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  1. haegar
    2009-08-06 08:02
    the good thing about abstract painting is nobody can come up and telll you you didn't get it right, you just say, hey, it' abstract, its supposed to be like this

    btw there is a cooking group? roflmao... where do you dig that cool stuff, I never noticed it so far and I ve been here two months already...
  2. Tsuyoshi
    2009-08-06 07:11
    Aye, it is =)
  3. Tsuyoshi
    2009-08-06 07:06
    Well, it's not actually based on the live action movie (which sucked btw), but it's my third favorite and it's the artistic style that attracted me to it. I actually came across it by accident while looking for the live action. I ended up downloading one of the episodes without realizing it and when I saw what I was watching, I thought it was interesting. Trust me, if you likd Karas, then you're gonna love this.
  4. Tsuyoshi
    2009-08-06 06:59
    Actually, I've seen that already. Ages ago. And I thought it was pretty f***in' BADASS. The plot was kinda similar to Bleach tho, but it was still more than just worthwhile. It still has the best animation I've seen in any anime so far. If you liked that, you should also check out Casshern Sins. I'm re-running it for the third time right now, and it's the only anime I've watched three times aside from YYH tbh.
  5. Tsuyoshi
    2009-08-06 06:46
    Yeah, I kinda knew what happens in the OVA because I've seen the abridged version of it by Lanipator. It's on utube, and I died laughing when I saw it, and Lani's insane. He's great at imitating everyone in the show! He's only gotten up to ep 16 tho but he's still making stuff so I'm waiting. What other animes do you watch?
  6. Tsuyoshi
    2009-08-06 06:33
    Oh God, I hope that's not gonna happen. The first series ended so magnificently (prolly the best ending in any anime to date) I'd hate to see it rehashed like half the anime we see these days. I know there's already an OVA that's been made ages ago. I checked it out but quit the moment I heard Kuwabara's voice. I was able to tolerate the sudden voice change in everyone, like Yusuke and Botan, but not Kuwabara.

    That aside, in case you haven't yet, you should read Hunter X Hunter. It was made by the very same Togashi. I wouldn't say it's as good as YYH, but I'd definitely put it on my top 10 list. The only problem is that it's still ongoing since he's been on haitus for two months now T_T
  7. haegar
    2009-08-06 06:25
    uh, no that was missleading... I attempt to paint.

    Or I do paint for fun and recreation, though I definetly would say that there's neither talent nor skill involved in the whole enterprise

    Problem is I can't draw. I've started that a couple of months ago and am practicing, but I'm not even getting close to the quality of your sketches or some of the stuff a few of the image-thread posters reveal from time to time

    I'm doing abstract and landscape stuff with acrylics, mostly working with a layered technique which takes a lot of time but is easier for the novice than mixing the colors and shades on the canvas. None of what I did so far is worthy of posting though - sometimes I do a bit with pastell charcoals (dunno the trnaslation - you can smear it with your hands and its always making a mess ) and some aquarellic colors, both crayons and with brush.

    at the mom I'm trying out a lot of manga coloring or sketching, but both are really really low-level Next project is a big widescreen canvas with like sth. around 60x180 and I want to put on that some three or four succesive panels from claymore which I wanna try drawin myself and coloring myself, most likely with the acrylics.

    Might take another half year till i start that though, first, learn a bit more drawing, second, find the right scene (at the mom I'm favoring one with "sister latea" xD), third, get better with the colors - oh well I guess its a project for life which I appproach with budhist philosophy: the way is the goal, aka doesn'T matter if the results suck as long as its fun

    - although with this claymore project its diffrent I wanna hang it up the wall in my room so I have higher standards than usual...hence for the first time some real planing of which skills would be useful to improve a bit...

    I'm not sure if I'll have the stamina to keep that up though xD

    edit: btw VERY nice rigardo you added there, I'll take the liberty to give MR.JB a nudge to check it out, he's gonna love it !!!!!
  8. Tsuyoshi
    2009-08-06 06:21
    OH wow, I never actually played any YYH games. I'll have to look for some of them now since I have the Snes emulator on my comp. I can imagine Mukuro's pretty nasty in a fight. I bet she'd have been a match for Raizen in his prime when you really think about it. Kinda makes me wish Togashi spent more time in the Demon Tournament Arc in the manga.
  9. Tsuyoshi
    2009-08-06 06:04
    Hehe Thanks =D Glad to see there's someone else around here who knows the greatness of Tekken and Yu Yu Hakusho =D
  10. haegar
    2009-08-06 05:57
    ehehe yeah handling the eccentric self is always a challenge

    as for those high-strung debates, it sometimes is helpfull in quiting your mind, much like I tend to forget things around me when painting or reading, or like gutts who needs to swing his sword to arrive of a state of inner peace

    as it is though I have to write some essay for university and I'm a bit stuck with my argument at the mom, so I fleed into some claymore related debate to get my mind of other things xD

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