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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is online now


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  1. Echoes
    2012-01-03 00:31
    Aye. He's a trooper.

    Your filthy, perverse subconscious has usurped your will and mind. You'll need to keep yourself under 24/7 surveillance from now on.

    It's mind-boggling how much work actually goes into stop-motion. I remember trying a little bit of it when I was younger. Very basic stuff with legos. The amount of sheer effort that must've went into making that movie is probably incredible. But well worth it. You sold me at Horie Yui, pretty much. I'm probably never going to see that movie, but there's a good reason right there.

    A healthy mix of old, cherished, and new, then.

    No worries about that of course, I know it can get busy around this time'a year. Hell, even *I've* been a little busy. If nothing else, a cold is a good excuse not to do anything... the only downside is that.. you don't feel like doing anything. At all. :P
  2. Luna91
    2012-01-02 18:48
    that is so awesome! gotta love tradition we went to our aunts and had a big Christmas lunch together and swam in the pool, was lovely
  3. Flower
    2012-01-01 21:03
    Hmm ... well, I am always genki whenever Christmas comes around - one of my favorite days of the year.
  4. Echoes
    2012-01-01 20:49
    You're right, of course; you never know. The man survived cancer just a few years ago with no problems whatsoever, so maybe he's actually immortal and will come back many times.

    I can't help but read that as innuendo.

    Definitely one of my favorite non-anime animated movies. The stop-motion is just gorgeous. I'm not really that familiar with the game, and didn't know there was a movie, but hey, if you found a good movie, that's awesome.

    While that sounds like a grand ol' time in general, I can't help but think that sleeping on a cold, dirty street on Christmas day to be first in line for shopping is a bit of a sad fate. Damn. 300 GB of anime, that's a hell of a start, anyhow. Is it mostly stuff you've already seen, or mostly new stuff?

    Happy new year too by the way!I'm bedridden with a bad case of the cold, I hope you're doing better. :P
  5. Rennir
    2012-01-01 14:14
    Thanks papermario I just noticed that your last (and first) VM to me was exactly a year ago
  6. Patchy
    2012-01-01 04:17
    Happy New Year leader >_< wahhh hopefully you'll join again in the next contest >_<, maybe that time you're banner will be at the top ^^...
  7. shinku no kage
    2011-12-31 21:55
    shinku no kage
    Happy New Year~!!!!

    Hope that 2012 will be a good year for you.
  8. Luna91
    2011-12-30 02:06
    haha thanks, did you have a great day? What do you guys do for Christmas?
  9. Echoes
    2011-12-28 23:42
    That's the thing, he's like 88 years old, so the chances of a small country like mine reappearing on his travel list before he, well, either is unable to travel due to age, or passes on, seems slim. But I sure hope you're right.

    You're right. You're always looking on the bright side of life. One of these days, a hitherto unnoticed STD might rear its head and surprise me!

    Oh man, that's awesome. I love that movie, and I was planning to watch that again soon myself. I'll try to get to that before the new year. Such a wonderful movie on every level. Music, visuals, characters, setting, story, all great.

    Oh, alright, so that's how it works. There's a name for that week here to, but there isn't as big a tradition for awesome sales as the one you're describing, unfortunately. Of course, a lot of stuff does go on sale, what with the stores stocking up before Christmas and all. 2 TB ought to get you a whole lot of awesome stuff, I think it would take me years to fill one of those.
  10. Flower
    2011-12-26 21:04
    heheheh ... believe me I try to be careful who I expose such "culture" too ... iae am glad you enjoyed it.

    Now let's sing along together!

    "On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me .... "

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