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  1. Agito Akiyama
    2010-12-20 16:50
    Agito Akiyama
    I'm very good, nice picture you have of Kirino (I think)
    Very cute <3
    Payed for my second Anime figurine this month, need to pay for another and hopefully I get them soon
  2. JRendell
    2010-12-20 12:00
    Good. They're very underrated.
  3. Ryonea
    2010-12-20 10:08
    Yeah... I saw the other members' post too ^^; I was kinda surprised that many people were also having a bad luck. Hmm... this kinda reminds me of the K-ON! "Winter Days" episode lol

    Yep, I'm glad that the bad luck finally ended (maybe ) I hate it when it comes at important events. It ruins everything =_=

    Glad that you liked my drawings ^^ but as usual, my productivity is still very low. Want to practice more, but I have final exams coming at the beginning of January (that's right, every year, I spent the new year's eve by studying ^^; )

    Anyways, happy holidays for you too ^^ I hope you'll have a wonderful christmas and new year
  4. Hooves
    2010-12-20 05:56
    Well there is something similar between us when something bad happens to one person, the other's worry meter goes sky-rocketing
  5. Hooves
    2010-12-20 05:34
    I get the feeling you think I'm lying about being fine Well either way, thanks for the concern, but I'm ok with the situation now since I'm the type of person that adapts to things very quickly. I just thought to myself to accept this as sorta.... Hmmm... Oh!! A test of courage! To see if I can brave its challenge!
  6. Hooves
    2010-12-20 05:23
    100% fine
  7. Hooves
    2010-12-20 04:34
    Oh everything is fine .... Well.. How should I explain it? I took a 5 day break from AS and went hiking when it was pure snow outside when I looked out of my mirror. I was really excited about the mountain hiking trip, but during day 3, I accidentally chipped the wrong part of the mountain and came crashing down the snowy hill (lucky it was snow...) although the roll dint feel all that well, I atleast lived.... Only to find out that my legs were no longer working for a bit due to being crushed by the heavy snow that piled on it. (Believe it or not)

    Day 4 was mostly me staying at the hospital, and finding out that I will be paraplegic for a good 3 months. Fortunately my legs were not broken to no restore limit. Day 5 was me returning to AS in a sorta downy mood. But I'm ok now
  8. Ryonea
    2010-12-20 04:06
    Hi there!

    I gotta say that you kind of surprised me with that post ^^; but as I said in your thread, you cheered me in this day

    because... well, I was having bad luck in this day. Got some problems with the package I ordered, and there's also some problems in my photography class. My group need to retake the photos since the camera was malfunctioning due to some wrong settings. Spent 4 hours in vain ^^; and the retake didn't go really well since the sunlight was gone and it was raining immediately *sigh* -_-'

    Sorry for the long whine ^^;
    And... I've got some things to show you. Recently, I'm back to the world of drawing (that's why your poem is such a coincidence) and here are two drawings that I made recently:

    1. Mirai Suenaga fanart
    You know he was asking us, the members, to submit our fanart of his website mascot to be shown on his TV show.
    And here's my entry:

    2. Unnamed Gunslinger
    Well, this one's also my original character. I haven't got a name for him, though XD
  9. Hooves
    2010-12-20 02:53
    Really have to thank you for that message from your Happy Holidays thing I was feeling a little down this month. But that cheered me up
  10. Kev-kun
    2010-12-20 00:05
    Haha no probs at all ^^ Hm.. I'm fine, happy and loving the holidays how about you?

    Yeah it certainly is , just got my achool report, scared to open XD ^^ I just realised that its 5 days till Christmas!! So excited ^^

    Haha yeah I'll definitely get that keyboard ^^ still need a couple hundred, but it shouldn't take long ^^ When you get your guitar, you gonna record something?

    1. Please don't tell be there's more >.< just horrible..

    2. Haha really? I like the cold etter actually, even though i'm used to the heat, i like the cold ^^ eg i always get sick in summer >.<

    Yeah especially if its a day before... I've had that experience before and went nuts!!

    Hm... Wonder why its 9000... Random much..

    Haha thank you, but I'll try to find a connection after Christmas... Very busy at that time..

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