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  1. Azuma Denton
    2012-10-30 22:10
    Azuma Denton
    Is he your friend?
    Can he be trusted??
  2. Azuma Denton
    2012-10-30 22:03
    Azuma Denton
    I really interested in getting the im@s tapestry.
    So what should i offer to establish a contract??
  3. Echoes
    2012-10-30 07:17
    The best acting in the history of acting. Around 50 seconds is where I always lose it and start laughing uncontrollably. HOW DID THAT EVER GET MADE? Who cares I guess, I'm glad it did.

    They're the poster children of selling out; it's to the point where it's trite to bring them up as an example.

    Oh, that's what the blood was for. I thought that was a bit of an unusual greeting.

    It's not the only time they've gone too far for my taste with the fanservice (the underage nudity in Dance in the Vampire Bund sort of creeps me out), but it's the biggest and easiest to point to. The scene seems to be popular though, so I guess it's working out well for them. Hope that isn't a herald of things to come.

    I almost fainted just reading it. This could be a very potent and dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Imagine if someone left it on the president's desk or something.
  4. shinku no kage
    2012-10-28 12:44
    shinku no kage
    Unfortunately my PC doesn't have a HDMI port. orz. I looked around for the video cable I need and...$30? WTF? For a CORD?!? Seriously?

    ...I'm just thinking about getting one of those smart TV devices. I checked on CR's HP and looks like I can pick up a "Roku" for about $70 to play the awesome animes straight onto my TV. Maybe as a X-mas present for myself.

    Sooo much anime I have to get caught up on. Aagh, but I have to work to pay the bills and loans, to buy anime/game/manga, etc. But if I'm at work then I'm not watching anime, playing my games, or reading manga.

    No work=no money=no anime. It's a never ending cycle~!! orz

    I'm surprised that you even started to ask. I should be getting my copy in a day or two, it'll probably be the only thing I'll be playing for the rest of the week.

    ...if you don't hear from me after a while then...just assume that the moe got me.
  5. Echoes
    2012-10-28 07:19
    You know, because I've read the story behind the production of perhaps the funniest movie in terms of sheer Cage insanity, Deadfall, in which he isn't even the protagonist, I don't think he chooses them on purpose. Things that qualify as "so bad that they're good", or perhaps "so good that they're awesome" are almost uniformly unintentionally so.

    I'd agree with that. Just as long as they don't end up like Metallica.

    What was I thinking? Even evil-to-the-core villains need to have their weekends off. Anything else would just be inhumane.

    It's a little funny that I'm even complaining, since Shaft is already a company that caters (and arguably panders) to a small, otaku-centric group with their works for the most part. But usually not in the creepy way. (Toothbrush Nise episode notwithstanding...)

    Maybe you should ask Rikka; she seems to have access to a lot of bandages.

    ... I think I might've just killed you.
  6. Echoes
    2012-10-27 06:48
    True, but the Cage can attract enough people on his own. He won't stand for any sort of bargain sale; he's above that.

    Well, yeah. Then I just end up hating them.

    That you'd be a great Saturday-morning cartoon villain!

    I love that one too. Never really heard anything similar elsewhere. I'd probably be pretty easy to please as long as they stay with their visual style to some degree. Just as long as they don't sell out!
  7. shinku no kage
    2012-10-27 02:02
    shinku no kage iM@S shelter...(O_O) Somebody is going to become a hikikomori.

    I haven't watched Little Buster yet. Actually, I haven't been keeping up with my anime recently except for DVD/Blu-ray releases..which is hard where I live. I try and avoid watching online on my PC as my eyes get glued to the screen for hours on the very least I may need to invest some money so that I can output the PC images onto my TV...

    Heck, I didn't even check back on CrunchyRoll til recently. Finally started on Fate/ZERO season two, (yes I know, "NOW!!???", I know, I know) and that is quite literally the tip of the anime iceburg for me.*says so with bloodshot eyes* MANY, MANY more series I need to get caught up on. orz

    Atleast I've got something to do until my copy of Shiny Festa comes.
  8. Echoes
    2012-10-25 15:29
    That's a bargain if I ever heard one.

    When hobby becomes work, it can drain you pretty quickly, especially if you're not ready for it.

    I don't know, man. I imagine you could weave some pretty mean lies if you put your mind to it.

    In fact, forget about the pyramid and hordes of slave women! Shaft has enjoyed some immense financial success lately, through the two series you mentioned, so you're probably right that they've got it made for a while. This is their first real taste of massive financial success, so I'm interested to see what direction they'll take it in going forward. What I'm hoping is that they'll be able to take some chances creatively with these accumulated riches. More anime-original series such as Madoka would be my preference, since as far as I'm aware, just about everything else they've done is an adaptation. (And so is the vast majority of anime being made currently.)
  9. shinku no kage
    2012-10-24 23:05
    shinku no kage
    Aah, not a bad idea, as long as it's a friend you can trust. I'm sure if anyone left me in charge to watch their iM@S goods then that all of their Yayoi goods would "mysteriously" disappear.

    ...!! You can decorate the sides of your tent with iM@S pics, etc!! LOL

    I'd never force my fictional daughter to be alone forever, I just won't allow any guy to approach her so easily. I'd be like Hughes from FMA, I won't hesitate to pull out my gun if boys get too close to my daughter.

    KEY works = masterpieces. ALL of their works should be animated...ALL of it. Ofcourse they'd be the "safe" versions. That reminds me, I'll have to pick up the PSP port of Kud Wafter.

    ...I bought too many goods just this week alone, the flood of iM@S goods just...just...*cries*
  10. Echoes
    2012-10-23 02:00
    I think I might've come across something glorious like that at some point. It sounds familiar. I'm actually going to go look for that right now to watch it again.

    Yeah, that's true. I'm sure being a professional reviewer can actually drain your passion pretty quickly too.

    I actually googled it. It's a real thing. Or an elaborate hoax you spring on everyone you know.

    Well, you know, there's a lot of fun stuff you can do with 50 000 girls. Heh heh heh.. Like having them construct a modern-day pyramid, where you can live and become a modern-day pharaoh. A modern-day pharaoh, I say! I'll take what I can get too. I love studio Shaft's work in general, and if this can get some gold in their coffers that's a good thing for the future as well. (Maybe they can even stop finishing episodes 2 hours before they're aired? :P)

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