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  1. Zu Ra
    2010-01-03 21:46
    Zu Ra
    Hii I had added you long time back . But your rarely online : (

    I dont want to add a number this isn't myspace

    Will you be online this time ? ^^
  2. Bleach Rulse
    2009-01-16 11:18
    Bleach Rulse
    ah ye your Avatar rocks
  3. Bleach Rulse
    2009-01-16 11:14
    Bleach Rulse
    Hahah sry i was not at home this week so i did not answer your Question yep my avatar signature it is made by some girl from naruto forum ! All best
  4. blue skies
    2009-01-13 00:58
    blue skies
    Just what do you like about him?

    Everything. I know it's a little silly to love a secondary character so much, but I've been a fan since the beginning of the manga. I adore his little insights into some of the characters, and he's an intelligent, sweet, funny guy, and he seems to have some issues himself, which makes him even more interesting. Like I said, that extra chapter he got a long (long, long) time ago is one of my favorite moments in the entire series. Not to mention he's just adorable.

    That said, I'm interested to know what makes you love Rukia so much. Honestly, I had a hard time warming up to her. But I like her now. I'm guessing part of it's because she's a fairly unique female lead?
  5. blue skies
    2009-01-08 16:51
    blue skies
    Yes, I am an Orihime fan. She and Ishida are my favorite characters in Bleach. And Mizuiro -- Kubo should do a slice of life spinoff all about him. I love Mizuiro. The supernatural hax and undeveloped GAR just don't suit him, and I loved that extra chapter he had during the SS arc.

    Teasing and being sarcastic is fun, but I swear no one in those threads has a sense of humor anymore. I posted today and was like, what. You can tell it's gone downhill when people start taking me seriously. But I still can't wait for you to kick some booty in there. We've gotta get our kicks somehow. ;>
  6. blue skies
    2009-01-07 22:29
    blue skies
    From what I've seen, you've done a fabulous job so far. So... so nice! But you know, the day's gonna come when you just can't resist ripping some poor unfortunate soul to shreds. And when it happens, you better tell me so I can lol at the carnage. ;<

    I just checked the movie thread. They're talking about hentai for some reason. I'm scared.
  7. blue skies
    2009-01-05 12:28
    blue skies
    Turning over a new leaf, huh? It can be so hard not to be sarcastic in those threads though. Some people are just asking for it xD. One of my resolutions is to stay away from there as much as possible, lol. Be careful in there -- too much of those threads can't be good for your sanity!

    Any news on the movie? I should check out the thread. I've been wondering if it's going to be better than the others. And if there's really an explosion of IchiRuki goodness, lol.
  8. Amirali
    2009-01-04 14:45
    You're explained your distaste for Orihime quite well. But I'd love to hear more about your affection for Rukia, and why she appeals to you also.
  9. blue skies
    2009-01-03 15:31
    blue skies
    Happy New Year to you too, lovely! I've been doing pretty well; trying to catch up on some manga, being lazy, spending too much money... in other words, the usual. ;<

    How have you been? I haven't peeked into the Bleach threads for a while.
  10. Le_Rukia
    2008-12-06 10:50
    hey there is a new group for icihiRuki.....
    I am looking for you....

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