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  1. Echoes
    2012-04-07 16:14
    We all gotta do our part. Don't make me turn you in.

    I'd ask you what episode it was in, as I don't remember, but I'm probably better off not knowing so I got an excuse to rewatch Kannagi in its entirety in the near future.

    Might just have to pick up a couple of volumes of that. I'll miss Sawashiro Miyuki's voice accompanying the headless rider, though.

    Cool. I think Chihayafuru is an anime you can easily watch at a leisurely pace and still get a full viewing experience out of. It's more about the characters than the plot, and when you boot up the next episode, even if it's been a month since last, you'll slide right back into the thick of it. I actually saw Gametrailers' review of that Star Wars game... I don't need to see any more of Han Solo dancing or Christiana Aguilera (possible misspelling) remixes with Princess Leia lyrics. I just don't. I guess finding the good songs was a sort of karmic balancing act after the Star Wars ordeal?
  2. Echoes
    2012-04-06 08:21
    Spread the meme. People need to know that when people like us say something seemingly stupid or uninformed, it's merely an application of meta-logic that just went straight over their heads!

    Oh, I sure do... It's no wonder those tar pits are in such high demand, they're even useful for aiding in that task as well. Nothing like a few decomposing corpses in your pit to add that "edge" to your flavor.

    Oooh, I actually remember that one. It's always nice to see a different reaction than the classic "toss closest object and/or furniture" at the transgressor.

    I've seen the Durarara anime, and I loved it, great original story. If the manga's even better than that, it's something I'll definitely consider getting into.

    Oh, thanks man. Not that big of an effort length-wise, but I figured I should make an actual installment in one of my segments. Great to hear that you've started Chihayafuru, that makes me very happy. Hope you enjoy it when you managed to get a spare moment. Checked out your post too, that was a hodgepodge of stuff. The boxart looks neat, I especially like the blonde guy on the right, visually speaking. Star Wars: No comment! The Dracu-Riot song you embedded was really good! I loved it. You're always on the prowl for music, even venturing into the (hold for gasp) adult section. Guess it paid off! :P
  3. Echoes
    2012-04-05 03:21
    It transcends logic. A whole new level of meta-logic.

    You're right. You need to take chances when tar's on the line.

    Hard to compete with Tsugumi, that's for damn sure. That's a lot of good stuff! Is the Durarara on the level? I saw it in the store just a few days ago and considered it.
  4. Ryonea
    2012-04-05 00:48
    Yup, regardless the result, one thing for sure is I'll gain more experience lol. I see, may I know what's this "big stuff" then? a kind of project, I assume?

    Aw, that's too bad. Although I rarely join you guys in the chat, but I do love to see your conversations so how's everyone doing then?
    kind of reminded me that it's been months I haven't replied back to Sofiel's VM
  5. Echoes
    2012-04-04 23:44
    You're miles ahead of me on this one.

    That'd be too much pressure to put on your friends and family. Do you know how much a tar pit goes for these days? The market is insane.

    Yes sir. Oh, neat-o. I like the cover for the first one best, the detail on Nagi's wand is wonderful. Weird thing to single out, perhaps, but I just love it. What else have you got in your manga collection?
  6. Echoes
    2012-04-04 22:11
    Now that's what you call making a bad first impression.

    Those lucks sods. Life's just not fair.

    That's an interpretation of my message that I approve of. I picked up the three first volumes of the Kannagi manga not too long ago as well. That's some good stuff. (But I guess the rest won't get released because Bandai went under. Hope someone else picks it up..)
  7. Echoes
    2012-04-04 16:56
    So not telling people will keep them from being infected? That's nice. Oh.. no... wait a minute!

    Heh-heh... yeah. Hard to resist genuine tar in this day and age.

    Ah yeah, you told me about that place. I own volumes 1-16 myself, though I haven't read the last three yet. I don't have a big manga collection, but almost everything else I own is almost entirely white-colored, so the HnG volumes certainly provide some great variety and light up the place.
  8. Echoes
    2012-04-04 01:33
    So much judgment and prejudice coming from you! .... I love it.

    Not even if it's been draped in a little delicious tar...?

    Yeah, the manga is even more fourth-wall-breaking, what with that introductory page at the beginning of each volume and whatnot. And the volumes are just darling, so many different colors!
  9. Echoes
    2012-04-04 01:04
    Is it crazy to long for a dominatrix transsexual to stab you in the back with a pair of pliers? I say, no!

    I'm not privy to your fancy-pants Canadian coffee shops. Over here, the only kind of coffee that exists is black coffee. And not made from ground up beans either, it's made from industrial waste and black tar. It'll grow some hair on your chest.

    Aye, Hina was born that way. And there's nothing wrong with that! I liked the episode where they held a fourth-wall-breaking popularity contest where Nagi came in like third and Hina was first. That wave better be a tsunami, and hit my shores hard once the third season rolls around. Which, if God wills it, will be soon! (Come on God, just this one favor.)
  10. Echoes
    2012-04-04 00:01
    I think it does. I mean, with all the effort I'm putting into my work, sometimes I want a piece of it too, you know?

    I'll somehow become a millionaire and fund the second season. That'll show them!

    Not bad, not bad. Just don't get the popcorn toast ones, they're horrible.

    I'm the tool for being infatuated with her beyond any other character. Played right into the author's trap, I did. Just like everyone else. You resisted for a while, and still claim she's not your favorite... so you've somehow made it through. But I think they'll get you. Sooner or later.

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