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  1. hakisak
    2009-01-15 12:37
    Thanks so much for the rep...You are very good judge of character! I am honored you liked my post.
  2. monir
    2008-08-02 13:49
    Where recommendation is concerned, I'm full of it. Check out Kara No Kyokai from this summer season whenever you get some time. Each episode is about 50 minutes in length and there are 3 episodes out thus far. The episodes are episodic in nature so you don't need to watch the next episode right away. Continuity still persist even though there is a sense of finality at the end of every episode........ seemingly (but that's for you to figure out). I'm sure you will enjoy it.
  3. monir
    2008-08-01 21:35
    Hi ho. Are you watching any other series in the present?
  4. BleachOD
    2008-07-22 09:09
    (although Kakashi is technically correct).

    No he isn't. If you say that...then you have to say Ichigo has been protecting Rukia, Chad, and Orihime...the latter came after Rukia spoon fed him vow and he goes to HM. He's always watched over Chad. When you look at it like that...his vow to Orihime. Doesn't say much.

    Mei...You rule!
  5. Amirali
    2008-07-21 21:19
    Thank you for making the "protect" / "save" thing clear. It was one of those debate points where semantics were obscuring the reality, (although Kakashi is technically correct).
    Ichigo has been protecting both Rukia and Orihime, for quite some time now. Not that I'm comparing the two relationships; you've discussed the differences very well already.
  6. Nervous Venus
    2008-07-21 21:08
    Nervous Venus
    I didn't last very long, lol
  7. Nervous Venus
    2008-07-21 14:17
    Nervous Venus
    Thanks, it means a lot.

    Aside from the pettiness, I'm also bowing out for now for a few other reasons, one being that I need to catch up wih the manga. I actually didn't even notice Ichigo acting nice to Rukia at all pre-SS (which was what I had been mislead to believe, as I used to ship the other couple). Going back to re-read the manga on my own, without letting people on both sides affect my take on certain scenes in the manga really broadens my view on things,

    and if I'd like to make any meaningful discussions, I'll need to have ample information stored up before jumping in.

    BTW, I love your posts on the IchiRuki relationship dynamic in your LJ . I only started reading it recently, so I'll have some catching up to do there.

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