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  1. Ryus
    2010-07-21 14:28
    Hey, just wondering how your doing... long time no post. Hope your ok
  2. Mikke
    2010-06-18 15:00
    Hey there! hope everything goes smoothely for you, and good luck. Looking forward to your come back
  3. revan5
    2010-06-06 18:37

    Oh boy, look at that perspective technique! That reminds me of back in the day when I too drew quite a bit. Tragically, college coursework meant I could not continue. I specialized in a sort of "flowing" look (I liked nothing better than to draw the ladies with long, flowing hair (you could say I was a Trinity Blood hairstylist ). I don't have experience with a digital palette, and my talents are rusty from disuse. Your lighting and contrasts look to be excellent. It would probably take me years of practice to get that good, but unlike some, I do have some latent talent for it, if not a ton.

    I've been working on further needed edits in the fanfiction. Chapters 6 & 7 are due in for substantial edits this evening, followed up by chapters 3 then 8 for minor edits. I was hoping you'd just give me a heads up on how everything's going with you. The Dark Lord's all stressed out thinking he'll never hear from the goddess of art for awhile. I'll keep slaving away on doing hours of editing work in the hopes you appreciate a writer who's trying to satisfy his most demanding fan.

    "Please don't harass me. That would be appreciated."-Yes, apologies on my talkativeness. I have a gregarious, friendly, creative and overambitious personality, which tends to lend itself to committing myself to doing too much at one time. Take for instance my tendency to have more ideas than I could possibly ever act on (a dangerous combination). I'm trying to get the fanfiction ready for primetime sometime in mid-August, so whenever possible, feel free to drop me a line about it. I noted with some interest your dispute on Deviantart. I'd forgotten I was only just getting talented enough to do original work in high school before leaving for college. If you're wondering why I keep messaging, it's just that I get nervous when I don't hear from someone and then begin wondering if I've mortally offended them.

    "Furthermore, the whole "commissioning" comparison is completely off. You say that my reviews are like commissioning my perfect fanfiction, so we're both helping each other out. It's not true. For one, I have zero desire to commission a fanfiction in my life. You've also already wrote pretty much the entire fanfiction, so it's a product that you made yourself that you enjoy; hardly something that I've directed you to write." - Ah well, then let's just pare it down to your influence being heavily imprinted upon the story. Chapter 1's already looking much better thanks to your help, and I'm sure you'll like it better than you did.

    "And lastly, my reviews are there to help you improve your story. They are a large chunk of my own time that I use to help writers write to the best of their abilities. I don't expect writers to listen to my critique; that would be nice, but it's not necessary. It's just there if you feel like improving your writing. The vibe I get though, is that you're making changes to your story as an obligation to me. I don't intend for critiques to be an obligation, ever. I always assume that because people willingly want to improve themselves, they'd use the critiques." - To be honest, the vibe you're getting comes from me being astounded at the quality of your reviews (Shiek as well) and feeling obliged to make certain address each and every fault you've discovered in them. If you review more, the fanfiction will continue looking ever better and be much more satisfying for you to read. As it is I'm editing everything I can to as high a standard as possible, but frankly I can't do it all without an outstanding editor such as yourself. Besides that Lily, I'd be disappointed in myself if I didn't provide you one hell of a fanfiction to link to. Think of it this way: would you want to produce a cover and link to a fanfiction you didn't have a say in and didn't like?

    I'll wait awhile unless you message back, and at that time I'll send you off the "proof of concept" chapter featuring the "Lily-inspired" character, Rima Romanov. It should be a blast to read, as it'll feature a set of characters we've heard so much about (in Yagi's work) but have never actually seen in the story. If you're still feeling blue, as I did last year, a little exercise is an excellent antidote. I'm sure you've heard of runner's high, haven't you? Take it from a friend, the best way to get over a bad mood is to take a long-term perspective (you're still a top student no matter what) and do a few workouts. You can ignore some of my prior messages in your PM box btw. That's just me getting too anxious (yet again). Take care, and don't let the cover stress you out. I want you to have fun with it, so please, by all means, take as much time as leisurely as you desire.
  4. Ryus
    2010-06-02 15:08
    Watching Dexter

    Love that show! Seasons 1 and 2 are the best though... 3 is kinda good and 4 slightly better than 3. Can't wait for season 5 to start this fall.
  5. haegar
    2010-05-31 17:15
    hi was just browsing you DA acc for potential new pics and stumbled over your little commentary on copy/trace ...that was fun to read even if I don't get the the specifics
    keep uo the spirit

    oh, and also... the claymore artwork of course
  6. revan5
    2010-05-31 11:29
    With regards to the fanart, you'll find the members of this forum are addicted to your drawings like crack cocaine. If you want to draw less of it (although for the addicts' sake, I hope not quit cold turkey entirely), you should simply draw fewer. Eventually the requests to draw them will drop off to a more manageable level. In the meantime others will help to distract them from the "creamy goodness" that they seem to get out of "eating up" all your work.
  7. Rennir
    2010-05-23 19:37
    We miss you in the image thread . Need some more of your beautifully drawn pictures to counteract all the words ryus and shiek wrote
  8. revan5
    2010-05-21 22:59
    Ha, it turns out I did have enough time to go over your review and get the suggested edits acted upon. I'll be posting the results of that shortly (technically it'll be a reposting in the old chapter 1 post you used for your review, so check back there to see the impact your review had upon the chapter).

    "Review for Revan's Chapter 1, Part 2--

    I love that you wrote that in, very humorous. Remember how I mentioned in my previous post that your character descriptions are jarring? Well, THIS is the perfect place to describe Renee's gorgeous physique."

    My response: I would love to do that, but due to the perspective I'm writing from, that particular edit is not possible. However, rest assured I acted upon your suggestion, and many others in your two reviews. I'm sure chapter 1 will need 1-2 further editing checks before it's ready for primetime, but it's definitely headed in the right direction.

    "Also, there are some strange syntax errors with "and," not only from this particular passage but throughout Chapter 1"

    My response: welcome to the issues with typing on a linux machine. Microsoft Word comes with a far better editor/wordchecker than does Linux Open Office word processor, so until I switch onto the new Windows machine that'll be incoming in the next few months, expect to see these sorts of mistakes. It often has less to do with my writing ability than it does my effort to just get stuff done, the cost of which is often minor errors that cause syntax issues all over. I expect that with each round of reviews you do, the caliber of the work will jump appreciably.
  9. revan5
    2010-05-21 01:22
    Word of warning, I only just finished posting the rough drafts of chapter 8 and 9, as well as the epilogue. I'll try to finish the edits you requested, but if possible, try to wait until June 1st to resume your reviews of the rest of the fanfiction. I'll be gone for much of the time up till then, and will be unable to quickly respond to your desired changes.

    It may take me longer than expected to rework all the changes you were wanting to the nature of the edits and my impending trip. I'll do what I can and paste the improved sections over the old stuff.
  10. haegar
    2010-05-18 02:59
    hope I like it? wooooohooo

    that turned out rly beautiful, thx for remembering

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