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  1. Echoes
    2011-11-29 04:16
    That would be horrible, naturally. There's no way everything would be shut down though, unless they somehow removed fair use and other consumer-friendly laws as well.

    I think so. It's one of the few movies I've seen where CG was actually used well. And that's not something you'll hear me say often. In fact, this will probably be the only time. It's a bit ironic, a 2011 remake of a 1985 movie, that feels like it was made in the 90s.

    You've had a lot more experience with, well, experiments, than I have. I always saw those kinds of dissections on American shows and whatnot, but it's not something we do in school here. At least I didn't, though I went to a private school. The eye-dissection wasn't until the 12th grade I believe, and it was in biology, an elective.

    It was definitely a gradual thing. Sato certainly wants love, that's for sure, but he's insecure about it. Things aren't made easier by his target being somewhat oblivious and single-minded, and having an unhealthy obsession with another coworker. I'm sure he doesn't want to come right out and get rejected. That would be especially awkward if they were to continue to work together afterward. Yamada would just drive Souma's tendencies to a whole new level. She would annoy him so much that he would feel he had no choice but to push her away with cruelty and mean pranks. And with that, his sadistic joy would rise to new levels. We'd have created a monster, we would.

    Ehhh. Before even answering your post, I fell asleep. Almost spontaneously. Sorry about that. Another new Idolmaster game, huh. Did you get the one you were going to buy yet? (It's not the same one, right?)
  2. Echoes
    2011-11-28 17:40
    That's exactly why I don't think it'll ever pass in any meaningful sense. The internet is huge business now, and just shutting those parts of it down completely seems infeasible at this point. It's always a good idea to be vigilant, though; stranger things have certainly happened, and the development of the internet thus far has been rocky and unpredictable.

    It happens, apparently. It's only the second good horror remake I can ever recall having seen, the first being John Carpenter's glorious remake of "The Thing." The funny thing is, the remake of Fright Night felt a lot like a 90s movie with better effects, even though it came out this year. Maybe that's why I liked it.

    I've looked at microbes, but I don't believe any of them were viruses, at least to my recollection. Sounds like mob mentality at the microscopic scale. The most "terrifying" thing I ever had to do in science class was dissect an eye, that was creepy. I believe it belonged to a goat.

    That's about the same impression she gave me. I just didn't buy the package they were trying to sell me; I didn't feel sorry for her when she was being that violent at first, and I didn't think I ever would. But she grew on me as her character was fleshed out, which consumed a large portion of the latter part of the series. (Also a bit of a surprise to me.) Sato is perhaps misunderstood, but it seems like he almost wants to be sometimes. Oh man, this brings back great memories of School Rumble, don't know if you've seen that or not. For Souma, we would need some really sweet, but confident girl that could break through his nasty exterior and turn him away from his... unpleasant habits. I don't know if such a girl exists, we can only hope.
  3. Echoes
    2011-11-28 16:58
    Ah yes. The "internet parasite" thing? I've read up about a bit on that. I doubt it'll ever come into effect in any meaningful sense. Internet piracy is a pandora's box that I don't think they'll ever be able to put the lid back on. Of course, that won't stop enormous corporations from trying, despite so many of them making record profits. Not going to go all European-liberal-bashing-America on you, but both parties there are essentially in the pockets of big business, and both are fundamentally corporatist to a ridiculous degree.

    True. But I'd like some of them to be good. Maybe I'm just crazy? I actually saw the remake of Fright Night two nights ago, though, and that was surprisingly good. I loved the original and was naturally skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. Horror remakes are notoriously horrendous, but this one did something new while still using the same concept, and more importantly, did it with style.

    They love to mutate too, those freaky bastards. New strains appear before we've even identified the old ones, much less found a cure. >-<

    Hitler pouting? Thanks for that mental image, man....

    Inami got her time to shine in the first season, and I loved her development. I actually quite disliked her when she first appeared, but the grew on me greatly as the series progressed. I'm not saying that the series should be done with her now, but I'm inclined to agree that I enjoy the Sato-Yachiyo relationship even more at the moment. I think the two need to be together too, they make a *great* couple. Sato is a fantastic character, and I do want the best for him. That's one of the things I really appreciate about the show, there is a nice balance. Even though the female cast can rival that of any moe show I've seen, the male characters aren't neglected, they shine as well. That's something that's a bit lacking in anime these days.
  4. Echoes
    2011-11-28 07:13
    I think there will be hesitation about doing that, especially when the chance for retaliation is so high. That's why I think that all-out war is unlikely, and that domination through other means is more probable, i.e. virtual imperialism through economic reliance, that sort of thing. Of course, there's still a lot of countries that don't have the arsenal to pose any real threat, and they can still go to war or be invaded. (E.g. Iraq, Afghanistan.) There's also the sheer land mass of countries like China, Russia and even the USA, which can afford to take many hits before they falter, if things turn cynical enough for those sorts of calculations to be made...

    Ah yes, back to good old Eli Roth. Where would sleaze and poor movie-making be without him? Truly a national treasure.

    That is a strange state of affairs when you think about it. Unfortunately, viruses operate so differently that they are hard to deal with. I don't know the hard science of why it's so difficult, but viruses essentially turn cells in the body into factories for mass-production of themselves. Kind of horrifying when you think about it, and that's why they're not considered a life-form per se, because they cannot reproduce through their own physiology. Hard not to view them as living things, though, at least I think so. What are they if not organisms?

