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darkdhaos 2018-11-11 08:09

Takarakuji ga Atatta node Level 1 kara Seiken wo Katte miru (Web Novel)
Original Title: 宝くじが当たったのでレベル1から聖剣を買ってみる
Author: Ryosuke Hata (羽田 遼亮)
Illustrator: Tozai (東西)
Publisher: Monster BUNKO (モンスター文庫)
Publication Status: 2 Volumes, Ongoing
Web Novel: Syosetsu
Status: 122 WN Chapters, Ongoing


Spoiler for Synopsis:

Spoiler for FAQ:

wuhugm 2018-11-11 09:56

Is equipping Seiken makes you strong?

Spoiler for Synopsis:

Is MC a retard?
He can use his skill to become the guild's exclusive equipment tester

darkdhaos 2018-11-11 10:08


Originally Posted by wuhugm (Post 6295911)
Is MC a retard?
He can use his skill to become the guild's exclusive equipment tester

The mc applied to a lot of different guilds, but the guilds rejected his applications, so the retards would probably be the guilds. Also, though he has a rare skill that allows him to equip a level 50 dark knight's sword or a full mithril plate armor even at level 1, because the mc is not strong enough (he was a little stronger than a normal farmer at the beginning, a normal beginner adventurer would be 2 or 3 times stronger than the mc) he cannot use the equipment properly.

wuhugm 2018-11-11 10:11

^Firstly, why the hell is the world operates on RPG mechanics?

How do you explain "level 50 dark knight's sword" in real life? Who set the level requirement even?

darkdhaos 2018-11-11 10:29

^I believe everyone has status windows and I think everyone can see other people's status windows (when they're displayed), also there are people with appraisal like skills to check the status windows and the TCP (Total Combat Power, I believe it's a person's combat ability value based on the person's attributes, skills and equipment) of any person. Here are the status of the mc at the beginning:

Spoiler for Status:

wuhugm 2018-11-11 10:41

^That's just normal stuff in Isekai stories

What's not normal is "level 50 dark knight's sword" and stuffs

In a game, it's simplified, so no matter

But in reality, every equipment is made by someone
There are super special equipments that choose it's master, yes
But most of them are products to be sold
Limitting the users means it's harder to sell

That's why "Only level xx class xx can equip this" concept is rare in narou because it just doesn't make any sense

So what would happen to someone without the skill [Being able to equip anything] if they try to equip something that is not for them?
Would they explode or something?

darkdhaos 2018-11-11 11:06

^Well, the weapons have game like restrictions so if anyone that doesn't meet the requirements tries it, they wouldn't be able to equip the weapon. Here's the literal description of the mc ability in the novel:


The user can equip anything.

He can equip a great sword that needs the Strength to be B or higher.

He can equip a magic rapier that needs both Agility and Magic Power to be B or higher.

He can equip a demon sword that could only be equipped by dark knights of level 50 or higher.

Chrom' skill is certainly a rare skill, but because Chrom was still at level 1 with weak attributes, it didn't matter if he could equip such powerful weapons, plus he didn't have the money to buy such powerful weapons. That's why at first [Being able to equip anything] was considered like "pearls thrown before swine", an useless skill.

wuhugm 2018-11-11 11:16

^Who puts the restriction tho?

What about cursed items?

darkdhaos 2018-11-11 11:27

^I haven't read anything that explains the origin of the restrictions yet, and I haven't seen anything like a cursed item yet in the story.

sasuke706 2018-11-11 13:19

I tried reading this a while back.

It was the most generic, played-by-the-book thing I had read in a long while.
So I dropped it. Couldn't hold my interest; it had no hooks for me.

The setting reminded me of a very, very simplified and dumbed-down DanMachi, combined with the most generic zero-to-hero tropes there are and done in the most generic way, too.

wuhugm 2018-11-11 21:10

^Oh hey, it's Sasuke-kun~

Please explain the equipment restriction
I can't believe that a smith will put a restriction to their equipments so most people unable to use them
That's just dumb

sasuke706 2018-11-11 21:21

The blackmiths aren't the one doing the restrictions, that's just how the world is.
They can equip a weapon without the proper stats but can't fully utilize it unless they meet the requirements. There's also something about a minimal requirement and an ideal requirement. Like Dark Souls, you can use any weapon at any time regardless of stats, it's just it'll do 1 damage.
It pretty much explains the equipment system in chapter 2. Weapons having a stat requirement is treated like common sense.

You know it isn't blacksmiths doing it because the protagonist's sword is Excalibur.
Which is explained to have come from another world (Earth) and that its previous user was King Arthur, but no can use it because of its requirements.
Hence where the protagonist's 'can equip anything' comes in.

If there is an actual reason it probably has to do with gods and whatnot. I don't remember or didn't get that far if it gets explained further.
Like in DanMachi's pantheon system, mythical creatures are in charge of guilds in this world, complete with restrictions on themselves. They're probably responsible if anyone is.
I think the restrictions are just on weapons, though.

wuhugm 2018-11-11 21:29

^I see
That's weird

There's another better work
Which has similar skill to "can equip anything"
But that one makes the user fulfills the requirement to equip the thing
So if a sword requires 500 STR, the skill makes his STR 500 temporarily so he can equip it

If this cheat only allows him to use Excalibur, why not just make him The Choosen One for Excalibur like normal instead of this crappy system?

sasuke706 2018-11-11 21:43

To make the protagonist looks like a zero because everyone gets one skill but his is garbage UNLESS insert special event happens.
Granted his skill being garbage only seems to matter as an adventurer; I don't think daily life cared all that much about skills.

I told you, it's generic.
Some people like incredibly generic stories, like with vanilla ice cream. I don't.

wuhugm 2018-11-11 21:50

^Hey! I like vanilla ice cream! :heh:

But anyway, pity
I thought it'd be a unique show with MC using cursed equipments and disposable weapons (like Broken Phantasm u know)
But it's just another "Good Initial Premise, but it won't matter later on" thing

Nazotoria maid x 2018-11-14 04:07

Excalibur ?
Protagonist: "Seal Thirteen... Decision Start!"

Excalibur: "...Approved. Bedivere, Gareth, Lancelot, Mordred, Galahad."

Protagonist: "This is a battle to save the world."

Excalibur: "Arthur."

Protagonist: "Excalibur!!"

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