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CelesAurivern 2006-01-19 08:00

Fansub coalition: Gallery Fake and Windy Tales
Two good shows(IMHO) that have been stalled for nearly a year.
Windy Tales by Shining Fansubs and Anime-Faith: 6 of 12 episodes subbed.
Gallery Fake by SpectreAnime and Live-eviL/Ideology: 3 of 37 episodes subbed.

The aim of this thread is an attempt to revive these two shows by asking for interested volunteers to form a coalition, similar to that of keroro gunsou.

Currently, in addition to the associates from my group (including one art major), we also have the services of Runpsicat, who may be willing to translate the remainder of Windy Tales, depending on popular response and support (Gallery Fake pending), and the endorsement of NoSanninWa.
Certainly, more help from experienced individuals is welcome.

The usual fansub positions are open:
1. Translators
2. Editors
3. Timers
4. Typesetters
5. Encoders
6. Raw providers (TV or DVD)
7. QC

Existing groups who may wish to unstall your projects, please feel free to comment. We all know projects can stall for a variety of reason, so this thread aims to solve those problems.

lamer_de 2006-01-19 08:10

Just fyi, I'm pretty sure a-faith still has active people as timer (interactii, beyonder), editor (nsw), encoder (me if nobody else from faith wants to do it) and qc. But without a translated script those can't do much... I'm pretty sure all the raws are on the staff ftp as well.


hhaamu 2006-01-19 11:14

I have up to episode 12 of Gallery Fake in DTV source raws (decent quality). If either of the groups are missing those, I'd be glad to upload them.

I'm no raw provider though.

Edit: Right, forgot to mention, I do have scans of the manga up to volume 31, too.

Ijuki 2006-01-19 11:45


Originally Posted by lamer_de
Just fyi, I'm pretty sure a-faith still has active people as timer (interactii, beyonder), editor (nsw), encoder (me if nobody else from faith wants to do it) and qc. But without a translated script those can't do much... I'm pretty sure all the raws are on the staff ftp as well.


Well, I timed episode 8 not so long ago... or was it episode 7 o.O... It is not dead, just not moving or something like that...

NoSanninWa 2006-01-19 18:22


Originally Posted by CelesAurivern
Windy Tales by Shining Fansubs and Anime-Faith: 6 of 12 episodes subbed.

Whoa! You didn't mention this! I think you should know that I and Clem (Shining Fansubs) are currently working to get the Windy Tales project back on its feet. The situation has just become fluid this week. However, if you'd like to offer help we'd be glad to talk.

CelesAurivern 2006-01-19 18:58

hhaamu: We might need those some time.
NoSanninWa: More details in the PM. I'd be glad to lend a hand to get this show back on the road.

Temporary channel has been created for interested parties to linger and share resources
#necro-rise on rizon

sangofe 2006-01-20 09:02

Good initiative, and I wish you the best of luck!

CelesAurivern 2006-01-20 09:13

At the moment, runspicat has agreed to support the translating of the remainder of Windy Tales.
While Clem is negotiating with Faith on certain issues pertaining to the production of the show.

As for Gallery Fake, there has been no official response yet from the current sub-groups.

gumbaloom 2006-01-20 09:26

Wouldnt my post there be considered an official response? :P

You might not have come across me but I've been with Live-eviL for going on 2 years so I'm reasnoably qualified to comment on whats going on. Of late I've been taking care of public relations in Tofusensei's extended absence from the fansub scene.

Also according to someone who has seen the later episodes of the series, for you to undertake translating it yourself you'll need an extremely good translator to take it on due to the amount of Art history terminology and factual information. Whilst any old translator might be able to translate the bulk of the dialogue quite happily, the Art history requires a translator who is able to pick stuff out and be able to go online and research it. As I'm quite sure the fans of the series would prefer to see absolutely 100% correct translations rather than "best guesses" because the translator isn't quite sure whats going on.


CelesAurivern 2006-01-20 09:53


Originally Posted by gumbaloom

Wouldnt my post there be considered an official response? :P

Well, it would. But we're more inclined towards taking action, rather than brow-beating the unwilling.
And I do have an art major on my team who may prove useful to the cause ;)

Next up, we're hoping for a response from SpA :D

gumbaloom 2006-01-20 10:12

Well look heres the deal -

Translation - Thats not a problem, but GK isn't gonna translate more eps till he's seen the eps he's translatred get finished and out.

Timing - We have a reliable timer no issues there.

Editing - If I'm right Mirror_ID is first editor and it's fallen to Yoshu-sama to 2nd edit

Typesetting - The styling / initial typeset was done by Kineticsplah for Gallery Fake. If you've seen L-E/IDE's version of GF I guess you'll understand how classy the work he did was however Kineticsplash is MIA. He's not been on IRC in MONTHS.

Theres only 2 people who could do it probably which are myself (but I've got a joint honours in Japanese and Web & Multimedia) to think about :x and Yoshu-sama whose in his final year of college so he's not around a lot.

