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Vexx 2007-02-13 03:54

Nymphet [Kodomo no Jikan]
Here's a little number I *never* expected to see released in the US... but gomanga is going for it. I guess Kashimashi whet their whistles? (edit: and guess what... it was cancelled).

Anyway... the series is about a little strumpet schoolgirl who seems to have the hots for her teacher and in a comedically aggressive way spends her time trying to either seduce him or drive him to a nervous breakdown .... it later develops into a much more serious drama as the teacher begins to think she's acting out of psychological issues.

A couple of months ago, I accidently ordered a couple of volumes while ordering my "stack'o'manga" one night (tip: never order from while way too tired to think in a foreign language).... I flipped them open and went into serious WTF? mode - initially quite happy customs hadn't browsed my purchase. After some translation though, I determined that the teacher is mostly brick stupid or just thinks she's cute -- and it was her engaging in all the "target acquisition". He does spend most of his time in stunned 'wtf???' mode ... and then in a "how do we help this girl" frame of mind.

(note: American release has been cancelled for a number of reasons that I'll skip because there's already been enough name-calliing over it)

The artwork is quite cute and definitely in the "loli realm" and probably will be loved for that reason though it really veers into a different territory of drama. I understand the "usual loli crowd" is kind of upset that this has moved into some serious exploration of a story in which a teacher is trying to reach a young girl but to help her. Though it does make for some outrageous situations.

Here's an example of just how, um, outrageous this story gets....
Note the footnote.... what the image doesn't show is the teacher's outraged reaction. Basically, the character Rin (pictured) pranks her teacher repeatedly with sexual harassment (she drove the previous teacher to a nervous breakdown) as the story begins.

(edited to reflect recent developments and improved understanding of the material)

the.Merines 2007-02-13 06:39

After seeing the discussion about the potential anime version of this, I'm excited (which worries me?) for this manga release. Seven Seas is looking better and better.

Vexx 2007-02-13 11:45

yeah, I spotted the animation discussion this morning over breakfast (still wiping the bran flakes off my screen from the spit-take). An anime of this could be way-over-the-top funny and scary at the same time...

EDIT: I'm not quite clear on why someone gave me a neg-rep for my opening post when it contained a positive remarks about the series ... I'd appreciate a PM so we could discuss it since the repper didn't identify themselves.
Did you *not* like the series? I was initially shocked but I found the series quite entertaining... so I'm not quite sure what your negrep was for. Your note said I didn't understand the subtle puns of the image but you didn't explain what you meant. Wouldn't a post have been more informative? I don't mind a troutslap if it was warranted but I'd like to understand why.

the.Merines 2007-02-13 12:11

Maybe the caption of the image you attached was a little too much for some uptight forum-goer. :heh: It certainly wasn't me.

Vexx 2007-02-13 12:19

I didn't think it was you :) .... as far as I can tell, they think I "missed subtle puns" when all I was doing was pointing out how hilariously silly the story could get. I don't mind neg-rep if I deserve it -- but I'm just not understanding the purpose for it and was hoping they'd post something to enlighten us (or at least PM me). I have a feeling english might not be their primary language so they misunderstood what I meant by "outrageous".

"outrageous" -- dictionary meaning #1 from Merriam-Webster:
1 a : exceeding the limits of what is usual b : not conventional or matter-of-fact : FANTASTIC

I'm going to browse about for character pics and the like to post so people can get a better flavor for the thing... it is a pretty funny story simply because she's so relentless.

rooboy 2007-02-13 15:52

That pun doesn't seem particularly subtle to me. Though I have to admit, I now want to read this manga. 'wtfheadexplodes' reactions are my favorite. :)

MakubeX2 2007-02-14 08:23

The manga is not just all comedy throughout. Looking at how the previous titles of Watashiya turns out, I'll say it will be quite dramatic later on. And it has started to show of late.

Rin's past in Vol.2 should explain a bit of why she's looking at Daisuke the way she did.

Vol. 3 enforce the fact that although Rin knows quite a bit beyond her age, she is still a child when it comes to emotional matters.

I hope Daisuke can pull off the trick to make Rin matured without breaking her heart nearing the end of the series.It helps that Watashiya is a woman in her 30's and she should knows somthing about the affair of the heart.

PS :-
Man, I hate to resort to paying high prices for Vol.3 LE, I just hope that the most economical way of paying for 2nd Hand copies at Amazon JP is still around by the 20-lish of this month......

