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  1. Kev-kun
    2012-03-08 04:44
    Sorry quite a bit late, a bit busy XD
    Well yeah I know what ya mean... But in relation to the novels it is SOMEHOW related. Yeah if someone had saw me watching that (*cough* Mum) I would literally die Hm... well this episode wasn't any better... NO TSUKIHI AT ALL!!!
  2. Echoes
    2012-03-08 00:26
    Got to find a better way to get those creative juices flowing, yeah.. before we make a crater out of this whole place.

    Dude, is that a Futurama reference? "I award you the worst grade imaginable: an A minus minus!" Either way, yeah, that guy's got it coming. But I'm gunning for him myself. If you want something done gruesomely, you gotta do it yourself.

    Don't hog the princesses. I need some comfort too.

    I'm like that as well. I very rarely pick up anything longer than 26 episodes, it's too daunting a task to finish, and it often grows stale or repetitive. I think the longest show I've actually seen is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, which is 64 episodes I believe. Series with multiple seasons that add up I indulge in more frequently, but that's often because I experience them as they're airing and there's breaks between airings to give you some breathing room etc.

    I had so much fun watching Commando as a kid, man. It's probably the one movie Arnold movie I remember most vividly; even better than the two terminator movies. I love the scene where the guy's acting all smug telling Arnold he has to cooperate if he ever wants to see his daughter again, and Arnold just blasts the guy to kingdom come without even thinking about it. If you want a good Pacino movie, I recommend Donnie Brasco, if you've not already seen it.

    Yeah, that does sound like a fantastic creative outlet. A nice way to channel your creativity as well as your appreciation for the game series. Repeating myself, but ambitious stuff. If you're going to make reviews for the show, couldn't you just start with a couple of series (or movies/games, depending on which media you want to review) that you know a lot about and feel comfortable talking about? Script out a basic review and see if you like the outcome. I don't know how ambitious you want to get with editing and stuff. There's also the question of whether you want to employ some sort of gimmick or style to make it more interesting, or just try to be yourself and let your enthusiasm shine through that way. I've seen great examples of both. (Though good anime reviewers are few and far in between indeed.)
  3. Echoes
    2012-03-07 09:54
    More than just jobs, they often put a society into high gear and exploit their full potential, the most notable example being the second world war.

    The future's looking up already.

    Neat. I like Belle the best, try to get her. (Although I guess she isn't really a princess.)

    For me, the big ones are shounen action and sports. Stuff like Naruto, Bleach and anything to do with soccer or baseball, I've never been able to get into at all. It's not set in stone, though, and like you I'm definitely open to it when there's an exceptional show appear.

    There's nothing wrong with liking that scene the best on a personal level, but if that's all you're exposed to through pop-culture, you might get the wrong impression about the movie. I used to think it was sort of like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Al Pacino is one of my favorite actors, he's been in so many great movies and always delivers an awesome performance.

    Sounds like a great project you've got going, you're really industrious. I'm sure that would really put you on the map of the interwebs if you did complete it. I've never played the games, but I understand there's a lot of people who love them to death. (You included, obviously. :P) When you say Youtube show, do you mean something separate from this? Like a review show or something?
  4. [T]ensio[N]
    2012-03-07 00:44
    Haha thanks! Yeah as you can see I don't really have much conversations on forums xD
  5. Yuno
    2012-03-06 20:22
    It's much warmer here, but you're right I was used to Kelowna when I was there too. I have become such a wimp to the cold.

    I havent' been able to look, but I plan to very soon. I am confident I will find something here when I do. There are a lot of different stores here I could try, so I will take a look around and see~ I'll keep you posted ^.^
  6. Echoes
    2012-03-06 11:32
    We're schemers as a species. Always trying to find a way to screw each other over. And we're great at that, technological, scientific and other breakthroughs always blossom during war times. It's a little sad if that's what it takes.

    Yeeees. I'll get that guy who looked at me funny at the bus. He had it coming.

    Glad to have helped. Keep some bandages handy.

    Sure, I got'cha, I also have a couple of genres that I stay away from as a generality, because I find them to be unappealing as a whole.

    Neat. Scorsese's a great director, one of my favorites, with Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Last Temptation of Christ and Goodfellas under his belt, just to name my favorites. Scarface is a fantastic movie. Sometimes it's hard to sit down and appreciate it with all the hype and seemingly silly quotes that surround it (everyone remembers the last scene, but forgets the rest of the movie), but once I do, I always remember what a powerful and well executed story it really is.

    If I'm reading that right, you're making a fan-game? That's insane, man. Great trailer, and I believe you when you say there's a lot of work involved. I've had friend try their hand at creating games before, the programming wore them out (and they're both pursuing programming-related degrees. ) Very ambitious, if you get it done, that would be huge!
  7. Yuno
    2012-03-05 02:28
    I've been spending a lot of time catching up with my mom. I think she missed me hehe~ Has it warmed up more since I left? I was noticing it was getting better. Here has tons of cherry blossoms coming out :3 I might take pics later.
  8. Echoes
    2012-03-03 08:12
    That's my point exactly, people don't grow in attitudes quickly enough to take advantage of technological advancements. Thus technology is used for greedy and myopic ends, while the population grows at an already unsustainable rate. It's going to get really ugly, probably in our lifetime. Just watched a TEDTalks about that called "The Earth is Full."

    But I get to choose who gets said flogging, right?

    We all need a break sometimes. Some people get drunk, some people engage in transcendental meditation, and some people brainwash themselves. Also, some people beat themselves with hammers to forget. (Cheapest and easiest solution.)

    Ah, I see what you're getting at. I was actually thinking about it in a bit narrower terms than you; considering only series where the lesbian relationships are the focal point of the series, not the sort of shows where yuri is a side dish, or even just slapped on to entice viewers. I guess that kind is sort of like most harem romances; quite shallow and rarely goes anywhere. Then again, if it's in a comedy, I guess it doesn't really have to.

    That's cool, it's not like I have to listen to it in one go. I watched Mean Streets, which I really enjoyed (one of Scorsese's first directorial works I believe), and a movie called Serpico, which was just marvelous. If you haven't seen it, it's about a cop who tries to stay clean in a corrupt institution, and let me tell you, it ain't easy. Great flick, and one of Al Pacino's earliest roles.
  9. Yuno
    2012-03-02 23:39
    It's definitely amazing, they did it for me without me saying anything~ It was great~
  10. Echoes
    2012-03-02 06:59
    Probably not. Technology is developing mighty fast, but attitudes can't keep up.

    I knew it would be a sound investment! I've assembled a list of (soon to be former) friends to rat out.

    Brainwashing is a hell of a thing. You just don't know its power until you've tried it out for yourself. Hope it did you some good, brother, lord knows I've been there!

    Indeed, can't let one bad apple (however huge and foul-tasting) ruin the rest of the harvest. Out of curiosity, what would your concept of yuri be, and what less savory experiences and shows led you to them?

    No worries at all, that sounds like time well spent! I'd be interested to see, and subsequently listen to, that collection once it's been assembled. I've been "busy" myself, watching some great movies from the 70s. I just love the down to earth style the better movies of that decade employed.

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