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Pocari_Sweat Pocari_Sweat is online now

Monarch of Rughzenhaide

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  1. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-02-20 09:25
    Oh of course I am. Though I don't know if I could handle another idiotic 'twist' with the whole damn dog thing...
  2. Flower
  3. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-02-20 00:01
    I saw the thread for the new Aquarion, and before even clicking I expected you to be within the first 5 posts of it. 2nd though, damnnnn.

    I myself am split onthe opinion of "Pls no more Okada" and "Okada for MAX lulz-ing" I feel tortured.
  4. Terrestrial Dream
    2015-02-19 05:12
    Terrestrial Dream
    Hye Pocari, I know you are super Aussies and all but still happy lunar new year.
  5. Pellissier
    2015-02-17 05:53
    Heh, I linked the first page of the thread instead of the last and strongly warned though.

    More and more posts were either asking for or giving hints about the future events and I decided it was time to cut them. From now on every such post will be deleted.
  6. totoum
    2015-02-14 14:44
    my favorite pass-time on this forum is tormenting you!
    To be fair her repertoire isn't that diverse, she has made a career out of adapting either shonen or SoL shows, she varies the moeblob factor depending on the show.

    Oh and I don't see you in the Death Parade thread, not watching it?
  7. Marcus H.
    2015-02-14 08:21
    Marcus H.
    Well, since every thread is heading towards Kyoani hate, I'll bring this here instead.

    Going to try this one more time. KnK PV's and synopsis made it seem like it was going to be a supernatural/anime in the reigns of something like Shana or Index (and jokingly at the time was called the future Monogatari Killer, which in hindsight is hilarious now).

    However, when the series actually aired, it was just like every other typical Kyoani series.
    I was on /a/ when they started coining that term for KnK, and only idiots would fall for that. I do understand the concern, though. When the "No Line" PV of KnK aired, I thought of the same thing, but I willingly adjusted expectations as soon as the other PVs were released. As an avid fan of Shana and Index, I never saw KnK as either and it was definitely NOT Bake-esque. My expectations for KnK was simply "it would look good" and it did look good, and for me all else were just well-accepted extras.

    It was filtered through their lens with their streamlined high school comedy and moe antics which comprised the majority of the series and then as a distraction put a few action and cool scenes here and there and called it a day. That is what you call false advertising.
    Another thing I saw in KnK was how it was using the newfound knowledge they have in animating fluids that they used in Free in animating Mirai's blood and similar details. For a time, I see KnK as merely another test, but this time in choreographing battle scenes, something they haven't done for a long time. That's probably another reason my expectations aren't as high as others do.

    In a vacuum no it doesn't. But given how Kyoani series resulted in the past, post Clannad After Story years, it isn't unwarranted.
    It's exaggerated and hyperbole, but unfortunately it does paint a picture of what Kyoani is nowdays.
    I don't care about how great Kyoani was and how shit they are supposed to be. Nowadays, I passively look for ways to make any anime series I pick up an enjoyable experience, and only the utter shit of them all ends up dropped (e.g. Mahouka). That's probably the problem why the critics' opinions all whiz by my head.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-14 01:39
    I have to be up for Valentine's day trip tomorrow at 5AM, neither do I.

    Actually, next week in general might be a bit tough - technically I'm on break but there's a paper due shortly after I get back.
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-12 16:03
    Bit of preliminary data:

    Spoiler for Simplified list - total shows and classics:

    "Classic" just means I consider it a standout among the entire period considered, which is a bit arbitrary.
    The notable observations here are how the variation in how many shows I like year to year is pretty small and how bad 2009 was save for a few standouts.

    And here's a slightly more detailed set:
    Spoiler for Less simplified numbers:

    2014 doesn't look quite as strong here, does it? Note the classics category includes Classic+ (basically the "shortlist") and tier 1 includes both, I just bother marking classic/classic+ because such shows can skew my overall impressions a bit.

    Will send the detailed data later.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-02-12 05:16
    I'll probably format the data and send it to your and Triple_R at somepoint soon.

    I'm actually liking this second half of Shirobako a lot. First was a more hit and miss.

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