Vexx 2007-02-14 13:30

That makes sense (though I'm unfamiliar with her other works) .... get the reader very attached to the character via comedy and then bring in the sad angst for maximum effect. Its pretty obvious with what I've read so far that the situation can't remain static without destroying what makes it interesting.

Now you've got me more interested in following the remainder of the manga series. (still looking for more artpics.... not finding much, may end up scanning a few samples).

fict_ticious 2007-02-15 20:38

Why was this licensed?

Art is nice, and the kids have interesting personalities. Also, seeing a teacher near the breaking point was pretty interesting.

the.Merines 2007-02-17 06:28

Why was it licensed? Who knows, besides Seven Seas Entertainment. Perhaps they wanted to pick up a title that would bring about a swirl of controversy and whatnot, in order to get the "brand" out into the public eye more.


Originally Posted by MakubeX2
Parts of the manga that will not make it over to the US translation :-

1. Nipples. (Will be white out.)
2. Explict Dialogue (Toned down in the translation.)

Possibly. I'm not familiar with any titles that Seven Seas has done, but I must say... I've seen some surprisingly risque titles on my Barnes&Noble shelves. Plastic wrap and a "Mature" rating seems to go quite far in the way of allowing the above-mentioned things to stay in manga (Welcome to the NHK and Suzuka are two titles which come to mind).

Dagger 2007-02-17 10:51

Seven Seas has promised not to edit this title in any way.

Vexx 2007-02-18 00:26

I think the real question isn't so much "editing" as it will be interesting to see what choices they make in translating. One can crank the heat up or down and still be "correct" in a translation :) Not planning on worrying too much about it - but I'll definitely be comparing my understanding of the dialog with theirs (just because its fun).

MakubeX2 2007-02-18 19:04

The most challenging part of translating volume will be that infamous 中出希望 panel. The Taiwan Chinese release by Tong Li had the panel literally translated as "Hope To Enter (my) Body" which, to me, had the same idea, but not that much of an impact. They should have leave it as it is, because the majority of those who pick it up will be the otaku lolicon yarou domo crowds and they understand what the line means in its full Japanese glory.

Neverthless, it is an interesting challenge for the English Translators.

just-a-leecher 2007-02-20 22:16

This remind me of Crayon Shin chan & Kyo no 5 no 2
The author plays with a lot of ero-ero ideas covered with candies. It's a great work for those ero-ero lolicons / pseudololicon.
Unforunately, most ideas can only be presented with max fun in Japanese, namely those synonyms...

Veritas 2007-02-20 22:53


Originally Posted by Vexx (Post 831733)
EDIT: I'm not quite clear on why someone gave me a neg-rep for my opening post when it contained a positive remarks about the series ... I'd appreciate a PM so we could discuss it since the repper didn't identify themselves.

Welcome to the Internet where the dickless can hide behind anonymity twice.

This looks wretched, but it also doesn't seem to take itself seriously, which means it can't be all bad. Still won't be watching it.

Vexx 2007-02-22 12:55

The anime version thread of this property linked to a video clip of the author which is kind of interesting. She's kind of funny once she starts talking (she's the one with the black sweatshirt and engrish) and she's kind of cute (though the lead-in announcer to the clip is more scary-cute :) ).

MakubeX2 2007-02-22 17:16

Looks like KNJ will still be going on for a while with Chapter 23 giving us the intro into Rin starting life in the 4th Grade.

Now, I wonder just how things will turn out once Rin hit puberty.....

Kaioshin Sama 2007-02-24 02:52

She's trying to ruin him isn't she. Considering in Canada the law says a teacher can't even give a kid a hug anymore and if they come at you for one the procedure is to have your hands behind your head and stand motionless (Learnt this from a former teacher who served through many periods of the Canadian education scene) I give this guy about a year and a half with this little trickster (She knows she has the upper hand).

Vexx 2007-02-24 03:24

yeah.... the US has the same nasty stupid restrictions going on to "think of the children" when common sense should apply. I'm in the process of trying to get my teacher certification - as a male (in particular), I'm hamstrung when it comes to providing even a pat on the back for emotional aid because of the actions of a few prevert-numbnutz and the hysterical over-response from idiotic parents and administrations.

In real life, this guy might be toast by the end of the year (even in Japan) but such is the glorious fun of comedy fantasyland.

MakubeX2 2007-02-24 03:49

.....Just how are they going to let this past without censorship in the US publication when it clearly show nipples.....

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