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Stark700 2021-04-08 12:13

Sonny Boy

Original anime Sonny Boy is coming for Summer 2021. Director will be Shingo Natsume with production by studio Madhouse. (Sonny Boy Comittee)

Official site should be up this week.

MisaoFan 2021-04-08 12:15

According to the description, it will be a survival story with a male protagonist. Hisashi Eguchi will be in charge of original character designs.

Stark700 2021-04-28 04:05

PV is out

MisaoFan 2021-04-28 06:13


Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor (Post 6471356)
The artstyle looks kinda shoujo to me.

For me, not really. It looks more like an artstyle that's common in seinen manga with realistic art and grounded stories. This is the key visual:

Here's the premise:

The science-fiction ensemble drama centers around 36 boys and girls. On August 16, midway through a seemingly endless summer vacation, middle school third-year student Nagara (center in image above), the mysterious transfer student Nozomi (right), and classmates such as Mizuho (left) and Asakaze, are suddenly transported from their tranquil daily lives to a school adrift in an alternate dimension. They must survive with the super powers that have awakened within them.

Natsume conceived the story and is directing and writing the anime at Madhouse. Norifumi Kugai (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.) is handling the anime characters designs based on the original designs by manga artist and illustrator Hisashi Euguchi (Stop! Hibari-kun, original character designs for Roujin Z, Perfect Blue, Planet Survival).

Studio Pablo's Mari Fujino (Dororo) is directing the art, and Ken Hashimoto is the color key artist. Akane Fushihara is serving as the compositing director of photography, and Kashiko Kimura is editing. Shōji Hata is directing the sound.

Ging Nang Boyz rock band vocalist and guitarist Kazunobu Mineta wrote the theme song "Shōnen Shōjo" (Boys and Girls), as heard in the video, specifically for the anime.

mweloo 2021-05-15 00:52

Cast is out. So far, it's basically a Boogiepop reunion.

Guardian Enzo 2021-06-17 04:47

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As an original this could end up being mediocre or even terrible, of course. But it's literally the only series on the schedule that looks to me like it at least has the potential to be great.

Stark700 2021-07-15 11:17

Episode 1

I really like the art style of this show tbh, feels stylistic and unique even with the way character expresses their personalities.

Premise seems interesting and I find most of the cast intruging. This can either be a hit or a miss but honestly, the way they build this first episode showed promise. Looking forward to more honestly.

LKK 2021-07-15 12:15

FYI: Funimation is streaming the series. Thread prefix updated to Licensed.

Kanon 2021-07-15 18:14

The Lord of the Flies inspiration was really obvious.

Some exposition would have been nice because I'm super confused. They're completely cut from the outside world, but they have running water, electricity, either cell phone service or the internet, and it looks like they can even order what they need on Nyamazon? (I doubt all those boxes were previously on school grounds)

The first episode already made the villain obvious.

I think this could either end up really good or a complete disaster.

Guardian Enzo 2021-07-15 18:39

Natsume himself said that when he was watching the edits he was horrified by how little explanation there was. :heh:

Wandering Soul 2021-07-15 21:35

This definitely doesn't bother explaining anything and pretty much just throws you into it. It doesn't seem like they are going to provide much exposition down the road either.

serenade_beta 2021-07-16 22:53

Spoiler for ep1:

ars89 2021-07-17 19:38

utterly confused, but definitely interested in more for now

Kanon 2021-07-22 17:00

The second episode pretty much answered all my questions right at the beginning. I find the setting pretty fascinating. Will they keep traveling to different worlds and have to adapt to the their rules every time?

Good characters, too.

I'm leaning heavily towards this show ending up being really good after this episode.

Wandering Soul 2021-07-23 21:08

So we really did get an explanation for what's going on. So far their best bet for escaping seems to be going through several worlds until they reach the end. That girl's "compass" ability will probably be useful, but I doubt things will be as simple as just using her ability.

scififan 2021-07-23 23:09

Just found out that the character designer is the manga artist, although he is not writer of this anime. No wonder the character design looks familiar.

Alchemist007 2021-07-24 06:32

Second episode was more interesting than the first.

Kanon 2021-07-29 17:02

Another really good episode, which added a bit more mystery and developed the characters. I'm really liking Mizuho.

So they could already use their powers at school before they "drifted" and Hoshi's power is apparently to hear the voice of a higher being. It seems like Nagara's power is to jump between worlds, and he may have been the one responsible for the whole thing (at least the being adrift part).

askeladd 2021-07-29 21:56

third episode was great aswell.


Magewolf 2021-07-30 13:01


Originally Posted by askeladd (Post 6481985)
third episode was great aswell.


Not that impressive since they seem to run from A up to SSSS or something.

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