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Open fire!

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  1. LMF
    2011-06-20 12:17
    If I can rearrange the English alphabet, I'll put U and I together.
  2. LMF
    2011-06-20 00:36
    Long time, no see, Umiko. Hope I didn't left you hanging...
  3. sebo3e
    2011-05-01 06:25
    Arisa-yes i am done!!! Sara-wow she finaly did it --> extra Arisa-now for everything you done to or erath you will pay! Ugwa-dont make me take this girl! helll blassster!!!! all aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    Arisa-oh no you wont!!!! Galactic star dust breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COLIDES!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!
    Arisa/uGWA ghghghghghghghhhhh........ Arisa-damit why is his power so strong still? Ugwa-muahahahah you will die now kid!!! Arisa-ughhhhhhhh notices up there Vendors.... haaaaa Ugwa whaaaat!????????? damit! take this missteres s holly arrrow!!!! NOW ARISAAA!!!! Arisa-yes! fulll powerrrr galactic stardust breaaaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 break him though!!! aaargh ugwa--shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!! i cant take this light .. remember darkness will never die Arisa-d
  4. sebo3e
    2011-04-30 14:53
    hELLO long timeno chat
  5. LMF
    2011-01-02 09:21

    Hello. Been a long time.
  6. LMF
    2010-11-11 11:02
    Can I join too?
  7. LMF
    2010-10-24 23:22
    True. I'm getting bored of this game. Same goes with MapleStory friends. They rarely logging in. Gonna miss those bratz.

    Uh... I lurk around this forum and I seen your posts in the Anime Saimoe Tournament thread and some Moe tournament. What is it about?
  8. LMF
    2010-10-21 08:47
    Well, I watched the anime recently. Thanks to a good site.

    The Esplanada. Thanks. So it's for musical just like the Syndey Opera House.

    Yeah, MapleStory...
    I'm a newcomer. Been playing it last month. Though I thought of quitting but my friends urge me to keep playing. Seem like an endless cycle.
  9. LMF
    2010-10-21 01:32
    I enjoyed the anime, Umiko.


    Are there many Merlion statues in Singapore? The ones that shoot water from the mouth.

    Have you ever enter that building that has two silver domes? I have seen it on the web and recently, MapleStory.

    Heh, how about the Fountain of Wealth?
  10. LMF
    2010-10-17 23:11
    Yeah, you're right. Not surprisely. I apologize for that lame comment.

    What is this railgun again? I know I can look it up but I'm a lazy bum...

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