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  1. night_sentinel
    2014-03-05 04:17
    Team Nagano: Oh this is going to be a fun team. And yeah, its better Saki than Koromo on the captain position. You can't be certain the full moon will be up. And I don't know if Koromo's sadism is completely cured.

    Team Osaka: I have no idea what Kei is like. Hmmm... but assuming a better Satoha. Ace spot should go to her. Toki should not get the captain position being the hotblooded sick moeblob that she is. Actually, Hiroe would be good at captain. Ryuuka can be our middle player.

    Team Tokyo: Yeah. Awai really shouldn't have gotten the captain position in Shiraitodai. Any position but that would work wonders for her. Satoha wouldd be good in the Captain position. I would actually like Teru to stay in vanguard. She works wonders there.

    Re: International arcs. I want different rulesets. We already have a taste of that in the recent spin-off. Plus, I remember that the tournament title that Kokaji last played sounds like it have different rules. ^^
  2. night_sentinel
    2014-03-05 03:50
    Yeah... that is probably going to be a problem in any international arc. Either the enemies there would be so powerful, that team Japan can field a Teru-Saki combination and there will still be challenge. Or she needs to make a reason why the two of them can't be on the same team.

    On that hypothetical combination, I'll probably put Satoha on Sergeant, after Teru. Her targeting on the vanguard semi's really amazed me. lol ^^

    Though, speaking of team combinations. Team Nagano All stars is also nice. As well as Team Osaka with Senriyama + Himematsu + Kei. Come to think of it, Team Tokyo is going to be stupidly good as well Rinkai + Teru. lol
  3. night_sentinel
    2014-03-05 03:39
    Well, this works if you only stick to the original position of the characters. I assume, they can change the position in between tournaments.

    And its surprising that you didn't go for the usual set-up of Teru-person-person-person- Saki. ^^
  4. night_sentinel
    2014-03-05 02:24
    To be honest, I'm really wondering what the hell is wrong with Shiraitodai in the semis. Its like they're trying to lose every single advantage they have.

    For one, their team construction is so mindbogglingly stupid. Why would they make a pure offense team for god sakes?! With Teru in the team, they have all the offense they could ever need. In fact, the optimal choice is Teru and 4x defender. Heck, each member could safety lose 10k and Teru's gain will probably enough for them to win all the way to the finals. And if they do lose points, all they have to do is not get directly hit. Since mathematical logic says if all the loses they take is from tsumo someone will bust out before their opponent even overtakes them.


    Well, as you've said, at least Rinkai is doing a good job for their hype. It speaks well if Ritz is planning a possible International Stage.
  5. night_sentinel
    2014-03-05 01:05
    blinks... looks like most of our post got deleted at the end. sigh...

    And I apparently was overestimating Seiko. I must have hypnotized myself in believing that she has lost 40k or something lol. She really did single handedly lost Shiraitodai's lead didn't she?

    ...And about Naruka... she's apparently a really low level player in-universe, probably a beginner or something. So I don't hold it against her. Well much. ^^
  6. night_sentinel
    2013-09-04 21:10
    Yeah. Animesuki has an album picture limit. And the discussion section isn't really conducive to long posts. Hmm... do you have a blog by any chance? If you don't have one or don't want to make one I can invite you to author in my blog on wordpress.
  7. night_sentinel
    2013-09-04 19:55
    That's good. ^^
    I think you should copy and paste it though. I tried to make a link to your thread once so we can discuss your WIW in our group but found that the anime section is missing for non-SB members. T_T
  8. night_sentinel
    2013-09-04 18:44
    Katreus. I just passed your thread in spacebattles and I've been thinking. Why don't you make a discussion for your WIW of Saki in our social group? That way there will be more people who will read it at the very least.
  9. Proto
    2009-10-09 23:50
    are you availabe to play right now? Check the mahjong thread.

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