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View Poll Results: What would you like to know more about? What events/mysteries?
Where did kakashi get his sharingan? 42 26.58%
What relationship did kakashi have with obito and how did obito die? 10 6.33%
Itachi! How much did he own in his chuunin exam? What were his anbu days like? 12 7.59%
Akatsuki. Who are their members? Who is that leader who is stronger than Itachi? 38 24.05%
Did they dominate their chuunin exam and crush all the other genin? 0 0%
I wanna know EVERYTHING about the Ninja war that happened. The politics and brawls that occured. 6 3.80%
Some indepth look into life in other villages, their jounin, their structure 8 5.06%
The detailed events of the kyuubi . How konoha's jounin, anbu fought and Yondaims jutsu. 34 21.52%
I wanna know more about the lives of the 1'st and second Hokage and how they founded Konoha. 4 2.53%
I wanna know the juicy details of gai-kakashi and Oro-Jiraiya rivalries. 4 2.53%
Voters: 158.

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