Encoding - We have Region 2 DVD ISO's of Gallery Fake but G-Drago last summer had a computer blow up and he's not been actively fansubbing since then and it's been difficult to get him moving again and the other encoder who could do it doesnt want to step on G-Dragon's toes.

Now whilst I *could* help out on the typesetting front myself personally, I've already got enough on my plate as it is taking care of Blood+, Yawara, Snow Queen and trying in vain to work on my pet project of Sailor Moon Musicals on top of trying to do school but if I have to, to get the project moving then I would do.

So there you go, theres the dirty laundry aired in public. Now rather than vulture subbing GF like Shinsen did with DAQ wouldn't a better proposition be of instead of wasting time and effort creating your own typeset to get in contact with Yoshu-sama and work something out so that the 2 translated eps don't go to waste etc etc.

I'm personally not involved with DAQ unless it came to it that I was needed to typeset so take this up with Yoshu(or maybe Mirror_ID as well)


CelesAurivern 2006-01-20 10:38

Evidently, there are certain elements not doing their parts.
While, I would strongly recommend replacing them, I am not in the position to simply muscle into your group.

EDIT: SpA has just released ep4. Still, I'm sure alot of folks aren't keen on waiting another 6 months for the next ep :P

gumbaloom 2006-01-20 10:46

Na it's called if you really really wanna see IDE/L-E's version of Gallery Fake get moving again and you're mad for the show to convince Mirror_ID or Yoshu to let you work on the show in the jobs that require filling.


It seems SpA have responded to your call and just put out ep 4 ;p

Nikolai 2006-01-20 22:22

I might as well speak up and give a rundown of Faith/Shi-Fa's Windy Tales project like Gumbaloom did. Lamer_de pretty much summarized it already.

Raws: Done thanks to KCL822.

Translation: The main issue stalling the project; trying to rotate among JAL_ Xiaozzfei, and Clem, but they're all busy.

Translation Check: Same as above.

Additional Translations: Set, Murasaki

Timing: Set, Ijuki.

Edit: Set, NoSanninWa, probably could use another editor, but it's not really delaying the project.

Typesetting: Unsure since our typesetters haven't been around the channel lately. I can still do it if necessary.

Styling: Set, me.

Encoding: Set, Aiorus.

Quality Check: Set, me.

So most of what's keeping the project going at a snail's pace is the translation. Maybe we could work together?

NoSanninWa 2006-01-21 00:31

Was just talking with Clem. He agrees that a three way joint with AFaith, ShiFa and Celes would be a wonderful idea if we can work out the logistics. BTW, he can be tough to contact, but he responds quickly to PMs on AnimeSuki. So please PM him if you have questions about this.

It sounds like we just need the help of a translator and a typesetter. Since runpsi is interesting in translating, we only need a typsetter.

CelesAurivern 2006-01-21 06:49

There shouldn't be any problem for me to handle the typeset.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems Windy Tales in back in production :D

35044_Murasaki 2006-01-21 13:44

Gallery Fake
SpA in my person apologies for late reply - I don't visit the forums here everyday ;)

I'm sorry that it takes us so long to release (not that our other projects go faster), but while I managed to sucessfully pass over Survive to new recruits, I'm personally attached to Gallery Fake as the first project entirely of my choice and thus rather reluctant to part with it.
Apart from my RL load, this series - as it has been already mentioned - requires from the translator a lot of knowledge in various fields of arts, which is another delaying factor.

So, in a nutshell, I am to blame for the delays and you can feel free to poke me to translate it faster ;p To my defence, I can only say that I already started working on ep. 5.

We have all other positions covered, so as soon as I'm done with ep 5, it shouldn't take long to release.

Oh yes, I have all the raws and the manga, so if Live-Evil's translator would like to have the manga (I assume you have the raws), please let me know :)
(Apart from SpA's IRC channel on aniverse you can find me in A-Faith channel on Chatspike or l33t-raws on immortal-anime).

CelesAurivern 2006-01-21 15:22


Originally Posted by Murasaki
you can feel free to poke me to translate it faster

Well, I guess that's all I can do on my part :p

CelesAurivern 2006-02-13 07:57

Windy Tales
There have been some serious staff issues about who does what, when and where.
We're hoping to have things ironed out by the end of next week by encouraging people to be more cooperative.

Gallery Fake
As the current groups have not been particularly receptive at accepting assistance; with the assistance of one Mr. Soulfang, we at DigitalPanic are going to revive this project at where it was last left off.

A timer and raw provider is still needed on this.
Volunteers please contact me on irc.

ultrataro 2006-02-15 00:18

So Windy Tales is in motion? I really liked the show, & after it being stalled I was looking for raws to do my own translations as I did with Kamichu, but couldn't find them in the usual easy to find places. If so, then that is indeed good news as it ranks as one of my top recent shows.

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