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  1. Tsuyoshi
    2010-07-17 04:54
    Don't mind what other people say about your sig. I find it strangely interesting actually, and I like how the girl is in black and white. Idk if it was your intention but it very subtly shifts the focus on her.
  2. xris
    2010-07-16 13:16
    I don't think it's offensive. It's very noticable so that's more likely the reason it is generating "interest".
  3. Toleen
    2010-07-15 18:23
    heya ......i'm not sure i understand what do you mean?
  4. Sin of Memories
    2010-07-15 15:05
    Sin of Memories
    Transparent or white background works the best. Go with it.
  5. pgr101
    2010-07-12 12:37
    sure will do.. :P
  6. xris
    2010-07-12 08:37
    Not as such. It might get picked up due to the following.
    "These rules are only a guideline. If the situation arises where we feel the spirit of the rules are being broken or abused, we may take retrospective action on the offender(s)."
    If we consider the post format to be abusive or just an eyesore then action might be taken.
  7. xris
    2010-07-12 07:15
    Illegal? I think you need to get a better understanding of the word.
  8. Seishi
    2010-07-07 15:26
    Hey there, just stopping by. Have fun with Saimoe again
  9. GHDpro
    2010-06-26 16:14
    It's supposed to be the next version of the torrent site yes. But it's not finished, hence why the URL has "beta" in it. Progress has been very slow though and right now I'm not sure when I'll finish it. However enough functionality is available (such as vastly improved search, watchlist feature [login required for this] and series browser) that I personally already use the beta site by default and hardly use the old site anymore
  10. Kaijo
    2010-06-17 18:00
    Sorry, got caught up in things and forgot about this.

    You're trying to pin down JonBenet's situation to one factor, when there are multiple ones in play. Rarely is a situation the result of one single thing. Her family was rich *and* she was made known via beauty pageants, which also provided the perfect access. No, a poor child wouldn't have been targeted (unless by a pedophile), but neither was wealth the sole factor.

    And I am not connecting black to not rich or anything like that. But it is a sad state of reality that our media will focus mainly good-looking white people, usually women. When was the last time you saw a newscast focus on the murder or abduction of an average looking black guy? Just recently there was a report about the possible trouble of a young, white female sailor, trying to sail alone. Not too long ago was the murder of Lacy Peterson, another white woman.

    But I think you vastly underestimate just how many parents push their kids through unhealthy things like spraying tans. Even if they don't do that, and even if they dress their kid up naturally, the harm being done to their development is still there. They are still being taught that only beauty matters, and it's only a type of show you put on that determines if people like you or not.

    Regardless of how you feel the media portrays them, rarely has any good come out child beauty pageants; it's purely for the parents and adults.

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