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the opposing wind

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  1. Arkham
    2009-09-11 10:00
    Hi Lovely Lady Latea! Nothing much. I was away for a couple of dayz.
    I see things are slow here.

    Where's our local friendly viking?

    BTW I like your album . The camera loves you
  2. clarakiss~
    2009-09-11 09:11
    hellooo~ latea! I'm doing good; just downloadin' some songs from itunes website at the moment. neway, i haven't answered the questions u sent me some time ago. lol gomen ne T.T so what are ur plans this weekend? me? i have no clue ^^; i'll think of something...
  3. Tsuyoshi
    2009-09-11 07:33
    He beat the crap out of an entire crowd and got away with it. If that's no word for bad-ass I don't know what is. Judging from his stance, he's got to be a professionally trained boxer. If it was one on one, a lawcourt could make it look like he was the offender, but he was being attacked by an entire crowd, he couldn't possibly be the offender. So I'm wondering how he could've incited such angst in so many people all at once
  4. Tsuyoshi
    2009-09-11 04:35
    New motivationals for you =D
  5. camilla
    2009-09-10 16:47
    Alright, so I'll be sending you some pics of the garden and of my cactuses.

    Oops, didn't mean to make you go through all this pain to load the images...

    Join the sugars side.
  6. Tsuyoshi
    2009-09-10 16:28
    oh lol, you've never even heard my voice, how would you know?
  7. rigaldo
    2009-09-10 14:35
    galatea-san ! yeahh I do love fringe, I thought x-files was just excellent but it seems like there's another rival coming out ! I followed the serie last year, as it was released on abc channel (I guess it's the right one, I may be confusing it with lost) and I must say I was always eager to know what was gonna happen next, it was so captivating ! héhé olivia is sure quite attractive, and she's so talented, so are walter and peter, haaa I could speak about it for hours, I watched them all and I'm waiting for the next season to eventually be released the 19th of september ^^'' I see you have good tastes u__u I appreciate JJ abrams' touch in his series, alias had the same atmosphere and the scenario was complicated but not that much compared to what turned out to be one of the best series (lost haha) soundtrack, story, characters, scientific mysteries, are just perfect ! and I like the idea of a different reality that can be travelled and the "recruits" that are prepared to fight against something terrible that we have no idea of .. I'm so crazy about all the series I watch, I can't help myself asking a load of questions and thinking about what could possibly happen =S

    BTW I'm a fan addict of the bold man, I noticed he appeared in almost every episodes .. !
  8. Tsuyoshi
    2009-09-10 14:00
    Lolol, my friend here at work just told me I could be a good voice actor xD
  9. camilla
    2009-09-10 12:48
    No, tea contains caffeine ( though in a lesser percentage than coffee ) and another stimulant: theophylline. So it doesn't get you sleepy at all.

    And considering coke is enough to give me palpitations, it's a good thing I never drink coffee.

    I can only fall asleep on the couch during winter when in front of the fireplace or the wood stove. My rocking chair had the same effect on me ... but my mom was tired of seeing it around and donated it to a neighbor's friend... how cruel...

    Oh, I'm soooo sorry to hear yuo broke your nails... I know how frustrating this can be. I don't like having long fingernails 'cause I'd break them while typing on the keyboard, texting, gardening and DIY works.

    you're asking me the impossible: I would never been able to reduce sugars... I adore honey, chocolate and pastries. Tea with honey and lemon is da best!!!!
  10. evangeline-stclare
    2009-09-10 10:05
    Raki- Priss
    I like them together as long as I don't have to think about them getting it on. :P

    Subtle romance stuff is ok when it makes sense to the story but I'm tired of every show/book/story/whatever having to pair up anyone who is male and female for the hell of it. There are a good number of yuri pairings that make sense in claymore because it's 90% female characters

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    pretty much quiet. XD
    Indonesia Raya
    So I have huuge crave for seafood and cutting w/ knives... ;>
    ^.^i * Royal Fuud Huntress. I'm quite mobile XD
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    a good enough notebook o/ Windows based that I can excitingly manage ;)
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    Macross Frontier (watching mechas with love ^u^)
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    Souten no ken (jez started)

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    Goodnight Punpun
    SS : Lost Canvas
    Air Gear
    Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi)

    *on the lookout^^ : Sky Crawlers (OVA) by Mamoru Oshii & Sushi Oji (the movie)
    *very annoyed but laughs at the same time : Detroit Metal City (manga)
    GitS (mah most fava ;>)
    SW: Clone Wars (animated)
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    Buzzer Beater
    Boogiepop Phantom
    Vampire Hunter D (OVA)
    Perfect Blue (Psychological Thriller Movie ;)~)
    Sushi Oji (Jap-drama)
    Nodame Cantabile (Jap-drama vers.)

    Crystal Dragon (manga) - one of Da bEST! Evaaa~^0^!!!
    SS : The Lost Canvas
    Bad Company
    Master Keaton
    Angel Heart
    Dragon Voice
    Sakigake!! Otokojuku
    ~Crayon Shin chan~
    Suikoden III
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