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  1. Knightrunner
    2010-12-23 02:36
    I don't know anything about ISML. What does ISML stand for?
  2. Knightrunner
    2010-12-23 02:33
    Seems like you are offline. Good Night.
  3. Knightrunner
    2010-12-23 02:29
    Have you played Super Smash Bros Melee?
  4. Knightrunner
    2010-12-23 02:11
    No extravegant plans yet. I'll let you know if something comes up. Anime competition? What is it about?
  5. Knightrunner
    2010-12-23 01:51
    Have you seen the Angel Beats OVA?

    Its almost Xmas and New Years Do you have any plans?
  6. Hooves
    2010-12-22 07:56
    Well it seems that you poem has inspired Sofiel, lovely work here
  7. Yuno
    2010-12-22 07:26
    Yeah, it was to encourage us and make us unaffraid of essays and term papers when they were assigned in University. Everyone breezed through essays and things from my class. A lot of us were done while others were still procrastinating. It is interesting how quick and how well we can learn things. I don't believe in old dog and new tricks either. I think anyone can learn anything at any time quite easily if they apply themselves.

    It is, it closes up your ability to empathize and understand other peoples emotions. It is very dangerous and can lead to personality disorders. It's best to be honest with your feelings~

    Hehe, thank you. I was really happy to recieve the poem. My true strength has always been the fire in my spirit. It dims, but it just doesn't want to go out. Now my life has vastly improved from just a month ago. It's funny each time I become super depressed or have flashbacks it is there- waiting. Then flares up when I am finished. Naturally some damages are done, but my peers are all long dead now. Many suicided, or drug overdose. It is hard to face intense pasts with large emotional and mental repricussions. I haven't told you the origin of my name have I? I'll have to tell you when I have had rest. Remind me ne~

    Awwh, well I will think of something then call you that. You can be called that throughout University and I'll see if I can get it to catch on with others. I'm glad too, though they are pushy if I miss appointments haha.

    What an inspiring statement - so true, all of it

    I'm glad you feel that way~ Life shouldn't be controlled by the wills of people you don't know or never even met.

    P.s. Haha, yes, it is not good for people you rage to stay up too late yet you all do~ Rest well and have wonderful dreams. Indeed I shall because my appartment is soooooo quieeeeeeeeeet.
  8. Yuno
    2010-12-22 06:44
    It was, but we all thought he was grading us so we pushed as hard as we could. When we were done, he said "that is the level you are at now, when you finish my class this will be easy." Sure enough when we finished the class and he had us do the same thing again all of us finished with time to spare.

    Me too, why restrict it? Why punish yourself for feeling something. So I cry and ball. The only thing is it's dangerous for me living alone and my caretaker is on holiday. I could remain that way and not pull up. So I try my best to counter it. Though I have been quite cheerful and energetic lately~

    Thats really great~ I am glad that you were able to enjoy the game. Hehe, my happiness seems to be your happiness as well ne. I feel that way too now, or rather I understand it better now after meeting people here. I may find all that I wished for as a child, but as my poem said I am guarded.

    Haha, I was called turtle ne? It's not the best nickname, but it was definitely a japanese one. I was a peer tutor for ESL amongst other things. So they called me Kame-chan because I was always slow. When they learned why I was slow they were super apologetic. I told them turtles have virtue, that we humans can't understand. They carry everything they need and don't rush life. Hehe, it sad because I am not noticing when the time passes. My doctors even stopped with the dates thing. They just tell me to becareful now. Hehe, well you've already faced it once before :3

    Thats good, I plan to do the same. Screw others I'll cry in public, be affectionate in public whatever, I don't really care. I was born out of societal standards anyway so I am not really bound to anything. I feel no one else should be either. Naturally there are things in the realms of propriety, but nothing stiffling sheesh. You're welcome, it is quite true though. I am glad you won't shackle yourself~ Too much unneeded pain.
  9. Yuno
    2010-12-22 06:18
    I am actually grateful for it. It helped a lot in my writing in the long run. It helped me formulate ideas for scripts and stories under pressure. He did this on purpose to push us a little. He actually wasn't really grading us on it~

    I cry whenever there is an intensely romantic scene, it always feels so very far away for me. So when I see it I sort of project and then start to cry. It's happened a lot today. It is why I am listening to more punkish stuff. Have to counter balance any extreme emotion.

    OH! I think I have heard of this game. I almost picked it up back when I had a DS. The concept is amazing and seems to be coming in a wave. So hopefully they're be some changes and us poor unfortunate souls can find happiness. Haha, perhaps~ I am plenty happy right now though to be honest.

    The virtue of the turtle. Well my nickname was Kame-chan in school so I accept it. Oh yeah, I out lived my last one hahaha I totally forgot. Has it seriously turned into such a nonchalant thing? Looks like it's not over yet and I shall not rest until I have at least given my best. Thank you, I may call upon you when the "prying" starts. Since a lot of my pain has been bottled up for years. When the psychologists start pulling it to the surface I can imagine a darker version of me... I don't look forward to it.

    Feel every emotion is the path to a healthy understanding of yourself. Never bottle it up, never hide it or you'll be betraying your true nature. I am glad you are like this, and it's for the best truly.
  10. tyciol
    2010-12-22 06:10
    Ah well, next year there are going to be OVA releases for Oreimo with an alternate ending (I think it substitutes for episode 12) so I guess if you wait you could also get that.

    Oh and, the icecapades was done in the late 80s when it first came out and it is a short comedy. "There Will Be Brawl" is a recent (late 2000s) and references the entire cast of Brawl in addition to the Mario Bros. It's a very serious and dark take actually. A certain pink creature gave me nightmare fuel.

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