    Are you sure? From our conversations I have been left with the impression that you're a very aggressive and violent person. Just kidding, I'm sure you can put on a mean pout though, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that! (Uguu~... don't make that face.)

    I caught up with the latest two episodes of Working today, those were a blast. Insanely funny, and Yachiyo's interactions with Sato were very sweet. They make a great couple. Or they would, if Yachiyo let go of her obsession. Little things like asking for his number really tugged at my heartstrings, good stuff. Yamada was hiiilarious as well. Loved her little scribble and the scene where Takanashi asked her to start writing down what he told her and her super-cheeky response.
  5. Echoes
    2011-11-27 18:15
    I wonder if something like that will happen again. War has changed so much since the last world war. The stakes are completely different, complete annihilation is at several people's fingertips; I don't think wars can ever be fought like that again. It'll be different, but I don't know what form it will take.

    Not to mention horror movies, where apparently the best thing they can come up with at least half the time is literally a bunch of people partying, drinking and smoking weed. Yes, that's so much fun to watch for the 512th time; really makes me empathize with them and doesn't bore me in the slightest. I guess you're supposed to root for the maniac with the axe in those movies, but I think it's just an easy excuse for not having to write interesting characters, and it doesn't work at all.

    It sure does. For all its faults, technology sure has made our lives easier. It's hard to even imagine a time when things we fix with a few dozes of antibiotics today would have been a death sentence. Now, time to get to work on an equally effective way of combating viruses. >-<

    But if you keep getting asked until then, you might just lose it and snap some doorman's neck.

    Even thinking about carrying it makes my back act up even more. :P
  6. Echoes
    2011-11-27 17:42
    Wouldn't it have to be, for a plan of this magnitude to go through undetected?

    Speaking of protagonists, they just don't make'em like that anymore. I find protagonists like the guy from Gremlins to be great. Just a good guy with good intentions, who's easy to relate to and has that natural nice-guy charm. There were a lot of those in the 80s, but you just don't see it anymore. I guess people think it's cliche, but even when they try to pass the protagonist off as a nice guy these days, it just doesn't have the same effect on me. Must be a dying art.

    Yeah, there's this thing it might be, the symptoms match, that my great-grandmother had when she was young. It's harmless, but the pain is supposed to be out-of-this-world, so I should make sure I get some medicine if that is the case. Back when she had it (almost 70) years ago, you just had to wait it out. Incredible how much progress had been made since then, makes you feel spoiled.

    Ahh, I see. I don't think you look *that* young, but then again, I'm a horrible judge of age. Certainly nothing wrong with being ID'd at 20, though. If you're still being asked in 10 years time, then you can start feeling offended.

    I don't know how big it actually is, I measured roughly 75 cm diagonally and 60 cm vertically, not counting the fat-ass frame. I suck with inches, but google tells me that's roughly 30 by 23.
  7. Echoes
    2011-11-27 16:15
    You're right. In fact, they should be put in some sort of camp, I think. Where they can concentrate real hard on ridding themselves of their filthy habit.

    Those gremlins are just nuts. Like James says though, they're not exactly evil or vindictive, they just want to have fun and don't care what else happens. They're amoral rather than immoral.

    I have chronic back problems, so it's not surprising, but I've never had it in my leg before. Probably a nerve that's being pressed somewhere, but I should check if it's an infection, or at least get some heavy painkillers if this keeps up. But hey, at least they say adversity builds character....

    Well, you are only 20 after all, not too far off from the cut-off point when it comes to bars and stuff. I still get asked for ID for various stuff as well, though regulations for that kind of stuff are very strict here, so most people err on the side of the caution I think. I didn't know that retro-games looked bad on newer ones. I don't own any old systems, or a new TV, so I don't know jack about that kind of stuff. My television, despite not being flat-screen, is absolutely huge. A friend of mine was going to throw it away when he moved, but I picked that sucker up. It's impossible to even move without at least two people.
  8. Echoes
    2011-11-27 15:27
    I'm sure they will be. You know how it is with evil dictators and mustaches. They go hand in hand.

    Got that right. But nothing good ever comes easy, right? It's nice to see him as "himself" talking about games, like we do in when he reviews movies. Speaking of movies and James Rofle, I actually watched both Gremlins movies this week. Love those crazy bastards, so much fun.

    Hey, thanks man. Funny you should say that, I actually broke out in intense pain today in my back and all the way down by left leg. It's really bad, and I should probably get a doctor's appointment about it tomorrow if it doesn't pass. Real bad stuff, but it's still a lot better than *feeling* bad. Physical pain is easier to deal with, I think. It's simple and straightforward.

    By the way, I saw your picture in the photograph thread. Looking good, man. You don't have a baby face, you look like a grown man! And you got an old-school TV, just like me. I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't have a flat-screen.
  9. Echoes
    2011-11-27 08:04
    Also great for comedic exaggeration of villains and Mexican stereotyping. And Westerns! (These three uses often cross paths too. )

    Yeah.... the lives might be infinite, but my patience and endurance is not. Those are some fantastic videos. It speaks volumes that I rewatch them even though I haven't even played any of the games.

    I'm a bit unstable, and at times it really adds up, especially if there are extenuating circumstances. I'm feeling better today, I'll try to get back in a groove, haven't watched a single episode of anime for over a week now. I'll hopefully be writing a post for the blog soon as well.
  10. Afternoon Tea
    2011-11-27 04:11
    Afternoon Tea
    I know!! i miss you guys!! I've just really busy with school/music stuff, but no worrys I'll try my best to get on next week so we can continue those awesome skype chats

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