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  1. Flower
    2014-10-07 02:14
    In my opinion you were rightly warned!

    As for my joked for trade, will prolly watch Shirobako though....

    Hmm...lets wait on the trade until we have an ep or two of all the season to come under our belts, then. ^^
  2. Flower
    2014-10-07 02:03
    Well, that's fine. I will (hopefully) enjoy for the both of us. ^^

    I know! We can trade.... I will enjoy Sora no Method for you and you can enjoy Cross Ange for me!
  3. Flower
    2014-10-07 01:29
    Hmm...yeah. So far the series premier eps that stood out the most for me have been Log Horizon s2, Grisaia and Sora no Method (for me this is a "big gun"). Loh Horizon s2 and Sora no Method were expected. Grisaia I was curious about and had a little expectations from the few manga chs I've read, so that was not totally unexpected, I guess.

    But the biggest surprise has been Gugure! Kokkuri-san. It is odd and quirky, but the sense of humor in it just hit all the right notes for me - even to the point of eerily so. That series was not really on my radar, either. The real test (like any comedy series) will be if it can continue the humor.
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-10-07 00:13
    Most stuff is "too early to call", though I do have some first episode observations:

    Denpa Onna + AnoHana + female lead = Sora no Method
    Koichoco - middling political intrigue + WTF sci-fi = Ushinawarete
    Secret agent story written by someone with Chuunibyou + two girls that seem kind of awesome + Nisemonogatari levels of characters demonstrating tropes without the wit Nisemono demonstrated during Karen Bee = Grisaia (but I feel like it might actually turn out decent regardless)
    50 minutes of Rin doing stuff = F YEAH UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS prologue episode (okay, it's not technically moe but I like Rin)

    Edit: if you haven't already, you might want to track down the Ano Natsu de Matteru OVA that came out recently. It's not especially profound, but it does feature a few decent subtle moments. I don't just like it because it's still the only series that manages to make naked apron gags funny by making them contextually appropriate.
  5. Haak
    2014-10-06 07:08
    Shush you.

    Anyway, are you watching Shingeki no Bahamut? I was really impressed with the première tbh.
  6. totoum
    2014-10-03 15:53
    And I've hardly posted this summer as well, and when I do it's just to nitpick you

    But serious, this director/ writer combo can be really self aware, this is the very first scene of joshiraku, I honestly wondered if this was a case of GG trolling with the subs but no it wasn't.
    Another brief example here
  7. Flower
    2014-10-02 23:01
    Nope ... though of course that is an interesting "side harmony" to the whole image too. ^^
  8. Flower
    2014-10-02 22:48
    It was a compliment but also an observation - sort a poetic symbolism of a few of the characteristics that jump out to me when I consider the cumulative "image" from your posts, I guess. Here:
  9. Flower
    2014-10-02 22:43
    Ahh ... well ... that makes sense. You know ... you are definitely a very loyal sort of creature, aren't you?

    Kinda remind me of a chow-chow. That's so cuuuuute. XD

  10. Flower
    2014-10-02 21:35

    Tbh I spent a LOT more time in the Hyouka thread. Tari Tari some here and there as it aired, but Kokoro Connect I dropped half way through the season. (My main focus was on Hyouka, which I actually thought was the AOTY in which it aired.)

    But why be upset if other people choose to discuss something else? If it does something for them why get bent out of shape? All sorts of people discuss series that I think are boring or even bad and have for years afaiac, but so what? Why not come to the forums to discuss the things you love, why you love them and enriching your experience therefrom first and foremost?

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