't really talked to anyone about the show, because I saved it up and marathoned it once it was over, so I'm not sure what the consensus is. The mentions I have seen here have been pretty negative, though. A lot of that is people who are unhappy with the adaptation and/or hates Studio Deen's work in general. I think going in knowing that it's not going to consistently be a horror show will help level your expectations though, that's what really hit me like a slap in the face.

    It's been much to long for me as well. I was trying to find the clip of Barney screaming "Just hook it to my veins!!" here for my a pithy summary of my feelings on vanilla coke, but alas, I could not. Maybe you remember the scene though.

    Ah, alright. 80 dollars huh, that's gotta sting. Then again, I've paid more than that when you combine even a few of my orders. I'll live, the stuff I order online is a lot cheaper than if I were to buy it in a store here, so it sort of evens out. (Not that they have 95% of the stuff I order available here anyway, but that's a whole other tangent.) Small orders aren't subject to the fee here either. But that only applies to orders under 35 dollars. And with international shipping usually starting at 13 dollars, you really don't want to be making orders that small.
  3. Echoes
    2012-12-05 05:29
    Damn. Your family is really multifaceted. I expect it to hold a little more weight if you've watched the game. It's always like that, little things you pick up on and whatnot. As long as it's stand-alone storywise, that's enough for me. I can definitely understand why group viewings enhance the experience. That's the normal reaction. And then there's me. All alone on the other side of the river.

    They were practically giving it away. Less than 1/6 of what it originally cost... so I thought what the hell. The cover was nice and it's Final Fantasy. How bad could it be, right? Despite what everyone has told me.... I guess I'll find out if I ever dare to to play it. Sonic 06 is awesome though. You need to get your boot off of Sonic's neck, that's what you need to do. All this hate for Sonic, it's just a fad, and you're riding the hate-wave!

    Nah, just kidding, I don't like 3D Sonic games at all. Fuckin' hate them all. As the good book says: "There is no one righteous, not even one." (Romans 3:10.) They were talking about Sonic. Even back then, they knew.

    Oh boy, Umineko, that one's a little hard to explain. It's one of those I'll give a qualified recommendation for, but it's a bit more complicated than that. No spoilers, but there's a big uhm, thing, that happens in the series, it takes a really bizarre turn. The first third of the series or so is great. It has tension, it's genuinely creepy, and it's exploring the characters well. Fantastic setting (a large mansion on a remote island, a big family gathering where they're all alone), right up my alley. Then all of that is tossed straight out the window, and the series starts to incorporate something which is so bizarre and so jarring in its tonal shift that it leaves you dumbfounded. It was obviously taken from the games, but some of it makes *no sense whatsoever* in the context of a series. I won't actually spoil it for you, but here's an out of context example that will give you the idea. A woman is speaking and tells the guy "when I speak in red text (which shows up on screen), you know will I'm telling the truth." That's obviously a game mechanic that was lifted wholesale and is ri-donking-diculous in an anime series!

    That might all sound horrible, but here's the thing, I still enjoyed the series. In one sense, it was a massive letdown, in another, it was a very enjoyable first third followed by two more parts that were clearly marred in many ways, but still had a lot of other things going for them. At the very least, I'll guarantee you there's not much else out there like it. It all comes down to this: If you can get past the jarring shift in focus and accept the absurd premise that the series turns out to be based on, you might enjoy it. Otherwise, you're going to think it's ridiculously stupid. It is a series that I recognize has many big flaws, but which I overall really like in spite of that.

    That suplex thing sounds like a good idea regardless of whether or not you get the part. I love your zealous devotion to the Vanilla Coke. That's the mark of a true gentleman.

    Yeah.... I can't complain right now. Still haven't gotten my other package, though. You know what else is great, though? The people I purchased Bakemonogatari from lied about what it cost on the sticker they slapped on the package. I guess slapping "hey, this tiny package is worth almost 200$" on it would make people more likely to pocket it. Now, I don't know how import works in Canada, but around these ultra-socialist parts, anything you import is subject to a 25% flat fee. Whatever it's worth, you pay 25% of that to the state when you import it. So I just went from paying 25% of 180 bucks, to 25% of 50 bucks! (What they claimed it was worth on the sticker.) So sweet. You'll get yours soon enough too. I can feel it in the air! (Or is that my body going numb from the cold?)
  4. Echoes
    2012-12-05 03:25
    Only penultimate? That won't do. I'll accept nothing but the best. My interest has now entirely waned! Nah, just kidding. If the movie was worth watching three times, I'm sure it has something going for it. I don't think I'm the live screening kind of guy. I'm too easily irritated. Not that it isn't worth it to see something on the big screen, but I've never really felt that the presence of people I don't already know added anything. That's obviously just me, though. Crotchety old man in the making.

    Yeah.. I don't know anything about them personally, just the stuff I read. I only shopped there once. Bought FFXIII for like... less than 10 dollars. Still haven't touched it! Is Japan shopper's heaven..... or a shopper's hell? Those prices are insane. I'd be be ten grand in debt before I left the country. The yakuza would chop my left hand off and use it as a back-scratcher! Maybe it'd be worth it though. I can get by with one hand. As long as I have a suitcase full of anime blu-rays!!

    They're actually releasing Umineko now, and guess what? SAME NAMING SCHEME. This time actually properly on the box as well. What's wrong with a fully translated title there? "When the Seagulls Cry." Sounds ominous enough to me. Gotta get that buzzword in there, I suppose. They're also copying a marketing strategy that failed Geneon utterly, since Higurashi was a complete flop for them; horrible sales. Do. Not. Get. It.

    You did, and now the karmic forces are aligning against you! It wasn't a severe sin though, so I'm sure the thing will arrive very soon regardless. We don't have cherry coke either, outside of the few stores that do import. While I'm not a huge fan of cherry coke (it's alright, I just usually prefer vanilla or plain), I tried a cherry 7-up the other day. That was surprisingly tasty. I could get addicted to those if they were cheaply and readily available.

    Guess what, it snowed here overnight. Looks really beautiful. Not too much just yet, and it's still freezing cold though. Guess what again! I got my Bakemonogatari. YES! Now I gotta (literally) dust off my PS3 so I can dig into those juicy extras.
  5. Flower
    2012-12-04 21:33
    Hmm ... well, for me it was a terrible show - not only b/c it was iM@S related, but also b/c my fave seiyuu Hocchan was cast the way she was ... I was really hit hard by her betrayal....
  6. Flower
    2012-12-04 21:27
    Yeah ... I am kinda suspicious of Puchimas as well ... but hey, it's iM@S related so it can't be all bad, right? [cough, cough xenoglossia cough, cough]
  7. Flower
    2012-12-04 21:16
    Hmm ... well, you may have already seen my post, but here's mine:

    Spoiler for Winter 2013 series am curious about:
  8. Flower
    2012-12-04 21:03
    Fair enough my good sir, fair enough. And ty for the kind advice.

    BTW ... before I forget ... speaking of looking forward to things - what series are you curious about next season?
  9. Flower
    2012-12-04 20:55
    BTW - I can't rep you for your comment on Hyouka being boring ... I literally lol'd. Well played sir
  10. Flower
    2012-12-04 20:51
    TBH I have never really been a fan of the mecha genre (and Xenoglossia didn't help any -_- ), so FMPanic not being interesting is not a big surprise, I guess. (Plus violent tsunderes just totally rub me the wrong way.)

    I had Great Expectations for both Hyouka and Chuuni, and they were fulfilled. Was looking forward to Nichijou, and really enjoyed it. Etc., etc., etc.

    So for now I am looking forward to Tamako Market....

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